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Tony woke late the next morning. He was surprised to find Ziva still asleep in his arms. He watched her sleep for a while, thinking about how lucky he was. Slowly Ziva woke, opening her eyes to meet Tony's as he gently ran an arm up and down her bare back.

She leaned over and pushed her lips gently against his

"As much as I would love to stay here right now, we need to go get the girls soon," she said pulling apart.

The pair moved comfortably around the room getting their things organised when they were suddenly interrupted by the ringing of the home phone.

"David," Ziva answered.

"Hi Ziva, it's Jen… we didn't wake you did we?" Jen asked tentatively.

"No… we were just getting ready to come get the girls," Ziva replied without thinking.

"We?... does this mean you and Tony are together now?" Jen asked excitedly. Ziva could hear Gibbs mumble something in the background about rules.

Ziva looked over at Tony as he stepped out of the shower and smiled, "Yeah, I guess we are," she said with a smile.

"Well, we were calling to see if it would be okay to take the girls to the zoo today, and to see if you wanted to come," Jen explained, "Tony would of course be welcome too, in fact lets invite the whole team… I'll call them in a minute."

"We'd love too," Ziva said answering for the both of them, "I'm sure the girls would love it, we'll come over in half an hour." She hung up the phone just as Tony wrapped his arms around her waist kissing the back of her neck.

"We are going to the zoo!" Ziva cried excitedly as she began to run around and get things for them and the girls organised.

They arrived at the Director's house just on time. Tony leant over with a smile and gave Ziva a quick kiss on the lips as he rang the doorbell. After a few seconds the door was answered by Jen who was bouncing Adiya on her hip. The baby squealed and held out her arms at the sight of her mother. The four of them walked into the kitchen to find Tali sitting of Gibbs' lap.

"Ima!" the young girls shriek filled the air as she jumped off Gibbs' lap and ran into her mothers open arms, "we're going to the zoo!" she exclaimed, "we are going to see lions and tigers and Grandpa Gibbs said they might even have Koalas!" The 'almost three-year old' danced around in a blur of movement.

"Grandpa Gibbs?" Ziva's question was met with a shrug. Finally Tony could not resist himself any longer.

"So Boss, you spent the night here did ya?" he said with a smirk. Gibbs returned a glare as he noticed Ziva and Tony holding hands.

"Spent the night at Ziva's did ya DiNozzo?" Gibbs returned. This quickly wiped the smirk off the younger agents face as the two of them came to a silent agreement.

"We're going to meet the others out the front of the zoo after breakfast," Jen explained as she attempted to help Ziva get her bouncing young girls into warm clothes. Finally the group got into two cars. Ziva and Jen in one and Gibbs, Tony and the girls in another.

Tony knew Ziva probably had some things to talk over with Jen but he was slightly nervous about riding over with Gibbs. Okay… slightly nervous was an understatement. He was terrified. After a rather uncomfortable , silent start to the trip, Gibbs broke the silence.

"Listen carefully DiNozzo, coz I'm only gonna say this once…" he started, "you know I think of you and Ziva as my kids, but I swear, if you screw this up, I'm not gonna hang around to pick up the pieces for you."

"I know Boss… I'm not going to screw this up," Tony said quickly glancing over at Gibbs before returning his concentration to the road. The boss saw a look of sincerity in the agents eyes and smiled.

"Good, now that that's sorted… I promised a certain young girl that we would have a fun day at the zoo."

Tony pulled into a vacant parking lot right across from the zoo just after Ziva and Jen. He helped Jen get the girls out of the car while Ziva set up the stroller for the youngest.

Jen and Gibbs led the way with Tali sitting on Gibbs' shoulders. Tony smiled over at Ziva and grabbed her hand. Silently the group headed over to meet Abby and McGee waiting for them by the zoo entrance. Ziva inwardly smirked. This was going to be fun, Abby was going to go nuts once she found out about the girls!

Ziva and Jen had had an interesting conversation on the way over. She had explained how Tony had stayed the night to look after the girls so Ziva could sleep and the up to and after dinner last night. Jen had been so excited for her old friend. She had watched the pair dance around each other for months and was glad they had finally come to their senses. She was also glad Ziva had finally explained the whole situation to Tony.

Ziva smiled. Today would be a good day.

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