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The whole lab was messed up, and there were only corpses everywhere. Yet, these corpses weren't normal, for they were walking around and feeding on the remaining human flesh that they see. There were even dogs that looked mutated, also eating the dead, as some insects sucked out the blood. It was a disgusting sight, especially for the eight survivors inside that were stuck in a secluded room, watching the events outside.

"I can't believe this…" one muttered, sighing. "How could those doctors make a mistake with a flu vaccine?"

"Relax Sakura, mistakes happen all the time, but I'd have to agree with you though," her friend said as he looked at the monitor. "That was one mistake that caused a lot of trouble and casualties." Sakura sighed again and slumped down on a chair, her long pink locks following her every movement. "I'm more worried about Izegawa…" she groaned, looking at the screen where a monster was trashing about, screaming for her name. She shuddered. "Even as a monster, that guy's still obsessed with me!"

A smirk grazed the lips of Uchiha Itachi. "I guess he isn't as smart as we all thought. He can't even let the information of rejection sink into his head." Sakura glared at him. "It's not funny!"

"Don't you have a brother who works for RAS?" Shikamaru asked, followed by a yawn. Itachi raised a brow and nodded, indicating the young genius to continue. "Well, isn't it their job to get us out of here?"

"Yeah, but in order to do that, we'll have to call the head of RAS."

"Hmmm…" they turned to the eldest man of the group. He had long hair and pale skin, as well as a pair of intimidating yellow eyes. "Our old colleague happens to be the head of RAS, if I remember correctly."

"Are you talking about Jiraiya, Orochimaru?" the oldest female of the group, Tsunade, asked. Orochimaru nodded. "That is, if he wasn't lying when he said that he owned RAS."

"Sasuke did mention about their boss being a pervert with white hair and a face that could make you cringe in disgust." Itachi said, remembering the words his brother told him yesterday when he asked what was up. "Yup, that's him alright." Tsunade said, sighing.

They heard a growl from outside as they all quieted down, staring at the closed doors when they heard a bang. "Crap. We've got to get out of here." Itachi said, standing up from his chair. "Yosh! It's about time we leave this place!" their security guard, Gai, said when he also got up from his chair. "Orochimaru-sensei..?" a man with eyeglasses turned to his teacher since he was a student trainee for the lab. "I believe that Itachi is right Kabuto, we'll have to risk this instead of sitting around," he turned to Shikamaru. "Any luck?"

"Yep, I managed to get my laptop's internet to work with a few adjustments. But I need to send for help now before it goes down again." He typed away on his keyboard as fast as he could, his brow furrowing and hands shaking as they typed when the door was close to opening. "Sakura, that boyfriend of yours has really got it bad." Itachi said, staring at the door. Sakura twitched and hit the Uchiha's arm. "Riku's not my boyfriend!"

Another growl…

"He doesn't seem to agree with you."

"There! Let's go!" Shikamaru said as they all rushed towards the other exit. However, when the front door burst open, it caused the room to shake and the ground to break as some of them fell down while the rest managed to cling onto something to prevent them from falling. "Shit! Sakura! Shizune!" Tsunade yelled when she saw her two students fall. "Damn, let's just hope they'll be fine!" Itachi said feeling his hands slipping. "Oh, hell no." and he too, fell.

The sirens sounded as the Shadow Assassin Squad, or SA squad, looked up to see their leader, Hatake Kakashi, enter the room. "Okay guys, it's time for another Rescue mission." He said, a serious glint in his eyes. "Finally! I'm getting bored here!" a blonde boy said, stretching his arms. "Where's Kage Honou?" Kakashi asked, seeing one member missing. The doors slid open as a teen entered. "Where have you been?" Kakashi asked again, finding their missing squad member. "Commander's office, he just told me about the mission." He looked down, his brows furrowed and his fists clenched. "According to him, three of the survivors are missing, and one of them is my brother."

Chapter 1: Cherry

"One look from you caught me off-guard…"

Two hours before the incident…

A sigh escaped her lips as she stared at the empty cup of her coffee, as well as at her paperwork that needed to be submitted to the head of the lab. Her best friend was late again, and so will she if she doesn't leave soon. "Amaya?" she called to the waitress behind the counter. "Yes Sakura?" Sakura smiled a bit. "Please tell Ino I left, I need to go now or I'll be late."

"Oh, sure, leave that to me!"

"Thanks Amaya!" and she left the right amount of money for her coffee and went to the glass doors, stepping out of the café. "Shoot! It's five minutes before 9.30! If I don't leave now, Tsunade-sensei's going to-"


She just got wet thanks to a speeding motorcycle, which at least, stopped to look at the damage it made. Sakura twitched in annoyance and glared at the rider. "You good for nothing jerk! Look at what you did to my uniform! I'm going to get it from my boss thanks to you!" she yelled, causing passers by to stop and stare at them. She continued glaring; not noting the clothes the man wore which was the uniform of the famous RAS, the well-known SWAT-type of security and military association of the city of Tokyo. "Sorry," he said, removing his helmet, earning a wide-eyed Sakura, with her mouth hanging open, making her look like a gaping fish out of water. "I didn't see you come out." He continued, looking at her with an apologetic look.

"U-um… I…" her eyes traveled to the name patch that was sewed onto the upper right pocket of his jacket fatigue. "U. Sasuke…" she read. "Wait a minute, as in, Uchiha Sasuke?!"

Sasuke blinked and gave a nod, wondering why she reacted like that. "You're Itachi-niisan's little brother!" he nodded and Sakura laughed. "No wonder you looked kind of familiar, you're his brother. Well, sorry for the outburst, I mean, I did get wet…" she muttered the last part, earning a slight laugh from him. "It's okay, I understand, so, you need a lift?" he asked, gesturing to his bike. Sakura blushed a bit, not knowing why she got caught into his onyx orbs. "Those eyes have got to be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen…" she thought, still not answering his question.

"Um, hello, earth to…" he looked at her ID card that was attached to her white lab coat. "…Haruno Sakura, is that a yes or a no?" he asked, his voice having a teasing tone to it as a smirk formed on his lips. Sakura turned red, yet again and looked down, avoiding his gaze. "W-well, if it's okay with you…"

"Sure, you're gonna be late if you walk, besides, I'm also heading there." He tossed her his helmet as she put it on and got behind him, wrapping her arms hesitantly around his waist. "Don't you need a helmet?" she asked. "Don't worry," he started the ignition. "I'm an expert." And he rode off to the bio lab.

"I see, well, better get a new lab coat, you might catch a cold." Tsunade said, getting the papers from Sakura who already removed her coat and now had on a white shirt and white skirt with a pair of white socks and sneakers. "Okay, and sorry for being late again sensei." Tsunade smiled at her. "It's okay Sakura, besides, aren't you the least bit glad you got a ride from Itachi's little bro?" she gave a teasing wink to the pink-haired girl who slowly turned her head to the right, managing to get a glance at Sasuke who was listening to what Itachi was saying. "Now that sensei mentioned it, he is pretty cute…"she thought, a small smile and a blush adorning her face.

She quickly turned away when he blinked and looked at her, embarrassed that he caught her staring at him. After taking a deep breathe in, she turned to look at him again, only to turn beet red when he gave a smirk and a 'caught-you' look. "Shoot." She thought, looking away again. "Now I know why Ino kept ranting about him…"

Elsewhere, a man saw how she reacted when she looked at the young Uchiha. His fists clenched and he turned around abruptly…

"So, that's about it." She heard Itachi say and turned again to spare the two boys a glance. "Right, I better get going, there might be another mission that pervert might give us." Sasuke muttered, getting a chuckle from his brother. "Don't call your commander names Sasuke, he's still your boss." The younger Uchiha scoffed. "The only boss I'll probably learn to respect would be the melanin-less hair Captain."

"Whatever you say, Lieutenant Uchiha…" Itachi said, giving a mock salute to his little brother who "che-d" and headed to the elevator. He turned around to face the closing doors of the elevator, catching Sakura staring at him again. For some strange reason, he wasn't the least bit annoyed with her, and he smirked at her again, amused at how she reacts whenever he does that. "See 'ya Cherry." He said, giving her a wink before the doors slid closed, leaving a baffled Sakura who had Tsunade and Itachi grinning and snickering at her. "Meet your future sister-in-law Itachi." Tsunade joked, as the older Uchiha started laughing. "Cut it out guys!"

She left the two to laugh, all the while bumping into someone. "Ah! S-sorry!" she said, picking up the fallen papers she was holding earlier. "It's alright." She froze. "Damn, of all people…" she slowly lifted her head to see Riku Izegawa bend down and pick up some of the papers on the floor. "Hey, Sakura, are you free later..?" he asked. "Why can't this guy just understand what 'rejection' is?!" she sighed and stood up after picking all of the files.

"Riku, you're a nice guy and all, and I'm sure you wouldn't be having trouble looking for a girl, but face it, I'm not the one for you." She said as politely as she could. Riku frowned a bit. "Oh, and that Uchiha guy you just met is?" he asked in a sarcastic tone. "Don't get me started with that." She replied, her brows creasing. "Look, all I ask from you is one date, just one." Sakura lowered her head and sighed. "I can't Riku, you know how it is with girls and first kisses, dates and all, so I'd like my first official date to be shared with someone I love." She gave an apologetic look to Riku. "I only see you as a friend Riku, and I'm sorry." And she walked pass him, not wanting to extend their conversation.

Sakura walked inside the sliding doors of the chemistry lab where her genius friend was staying. "Hey Shikamaru." She greeted with a smile. "Yo, got asked out again?" she rolled her eyes. "Obviously," she muttered. "What're you doing?"

"I'm trying to come up with some anti-virus vaccine."

"What for?"

"Well, you know how some diseases tend to spread right?" he got a nod from her. "I want to prevent a virus to scatter in the human body to keep the victim stable, sterilized, and still well."

"So, it's like a flu-vaccine?"

"Sort of, but I'm inventing a vaccine for all." He grinned sheepishly. "This way, you wouldn't have to buy different kinds of medicine for certain sicknesses."

"Nice goal." She said, beaming. "What's the agenda today?"

"Your admirer just volunteered to be the test of a flu-vaccine that the other department is coming up with." Sakura tilted her head a bit. "But Riku doesn't have a cold." Shikamaru nodded. "That's why they're injecting him with a flu virus, plus the vaccine to see if it'll work." She shrugged. "Don't you think it's kind of risky?" he shook his head. "In science, risk is just an everyday-"

He got cut off when the alarms in every room began to set off. Shikamaru cursed and sealed the test tubes that contained the vaccines he did in a container to protect it from any harm. "Come on, we've got to get to the safe room." Sakura nodded and followed Shikamaru.

"Hmm..?" a man with white hair stopped sipping his coffee and turned to the computer screen that had a window open and a message displayed. "Emergency eh..?" he looked up as one of his best men in the org entered his office. A smirk appeared on his face as the teen placed the folder on his desk. "Any news?" he asked, eyeing the teen before him.

"No, they said they aren't finished testing the vaccine."

"Odd, I was certain that genius could finish everything."

"Even geniuses have weaknesses."

"Yeah," his smirk broadened. "But you don't seem to have one Sasuke."

Sasuke shrugged and turned to the computer screen of his commander. "What's going on sir?" he asked, his brows knitting as he read the message. His boss chuckled a bit. "Your eyes are as sharp as ever even without activating your sharingan." He typed a few things on his keyboard. "It's a rescue mission, and a kill if you must type of rescue mission." He noted the glint in Sasuke's eyes. "Bad news is…" he sipped his coffee for dramatic effect. "Three of the survivors were separated from the group, and one of them is your brother."

"Aniki..?!" Sasuke turned to the commander with clenched fists and widened eyes. "Yeah, apparently, the room they were staying was destroyed by a monster, causing it to shake a bit and the ground to break, and that's where the three fell. I'm not sure if they're together though." He sighed and gave a stern look to the teen. "But that's not the point. It's dangerous for them to wander around that building on their own." Sasuke quirked a brow. "Why?"

"To put it simply, a virus has broken free in the building, and it's a mutation virus."

"Mutation virus..?" he echoed.

"Yes, the human flesh decays, and the victim becomes a cannibal, or as what some would say, the living dead."


"Yeah." He sent the mission to a squad leader. "Head back to your squad and your captain will be there to lead the mission," Sasuke nodded. "And Uchiha?"


"Stay alive."

Water dripped onto her face as she slowly opened her eyes and sat up, shaking her head a bit to clear her vision. "Where am I..?" she thought, looking around. "I'm in the underground level of the building." She stood up and tried to see in the dark, but couldn't. She sighed and felt for any switch or wall that she could use for guidance or support. Another drip on her head caused her to scowl and glare at the dripping water, only to have her eyes widen at the sight.

There, hovering above her, was a mutated corpse, and the monster had a long tongue sticking out of it, drool was evident, and she puked inwardly when she realized it was saliva that dripped onto her and not plain H2O. "Crap." She swore, staring at the "Licker", as she'd like to call it since it did a lot of licking and… tongue action.

"Eww…" she murmured to herself, slowly backing away from the thing. She stopped moving when she heard a growl come from behind her. Cursing her luck, she whipped her head and nearly screamed at the sight that greeted her. A mutated dog was growling at her, and in its sharp and bared teeth was a human arm, dislocated from the anatomy and dripping with blood. She shook, feeling her death about to arrive when the dog let go of the arm and barked, making its way slowly to her.

Again, she backed away, but stopped once more when she heard the hissing sound coming from the licker. She was cornered, and one of the two beasts would make a lunch out of her. "Kami, save me." A louder growl caused all three of them to turn to the side to see a bigger monster. At this, Sakura no longer held back her scream when the monster charged.

"Split into pairs." Kakashi ordered his team after they broke in from the rooftop. They all nodded as Neji and Ten-Ten paired up with each other- both being 20yrs old and sharp shooters in the field of guns or throwing knives, they would make a good pair. Lee joined them since they would need his martial arts skill in case they ran out of bullets or weapons. Kakashi was the team captain, and he paired up with Kurenai, who was the head medic of the team. Sasuke went with Shino since they got along better than any other member due to their similarities. This caused Ino to whine and complain to Kakashi who ignored her.

Sasuke rolled his eyes at this and told Shino that they'll head east while the others will go to the other directions, leaving Ino to go with Gaara, one of the sadistic members of the squad, and the new recruit Kiba, who had great expertise with regards to the K-9 unit, thus, bringing his dog, Akamaru, with him. Ino groaned at this but went with them since this was a mission and it was an order as well; that, and the fact that her best friend, Sakura, is in need of saving.

"I guess that leaves you and me Hinata." Naruto said, grinning. He was also a rookie yet one of the best newbies, which is why he was assigned to this squad, along with Kiba. Hinata was one of the best students of Kurenai and also a cousin of Neji. Her eyes are not your average type, since they could see through walls and other objects. "You've got the byaakugan right?" Hinata nodded meekly as she followed Naruto. "Well, that's a good advantage for us. I guess your scientist ancestors were geniuses for trying to come up with a cure for your family's genes curse of being born blind."

"Y-yeah." She agreed. Indeed, in the Hyuuga family, most were born blind, and some of the wisest members of the clan had opted to discover a cure. However, instead of gaining normal eyesight, they earned better vision than an average human could have. "But Neji-niisan and I still prefer Sasuke-san's sharingan."

"Teme's..? Why?"

"Well, even if he's the only one in the family who has it, the sharingan has much more abilities compared to ours." Naruto whistled in awe as he listened to Hinata's story. "I heard that teme got it because he had bad eyesight or his vision was impaired or something." Hinata nodded as they cautiously made their way through the dark areas. (It's a good thing the squad's rifles had flashlights attached to it.) "His parents were scientists too, and came up with the chemical. And that gave Sasuke-san good eyesight and also the sharingan."

"You can activate and deactivate yours too right?" he saw something move that he flashed the light over there, causing him to grin. "Yes." She answered, following his gaze. "And it seems we have found one of the survivors." She added, seeing a man with eyeglasses on as he raised his hand to block the light from blinding him. "Oi, you hurt or something..?" Naruto asked. The man shook his head and calmed down after finding out that they were members of RAS and part of the SA squad.

"Captain, Shadow Fox here," Naruto spoke through his communicator as he and Hinata led the man away from the dangerous areas. "We found one survivor, his name's…" he turned to the man for his name.

"Yakushi Kabuto."

Naruto repeated the name to Kakashi who replied a 'good job rookie' to Naruto. "Keep searching for survivors, afterwards, report back- Kage Kori out."

"That was fast." Kakashi turned to the two survivors he found who were being checked up by Kurenai. "I did make sure they've undergone harsh training." He answered to the long-haired man named Orochimaru, who shrugged and thanked Kurenai for the check-up. "Hmm… at least my student has been located." He turned to Tsunade who furrowed her brows. "Relax Tsunade, I'm sure Shizune and Sakura will be fine." The blonde woman merely sighed. "I hope so…"

"Rest assured you two," Kurenai spoke. "SA squad is the best, and we will stop at nothing until we find all survivors and get them out of here." Kakashi gave a small smile at this behind his mask. "And that is our motto."

"Oi, KK."

Kakashi sighed at the nickname one of his best students gave him. "Cut it out Kage Honou, what's your report?" he could hear gun shots from the earpiece he had. "Hn, so far, we've run into mutated dogs, slow corpses that walk and eat your flesh, annoying bugs which we had to run away from since Shadow Beetle here ("HEY!" Shino yelled) refused to kill them." Kakashi furrowed his brows. "That many?"

"Aa, and also…" he stopped for a while and later, Kakashi heard a loud 'boom'. "What the hell was that for Sasuke?!" Shino yelled. Sasuke sighed at this. "They were wasting our bullets you idiot." Then he turned back to Kakashi. "…We've run into snakes and rats too. Better watch out, their bites can cause you to mutate."

"How sure are you?"

"I've got sharingan Kakashi, I should know."

"Right, I wonder why you still wear our night-vision shades…" Kakashi murmured.

"So that I wouldn't stress my eyes for using the sharingan too much; and it makes me looked cool…" he added or humor.

"Whatever, I'm still cooler. So, any survivors?"

Sasuke looked around, glancing at Shino who was also scanning the area with the use of their night-vision shades. "Not yet," Sasuke replied. "But in the next room, there's a chance that the body heat I'm seeing belongs to a survivor."

"How sure are you Kage Honou?"

"…Because the dead doesn't emit body heat- Kage Honou out." Sasuke headed towards the door after deactivating his sharingan. Shino ran after him as he readied his gun to shoot. Sasuke looked at him to see if he was ready and when he opened the door, he saw his brother kicking a dog. "Aniki..!" Sasuke said, aiming his rifle at the mutated animal and killing it since it was about to jump at his brother. "Geez, what took you so long?!" Itachi half-yelled half-asked.

Shino walked over to the dog and kicked it, checking if it was still alive while Sasuke reported to Kakashi. Kurenai intervened their conversation when she mentioned that only one survivor was left to be found. Shino turned to Sasuke to wait for any command. "How many survivors does each team have..?" Kakashi remained silent as he counted. "Ino and company have the genius with them, we have Orochimaru and Tsunade, Naruto and Hinata found Kabuto, and afterwards, Shizune."

"What about Hyuuga's team?"

"They said they found some security guard named Gai, apparently one of Lee's idolized 'heroes'."

"So that means…" Shino murmured. Sasuke smirked. "Looks like we'll have to look for Cherry..."

She kept running away from the monster who chased after her. She was glad that it saved her life from the dog and licker, but she was not happy when it attempted to kiss her. No way was she going to loose her first kiss to a monster. "Stop following me, damn it!" she yelled in her mind, turning every corner she found, relieved that she hasn't run into any other monsters besides the one behind her, growling her name. "Crap! Don't tell me that's Riku!" she thought, cursing when she found herself facing a dead end.

Riku's growl was nearing, and she slowly turned her head to see the monster approaching her, one of its arms reaching out to her. She took a few steps back, trapped between the wall and the monster. "This is it, I'm dead." And when Riku was about to grab her, the ceiling gave way as an SA squad member hung upside down, his rifle pointed at the monster. "Back off." He demanded, shooting the thing non-stop with his gun. Riku cried out in pain and backed away, tending to his wounds as the SA teen jumped down from above and waited for a while before shooting again. At this, Riku gave one last look to Sakura before leaving them alone, for the time being.


Sakura looked up to see Itachi, followed by another SA member jump down from the ceiling above and rush towards her. "Kage Honou here," Sasuke spoke through his communicator, turning to Shino and his brother who checked if Sakura had any wounds or signs of being bitten. "We've found the last survivor, head for rendezvous point."

"Copy Kage Honou, Kage Kori out."

Sasuke walked over to them as Sakura looked at him in the eye, before pointing an accusing finger at him. "You!" she yelled. Itachi and Shino sweat dropped as Sasuke smirked. "I told 'ya I'd see you again," he gave another wink at her. "Cherry."

To be continued…

Next on Biohazard: Chapter 2: Tongue

Despite his back facing her, he could still tell that she was glaring at him and making funny faces. Mocking as he would call it. He glanced at her for a while, seeing how her tongue was stuck out at him. He smirked inwardly, ready to say what he had in mind. "If you don't put your tongue back into your mouth," he turned his head to her and smirked. "I'll personally make sure it goes into mine-" he paused and grinned. "Cherry."

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