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(Serena's P.O.V.)

The four of us waited and waited for the crowd to give me the apology I expected, but nobody still said anything.

"Excuse me, but aren't you all forgetting something real important?" Rachel protested to the crowd.

"Yeah, you all are definitely forgetting something," I said to them, upset.

We still heard nothing but silence. Were they not sorry for what they did?

"What was it?" Someone asked.

I couldn't believe what that person asked Rachel!! Was that person not in the know that I was suspected of murder, or did that person know it, but was just playing stupid with us.

"I already told you I was NOT the murderer, what else does it take for you to give me what I want?" I said, disgusted.

We waited again for my apology. Still, nobody uttered a peep. Yep, it sounded like they weren't very sorry for what they did.

"Alright, people," Inspector Meguire said, standing up for me.

"She's one of the daughters of the Sebastian family, and if you don't apologize to her this instant, or I'll have my boys throw every single one of you in the slammer with Martha!"

"She is?" Someone spoke up.

"Doesn't look like it," Someone else said.

"Well I am," I announced.

"Maybe you've seen my parents around, but not me or my older sister."

After a lot of people were murmuring my title, I finally got the apology I was waiting for. It was about time!! This was something that would probably take me a while to get over.

"Whew, am I glad that's over," I said as we grabbed our things.

"What a day -- first Rachel and I go swimsuit shopping, decide to break them in at the beach, and now a whole crowd of people suspect that I'm a murderer!"

The four of us were getting ready to leave the beach we were at. Chances were that we most likely wouldn't stay here for very long.

"You said it," Mathew agreed.

"Definitely," Rachel also agreed.

"Why don't we head to the pool instead?" She suggested.

"My pool or the community pool?" Jimmy asked.

(Rachel's P.O.V.)

"Ummm, how about your pool, Jimmy?" I answered.

I was planning to go to the community pool to swim, but when Jimmy suggested his pool, I thought that would be a better choice, especially after what Serena went through today. I turned to her to see if she wanted to go to Jimmy's place to swim.

"What do you think, Serena? How does a swim at Jimmy's sound?" I asked her.

"Sounds perfect," Serena responded.

"At least we won't have to worry about any false accusations from other people like today," Mathew pointed out.

"You're right about that," Serena said to him.

"Man, I sure hope something like that never happens again."

"Yeah, and if it does, I hope it's not one of us that gets the false accusation," I agreed.

The four of us gathered the rest of our things and we headed to Jimmy's house. Everyone else at the beach we were at earlier had some fun of our own; everyone except us. Once we got there and started swimming, it would finally be our time to have some fun of our own; we could've had it at the beach, but instead, a murder occurred, and the crowd thought that Serena was the culprit, which she wasn't.

"Well, we're here," I said as we reached Jimmy's mansion.

I couldn't remember the last time Serena came here, or if she ever did come here.

"Been a pretty long while since I came here," Serena said to us.

"Really?" Mathew asked, looking surprised.

"It's true, I haven't been here too often," Serena responded to him.

"I've been to Rachel's place a few times, but we mostly walk to school together."

"Oh, that's nice," Mathew said, looking surprised.

"Who'd you walk to school with back home, Mathew?" I asked.

"Actually, my mother drove me to school each day," Mathew responded.

"Your mother drove you?" Jimmy asked, looking shocked.

"Don't look so shocked, Jimmy," Mathew said to him.

"How'd you get to school?" He asked Jimmy.

"I walk with Rachel," Jimmy responded.

Right after we had set our stuff down, the four of us bolted outside for Jimmy's pool. We were real anxious to get some fun of our own in today. I couldn't wait to get some fun in and our minds off of today case of mistake and identity at the beach.

End of chapter.

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