Author Note: Hi all. This is just a short three-chapter drabbles are based on Tommy and his brother, David Trueheart and his best friend Jason Lee Scott. Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I have written it for all of you.

As I sat at my parents' house in Angel Grove, I went through a familiar home. The place was familiar, but not as vague as it was years ago. Time flew by and the house I lived in since I was a young teenager still rekindles my memories. Every room, every corner of the house had a special moment to me.

I ran upstairs to the attic. My parents had kept a lot of great memories there. While sifting through pictures, one of my fondest memories was with my brothers, Jason and David. It felt like it was only yesterday when I welcomed the two of them into my life again.

I clutched the picture in my hands as I looked at the both of them, whereas myself was in the middle. The three of us had cheery smiles to our faces as the picture was snapped by a close family friend. So, these were my brothers, my best friends.


"Come in, the door's open." I said as I sifted through the pictures that I kept from years ago.

"I figured you were up here, so I brought you up something." My mother said as she gave me a plate of cookies and a glass of milk, "What do you got there?" she asked as she placed the plate down.

"Mom, has Dad ever mentioned about David?" I asked her as I sipped my glass of milk.

David Trueheart, my brother through my grandfather Samuel Trueheart. Through my young years, I would only hear about my grandfather Sam, but never about David. To me, I've always thought I was an only child, but there was someone that was a part of my life. I had to find out the answer for myself.

"David is your half brother. Your father and I didn't know how to tell you when you were younger, but David was apart of this family. However, he moved with your grandparents." My mother explained as she sat next to me.

"Really? Does my grandfather and brother still communicate with the family?" I said questioning as I looked at the pictures.

While sifting through the pictures, I had to find out about my life, who I was and what made my grandfather and brother go astray from the family, or was this for real – I had a brother?

The following night, I took my red jeep to the outskirts of Angel Grove. According to late father's writings, the description indicated that my brother and grandfather's Native American tribe lived here.

I got of my car and paced around. I hoped for some answers as well as some that I couldn't answer myself. Suddenly, an older man came from the cave.

"Hello, Thomas. I have been expecting you." The voice said as he motioned me to come inside, "Come, let's talk about your brother as well as your past," he instructed me.

While in the cave, the elderly gentleman sat next to me and we spoke about my life's questions.

"What has brought you hear, my child?" he asked as he started a fire.

"Grandfather, I came here today to find out the truth about my brother, David Trueheart." I told him as I warmed my hands by the fire, "My parents, they've never really told me about him, and I wanted to know the answers." I said as I showed him the journal my father kept while he was with my mother.

"I see. Let's begin with the basics, Thomas. First, let's start on your arrowhead." Sam said as he pointed at the charm that adorned my neck, "This first arrowhead was passed to me from your great-grandfather who is one of the mightiest of warriors of this tribe, which later was passed onto me, and then your father. Eventually, it was passed down to the first born," he explained as he examined the charm.

"Father gave this to me when I was about to turn fourteen. This was before I even knew of its legacy," I explained as I handed it to him, "But, other half…it's missing." I told him.

Sam examined the half of the charm carefully and delicately as he saw it was still attached to its leather strap that still held the charm in its snug clasp. He closed his eyes and recaptured every memory of his only son James, who was a fighter and warrior. While recapturing the moments, he envisioned his son whom was now gone, he teared quietly thinking about the years that his son was still on earth helping many people.

He opened his eyes and handed me back the necklace, "Thomas, your father's spirit may still live on. The fact that he is gone, his spirit lies in that very charm. You see, Tommy, he wanted you to find David," he said as he handed me a picture of a young man.

The young man was possibly in his twenties, he had long hair with a smile similar to mines. Without a doubt, a possible ladies' man, but who knows. I glanced at his picture and returned it back to Sam.

"Tommy, starting these next few weeks, a clue will be given to you to find out more about your long lost brother," Sam educated me on David's whereabouts, "Let the eye of the falcon guide you, my boy. Never lose hope, that there is someone may have your answers to your past," he stated as he led me out of the cave.

Within the next few days, I used the eyes of the falcon that would lead me to each clue. Several of them, I had to find on my own, but without my senses, I had to find the path. I remember as a child, my father would indicate that senses were the best ways to find things you are searching for.

Days turned into weeks. Weeks turned into a month. My search for David Trueheart had begun. While looking high and low for answers, my instincts were telling me that I was almost near.

The quest for success and the eye on the prize was almost near as keen as a peach to a tree. Several clues had helped, but some I had to think about. While going through the many sights, sounds, and also possibly smells, I had to search. This search had to continue or I'd never find him.

Back at the Juice Bar, a young man was on the same journey as me. He looked everywhere, but he couldn't find anyone.

"Excuse me, can you tell me if you have seen this person?" A young man asked Ernie at the Juice Bar, "He's about 5'10" and he sort of looks like me," he said as he showed him the picture.

"Nope, I haven't. Sorry kid." Ernie said as he returned the picture back to David, "Good luck in finding him," he noted as he went back to work.

"Thanks anyway." David said as he looked everywhere, "Oh excuse me, ma'am? Have you seen this guy? He's my brother and I've been looking everywhere for him?" he asked Tanya and Kat.

"Nope, sorry." Kat shrugged as she looked at the picture, "Tanya, doesn't he look familiar?" she asked as she handed the picture over to her best friend.

"Kat, that's Tommy!" Tanya exclaimed, "But, where is he?" she asked as she handed David the picture.

"I don't know, I guess he's doing some errands. Jenna did say he's running errands today." Kat reminded her friend, "Hi, I'm Kat. You are?" she said as she stuck her hand out.

"David Trueheart – its nice meeting you both." He said as he shook both girls' hands, "Perhaps, this Jenna girl knows where he is?" he questioned.