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Chapter 1

Ziva was late.

It was the third time this week and Tony was starting to worry about her. Every time he mentioned this to Ziva he was quickly brushed off and was told that she just slept in. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the ding of the elevator and watched as a tired Ziva emerged from the doors. She quickly ran to her desk turning on her computer.

"Nice of you to join us Ziva…your lucky Gibbs hasn't noticed that you were late again today." Tony said playfully but instead of her usual smart reply Ziva simply glared at Tony with a slight frown pulling on her lips.

"Don't even start Tony I haven't had a decent nights sleep in almost a week now, I just need to get through today so I can spend the weekend catching up on some rest" Ziva turned her attention back to her work before Gibbs entered the room and started handing out orders.

"Tony, Ziva, I need you to head over to the captains house and check it over again…the next-door neighbour reported noises coming from the house last night. Look for any signs of a brake in… What are you waiting for…GO!"

In less than one minute Tony and Ziva were on their way down to their car. Today was going to be a long day, Ziva thought with a sigh.

Much later that day:

Ziva looked over at the clock hanging on the wall behind her as she shut down her computer for the night. Eight o'clock, not to bad. She would be able to leave NCIS headquarters only two hours late today. She needed a good weekends rest to help her catch up with the past week.

"So Ziva, have any plans for the weekend?" DiNozzo asked as he too shut down his computer.

"Sleep!" she simply stated before gathering her gear and heading out, leaving behind a confused Tony. What was wrong with Ziva? She hadn't been her usual self this week.

Tony was determined to get to the bottom of the problem before the end of the weekend.

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