Her head turned from right to left, searching for any signs of pink hair, or perhaps raven spiky locks, but found none, and she sighed heavily.


She looked up when a familiar blonde came running towards her.

"Naruto-niichan!" She exclaimed, running to him halfway. "Where're Sasuke-nii and Sakura-nechan?"

The blonde raised a hand up for a moment as he caught his breath, and then exhaled. "They're coming, where's Satoshi? I've been looking for him! The cargo planes are about to leave!"

"He went running back to his classroom, two soldiers ran after him, but not one has been back."

"Aw crap, teme is not going to like this."

"Like what?"

Naruto jumped when he heard his Captain's voice, and he tried to cover it up with a nervous laugh.

"What's going on?" Sasuke asked. "Seika." he nodded.

"Sasuke-nii." She bit her lower lip, much like how she used to as a child, and Sasuke knew that meant something was wrong.

"Where's Sato-chan?" Sakura asked, looking around.

"He's still in school." Naruto answered.

Chapter 12: Eerie Cries

Sasuke punched the wall next to him as he gritted his teeth and tried to calm down while Seika explained everything.

"What do we do..?"

He turned to look at Sakura to find her holding back the tears.

"Sato-chan… he must be so scared…"

Like any good husband would do, he pulled his wife into his arms to comfort her. "It's going to be alright," he whispered. "Don't worry, we'll get him."

Naruto looked at Seika. "You better board the plane now, your parents are coming."

Said man and woman arrived.

"Mom, dad." She hugged them.

Her father pulled away and walked over to Sasuke, who still kept his arms around Sakura.

"Sasuke, I don't know how else to aid you, but I hope this will help." He knelt down to the ground and opened the metal briefcase he carried, revealing updated versions of night vision shades, as well as PDAs. "I've uploaded a map of Yokohama there, and if you remember weeks ago, after your team's physical exam, we collected hair strands, so you'll easily be able to locate each other when you're separated." He switched on one PDA. "As you can see, there are red dots, as well as white ones."

"Hn. The red ones indicate that you're alive, while the white dots are for the undead."

"That's right. It also contains an Identifier, which will help you know what kind of undead you're facing." He paused to see Sasuke, Sakura, and Naruto eyeing him in disbelief. "Yes, well, the government has cameras installed around Yokohama, so there were images and videos capture. Since you're aware of zombies, wild dogs, Crawlers, and Lickers, the new breeds are unknown, but this PDA can help you out." He scratched the back of his head. "Although, there are only minor descriptions of the new breeds, but it will have to do with the little time we have; this gadget is a touch screen device, so there won't be a need for-"

"Yeah, I get it." Sasuke said, eyeing the remaining items on the briefcase. "And what are those?"

The man grinned and picked one up. "This," he said. "Enhances your senses."

"How?" Naruto asked, curious.

"The shades will help you see better in the dark, the PDA aids you in locating and identifying, but this…" he handed one to Sasuke. "Is an advanced version of communicators..."

"How do they enhance our senses?" Naruto asked.

"Okay, it only enhances your hearing senses, this way, you'll be warned earlier if an undead is coming from a safe distance, also, you wouldn't have to worry about static problems when talking to your teammates – and yes, I did the liberty of distributing them to your squad."

"I appreciate it." Sasuke said, as he, Sakura, and Naruto slipped on the dark green-tinted night vision shades, strapped on the PDA on their left wrists, and afterwards, placed the headsets on their heads, bringing down the built-in microphone to their lips.

"After Naruto handed me Shikamaru's last projects, it led me to these."

They took a moment of silence to respect the now dead scientist, Naruto feeling the guilt coming back, and he'll be damned if something like that were to happen again.

"The gadgets look simple, but they do wonders."


"I wish you luck, Captain." Seika's father bowed down a bit, before leading his family to the plane.

"Take care Sasuke-nii, Sakura-nechan, Naruto-niichan." Seika hugged them, with Sakura returning the embrace as tightly as she could. "Save Sato-chan."

"We will." Sakura said back with a small smile before the girl pulled away and followed her parents.

"Alright, dobe, Sakura, let's go." The two men got on their bikes, Sakura riding behind Sasuke, and they headed to Satoshi's school.

"You're heading back to Satoshi's school, why?"

"I think it's obvious why Shino."

Shino just smirked slightly at Sasuke's response.

"You've got a troublesome kid there – is what Shikamaru would say if he were here." Neji muttered.

"Yeah, I know."

The squad was silent for a few moments, before Kiba spoke up. "Look, we'll continue circling around the area, in case you need assistance."

"Thanks." He paused for a while as they reached the outdoors of the school, seeing Gaara, Hinata, Tenten, Lee, and Ino fast approaching. "Keep this place secured, we can't afford more of the undead entering the school."

"Wait, are you saying the three of you-"

Sasuke cut Tenten off. "It'll be easier to move around with only the three of us." He prepared his weapons as Sakura and Naruto did the same. "Naruto and I do well both on offense and defense, while Sakura's aim can rival Neji's, and her expertise in the field of medicine will keep us alive." He attached the small medical kit each soldier is required to carry, and in it were enough anti-vaccines to prevent them from turning into zombies. "We're more than enough."

Gaara frowned. "Uchiha, you're not just dealing with zombies in there. Lickers and Crawlers are present, and enhanced ones have appeared."

"I know." He turned to Gaara. "A bigger group will only attract them, and will make it harder for us to evade."

"What if they do get you?!" Lee pointed out.

"The other two will be able to get them off from a safe distance." He activated the PDA. "And according to the Identifier, the new breeds aren't infectious."

"That's good to hear." Naruto muttered, letting Hinata inject him with an anti-vaccine for early precautions.

Sasuke assisted Sakura with her own vaccine since he didn't need one due to the Sharingan.

"It's times like these I wish Sato-chan inherited your Sharingan." Sakura whispered, eyes downcast and worried.

She felt her husband's hand on hers, giving a firm yet gentle grip. "Satoshi is a smart kid," he told her. "He's as stubborn as you are, he won't give up easily."

Sakura managed a small smile. "And him being your son as well," she leaned her forehead on his chest, taking in the comfort. "I know he'll be fine. He takes after you in so many ways."

"Aa." He looked at the abandoned school with narrowed eyes and a determined look. "Let's go save him."

With Gaara left to take command for the security team, Sasuke led Naruto and Sakura in the school once the red-haired soldier had told them it was clear.

He considered opening the windows to get out, but he wasn't sure if there were soldiers around to help him, or if the undead are waiting for him.

"Crying won't help." He told himself repeatedly, shaking his head to rid himself of the incoming tears. "Daddy and mommy will come, I know they will." His left hand found its way to the tags around his neck, and he clenched the metallic object, remembering that his father promised to be there when needed, and Satoshi believed him more than anyone else – alongside his mother of course.

"I just have to do my best to survive while waiting." His head turned to the door sharply, hearing the pounding on the door.

Gulping, he stood still, listening attentively in case it was a human who was on the other side and not a zombie.

The pounding began once more, and he had to cover his mouth with his hands to not make a sound, in case the undead were dumb enough to believe no one was in the library.

"It's not like I have blood on me…" he thought, checking himself. "I don't have any wounds either…"

He could only hope and pray to God that the thing pounding would go away, unless it was a human or soldier who would aid him.

The banging never stopped, and he knew that if it were a person, then he or she would have probably called out, but then again, how was that being to know if there was anyone inside?

Satoshi debated whether to stay put or not, whether to call out to the one responsible for the constant knock or to just keep quiet. Either of the options was risky – if it was a human being, what are the chances of said person not infected? What if there was a zombie close by or any other infected? And what if it was one of the monsters?

"I'm sorry…" he thought, leaning against the wall as he slid to the floor and brought his knees up, hugging them tightly as he cried silently. "I'm sorry…" he continued to apologize in his thoughts, hoping that the guy or girl would forgive him - if it was a person on the other side. "I'm really, really sorry…"

He thought about what his father would do in a situation like this, or what his mother would say if she found out he failed to save someone.

"But…" he tried to shake off the doubts. "Daddy is trained for combat, I'm only aspiring to be like him, yet am in nowhere near a fourth of his level." He wiped his tears away with his arm. "Mommy has told me how she failed to save a few lives as well from time to time, but she said that she wouldn't let it get to her, because it would only drag her down."

He can remember the nights he'd hear her crying over a soldier she wasn't able to save, and he would always try to comfort her or make her smile. She would give him a grin, but the tears wouldn't stop, and her eyes would continue to shed more once his father pulls his mother in for an embrace and tell her it wasn't her fault.

His uncle Itachi told him that crying helped, and is the very reason why Sasuke wouldn't say or do anything else other than hug Sakura and let her cry.

He lifted his head when the pounding grew louder, and he decided to not be overcome with fear and despair. With a determined gaze that could have rivaled his father's, Satoshi stood up and got to work on setting up traps.

Sometimes, the pranks his uncle Naruto and uncle Kiba taught him can be put to good use.

"Did you hear that?" Naruto asked, eyes narrowing when both Sasuke and Sakura had turned to him and then eyed the area. "Could it be a survivor?"

"I don't know," Sakura whispered, looking at her spouse who walked ahead in a slow and cautious manner. "Only one way to find out."

The two kept their guards up while watching Sasuke's back, making sure nothing tailed behind them, and that if ever there was, they'd kill it – again.

"This… is freaky." The blonde said, gulping as the sounds of a weeping female grew louder, and he saw the hunched figure up ahead. "Fuck-"


Naruto gave a nod to Sakura, despite the drop of sweat trickling down from his cheek.

The cries and sobs of the woman down the hallway freaked him out, and he tried his best to not panic.

Sasuke stealthily approached the woman who had her back turned to him, her head lowered as she sobbed, wearing nothing but tattered clothes.

"Miss?" he called out softly, so as not to startle her. "Hey, it's alright, we're going to get you out of here."

He took another step closer, and he saw the woman turn her head slowly to him, and he froze when he saw how red her eyes were, and how she glared and barred her fangs, afterwards, she got up and ran to him, arms wide open with fingers looking more like claws, and for the first time, Sasuke was thrown down to the floor with just one swing from the woman.

"Sasuke!" Sakura yelled, not hesitating to shoot the woman on the head, blowing off the brains with her shotgun.

"Damn it!" Sasuke cursed, holding onto the wound on his right side. "What the hell was that thing..?!"

Naruto pressed a button on his PDA while Sakura tended to Sasuke's wound. "For a lack of a better name, they call this thing a Witch." The blonde read the few details. "Known to be harmless when left alone," he began. "Her sobs can give you goose bumps, or perhaps irritate you, but do not attempt to confront up close, for she's deadlier than she looks." Naruto frowned. "Avoid approaching or startling it at all costs."

"Ch." Sasuke thanked Sakura when she finished tending to him, afterwards, pulled his shirt and jacket back on, wrapping the belt which contained the anti-vaccines loosely. "Remind me to thank my brother for changing the glass vials to plastic containers."

"If we remember." Naruto said, grinning slightly before proceeding to the next floor.

"Look, I know you're immune to the virus, but you can still die." Sakura reminded Sasuke. "And yes, I know that's the very reason why you're walking ahead of us."

"Hn…" he just sighed and nodded, not wanting to argue with her at the moment. "You sure you're fine in using the shotgun?"

Sakura gave a smirk that left Naruto stunned; awed that she was able to pull off the known Uchiha smirk. "I do recall the gun saving your life earlier."

With a shake of his head, he smirked back and continued walking, reaching the next floor which was filled with a few zombies.

"Headshots as much as possible, right?" Naruto pulled out his hand gun with his right hand, while taking out a couple of kunai with his left.

"Right." Sasuke said, withdrawing his katana from around his waist, while his left held onto a similar gun like Naruto's.

Sakura pressed her back against the corner with the two men in front of her. She was much more efficient with guns and long-range combat than with knives. She used an assault rifle in replace of the shotgun. "Bring it."

As soon as the words left her lips, Naruto and Sasuke began the shooting to alert the undead, and Sakura shot the heads of those that were a bit further, leaving the incoming ones to Sasuke's katana and Naruto's daggers.

He was startled to hear gunshots, and he couldn't help but smile in relief that there were soldiers in the building.

"Okay, now all I have to do is wait here." He turned to eye the closed doors, the banging never stopping. "Great. Now what..?"


Satoshi was alarmed when someone spoke.

"P-please… a-anyone..!"

"So it was a human being!" he immediately got rid of the chairs and tables, as well as the simple traps he set-up, and then opened the door, causing the person responsible for pounding to fall inside, covered in blood.

"Thank goodness!" he said, turning to look at Satoshi. "W-What took you?!"

"You could have said something!"

"I didn't know anyone was in here!" he said, looking around. "You're… you're that Uchiha's kid, right?"

"…Yeah, why?"

"I can see the resemblance." He smiled slightly. "Save for your eyes, you have your mother's, except yours are a darker shade."

Satoshi looked at the open door, hearing the gunshots. "Someone's coming to save us." He said, about to run out but the man grabbed his hand.

"Don't rush out just like that kid! Didn't your parents teach you precaution?" he stood up and kept the child behind him. "I'll go on ahead, so stay close, and stay behind."

He nodded once, so the man walked forward in a slow manner, though Satoshi can see how much the adult was shaking in fear.

"You don't have to do this." He said, tugging the man's shirt. "You're afraid, aren't you?"

He chuckled lightly. "Pathetic, aren't I?"

"I'm scared too."

"You'd be insane to not be afraid." He held the child's small hand and led him down the stairs. "What's your name kid?"

"Satoshi." He answered, looking up at the man who had brown hair and eyes. "You?"

"Riko." He said, gripping the child's hand tightly. "Izegawa Riko."

"Let's move!" Naruto yelled, rushing up the stairs once Sasuke and Sakura had went ahead. "Any indicator as to where Satoshi is yet?!"

"Yeah, he's at the top floor." He soon halted, causing his two comrades to almost trip from the sudden stop.

"Teme!" Naruto cried out. "What the hell's wrong?!"

Sakura saw how her husband's eyes were staring intently at the PDA, so she looked at hers as well. "Sato-chan!"

Naruto raised a brow.

"Fuck!" Sasuke cursed, running up once more with Sakura instantly following.

Naruto just went after them, knowing he won't get an answer even if he asked.

"Please no, please no, please no…"

The blue-eyed blonde glanced at Sakura who chanted the same words repeatedly, and then turned to his team Captain, surprised to see the Sharingan activated.

"Don't tell me…" he looked down at his PDA, seeing the red dot which represented Satoshi, but his blood ran cold when he saw a white one standing next to the child. "Fucking hell! No way!"

They finally reached the top floor, and they could see a lot of blood on the floor.

Sakura instantly felt her eyes water.

"He's alive." Sasuke told her. "But we need to get to him as soon as possible."

They headed down the hallway, stopping upon seeing two people.

"Satoshi!" Sakura cried out, catching the attention of her son, who beamed upon recognizing his mother.

"Mom!" he looked at the man who accompanied him. "It's my mom! And my dad and uncle Naruto!"

"Satoshi! Get away from him!" Sasuke told his son while aiming his gun at the man standing next to the child. "Get away, now!"

"What? Why?" Satoshi turned around when a shadow loomed over him, and he didn't know how to react when Riko turned out to be an infected human, with the way his back became hunched, and his left arm was replaced with tentacles, a huge eyeball on his left shoulder while his right fingers grew longer and sharper. His head seemed much smaller right now compared to when he was normal, and his supposedly skinny and frail body turned bulky all of a sudden.

Satoshi took a step back, and then another, and then on the third step, he fell back and crawled away from the monster while keeping his eyes on it.

"Satoshi, run!" Sakura yelled as Sasuke and Naruto started to shoot when the monster charged and the child stood up to run.

The two soldiers stopped shooting when Riko had managed to extend his tentacles and grab Satoshi, roaring with laughter once it had gotten a hold of the boy.

"Satoshi!" Sakura cried out.

"Let go of him you fucking asshole!" Sasuke yelled while glaring with Sharingan eyes at the monster. "What the fuck do you want?!"

"Vengeance..!" he growled with a sinister grin, showing off his sharp teeth that looked more like fangs right now. "You killed my brother!"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes in confusion for a split second, before recalling how the thing looked when it was still human. "Izegawa…" he muttered. "You're that bastard's brother?!"

"From the looks of things, that would be a yes…" Naruto muttered.

"And now that I have your son, I can exact my vengeance!"

"Don't hurt him!" Sakura yelled, attempting to run, but Naruto pulled her back while Sasuke kept his eyes locked onto the being. "Satoshi!!" Sakura continued to call out her son, who refused to cry despite how tight the grip the monster had on him.

"M-Mom… d-dad…" he flinched and squirmed in an attempt to break free.

"I wonder if you have the guts to kill your son, once he's infected." he used his other clawed hand to inject the boy with a virus, and Satoshi cried out from the stinging sensation the needle brought.

"Satoshi!" Sakura yelled once more, trying to get Naruto to let her go.

Riko dropped the boy onto the floor and stepped over him to prevent the three soldiers from using the anti-vaccine on the kid. "While the virus is taking effect," he laughed sinisterly. "I'll toy with you three first!"

"You'll pay for that you son of a bitch." Sasuke hissed and drew out his katana without hesitating to run towards Riko, evading the incoming tentacles and claws thanks to how his Sharingan predicted the movements. He skidded to the left and sliced off some of the monster's tentacles, all the while staying clear of Naruto and Sakura's firing range. "Hit that eye!" he told them.

Sakura pulled out her shotgun and aimed for the large eye on the monster's shoulder, afterwards, pulled the trigger, causing the huge eyeball to explode and spill blood, and Riko had to screech out in pain from the inflicted wound.

Naruto never stopped shooting at Riko's upper body, even if the thick skin prevented the bullets from piercing through.

"Teme, get to Satoshi!" Naruto said while keeping Riko distracted with his bullets, whereas Sakura aimed her shotgun at the vital areas of the monster, hoping to weaken it if not kill it.

"I know!" Sasuke said, ducking in order to dodge a swing from Riko's left arm that still continued bleeding due to the large eyeball Sakura butchered with her gun. He checked his distance from his son, and then ran towards the boy's fallen figure, tripping on the way due to the tentacles that kept growing from the monster's arm, despite how many times Sasuke would slice them of.

Riko held him upside down and used him as a shield, causing Sakura and Naruto to cease fire.

"Not so tough now, Uchiha." He snarled.

Sasuke cursed inwardly and looked back at his katana which he dropped from the fall earlier. "What the hell is wrong with me?! I'm not that careless!" his eyes shifted to his son, and he knew why he's in this situation: he didn't pay attention to the enemy. "But it's Satoshi," he thought, gritting his teeth. "It's only natural to worry for my son than for myself..." he didn't understand nor hear what Naruto, Sakura, and Riko had said, because his eyes only focused on Satoshi, his heart hurting for not being able to protect his son like he promised, for not performing his duty as both a soldier and a father right. "Satoshi," his fists clenched, and he soon glared at Riko and pulled himself up in order to pull out the combat knife he had tucked in one of his boots. "I'm not going to let you down!"

Riko felt his captive move, but didn't pay much attention until he felt something sharp stab the flesh below his throat, just above his collarbone.

He growled out in pain and narrowed his eyes at Sasuke's red ones.

"Go to hell with your fucking brother!"

His hold on Sasuke loosened, and the soldier fell on his back, cursing at the pain he felt from the fall.

Riko staggered a few steps back and pulled the knife out, throwing it aside as he continued to growl yet felt his knees wobble and weaken from the lost of blood and from getting hit near a vital part of his body.

"B-Bastard…" he gurgled, his body mutating further as he grew some more.

"Fuck…" Sasuke breathed out and tried to get up, yet the impact from the drop earlier made him fall back down. "Not good…" he raised his head to see Riko raise his right arm, ready to bring it down on his smaller form after the second mutation was complete.

"Don't you dare, you asshole!" Sakura pulled the trigger of her shotgun and hit the upper left side of Riko's head, making him roar in pain. Sasuke chose this as his time to crawl back as Naruto moved forward to cover him, shooting at Riko's open wounds to further add the damage.

"Naruto, Satoshi's still there!" Sasuke reminded, flinching from the pain his left shoulder emitted. He placed a hand on it and hissed out, his red eyes shifting back to onyx which flickered over to Satoshi's still unmoving form. "Get him to safety," he pulled out a spare hand gun from his holster around his waist and aimed it at Riko. "I got your back."

"You got it!" Naruto dove to the ground when Riko began to thrash about after both Sakura and Sasuke's non-stop shooting.

Naruto successfully made it to Satoshi's side and tried to shake him awake. The boy stirred a bit and grunted lightly, but he didn't open his eyes nor made a move to stand.

"Great…" Naruto took out one of his anti-vaccines, but realized he didn't have a syringe with him. "Aw shit!" he looked back at the battle occurring a few feet away. "Teme! I need a syringe!"

Sasuke would have fallen to the floor from that sudden demand, but things were serious right now for any of that. "You dumbass!" he used his left hand to feel for the empty syringe he kept in one of his med pouches, fingers rummaging through the bandages and gauzes that were within the bag. "Fuck." He ran out of bullets. "Sakura, cover me!" he managed to get up despite how his body demanded for rest, and without waiting for his wife's reply, he ran towards Riko who hunched down and waited for his nearing form, giving out a loud battle cry at that as Sasuke activated his Sharingan when he was only a few feet away.

As anticipated, Riko dove forward in an attempt to crush him, but Sasuke stepped onto his head and used his back as leverage.


Whether it was due to being in the same team for a long period of time, or just out of sheer, dumb luck, Naruto tossed Sasuke his own gun and received the syringe in exchange.

While in mid-air, Sasuke twisted his body a bit and shot continuously at the back of Riko's head, add to that Sakura's non-stop firing of her shotgun that was also aimed at the monster's head.

In less than a second, the bullets collided with Riko's head, destroying not only the flesh but even the skull and brains, permanently ending the mutant's life.

Sasuke fell onto the ground for the third time on that floor, and he sighed out as his body finally got the rest it was demanding. Sakura didn't waste any more time to run to her husband to assist him.

Naruto prepared to inject the boy, bringing the needle closer to Satoshi's skin, but stopped when the child had suddenly placed a hand on Naruto's wrist, preventing the needle from injecting him.

"Wha..?" the blue-eyed blonde looked at Satoshi, eyes widening at what he saw, even blinked a couple of times just to make sure. "T…Teme..?"

Sasuke and Sakura didn't seem to like that reaction, so they stepped nearer, fearing for the worst.

"What's wrong?" Sakura croaked, her husband grabbing her hand for assurance.

"Sato-chan…" Naruto murmured, and then glanced at the two. "He inherited the Sharingan."

Five Hours Later; Lobby of RAS HQ in Nagoya…

The noise from the people walking by didn't bother him much, since he focused his attention on his son who was talking animatedly with the mother, both playing some kind of game he didn't know, but he was sure the child would teach him sooner or later.

"I told you, didn't I?"

He looked to his left where the busty blonde scientist-slash-doctor had appeared, crossing her arms in the process while her hazel brown eyes looked at the pink-haired medic and the aspiring-to-be-soldier kid.

"It's possible for Satoshi to inherit the Sharingan."

"Aa." He said, eyes half-closing as he continued to watch his family. "But you said it was only a possibility."

"I take it you're worried over something else?"

"Partly," he admitted. "Satoshi's only five years old, he's still too young." He frowned. "Aside from that, there's a chance that the Virus that bastard injected him with would take-over if he can't handle it."

"Sasuke, look at them." She murmured. "Look at how happy your son is, how worry-free your wife is." She gave a small smile at the current Captain of SA Squad. "You shouldn't let yourself be bothered by it so much, don't stress it." She patted his shoulder. "Your genes and Sakura's are perfect, as far as I'm concerned, and you both made a wonderful kid, one who's a lot more stubborn than Sakura, and a determination that may rival your own." She pulled her hand back. "Sometimes, some kids just grow up faster, you know?" she smirked. "I mean, you and Itachi should know, you both matured too fast after all." She turned her back to him when he glanced at her, and she just raised her hand without looking to say goodbye, walking towards one of the two elevators to go to another floor.

"Hn." He turned to Sakura and Satoshi, a small smile grazing his lips when they both laughed after she tickled the child. "Maybe, Tsunade, but I'm not yet ready to let him go just yet." His grin faded slowly, and he lowered his head to stare at the marbled floor. In less than a minute, his fists clenched and his eyes shifted to red. "I won't let Danzo recruit him at this age."


He blinked and let his eyes return to normal as he looked up to see his son run towards him. He smiled and knelt down to catch the child in his arms, carrying him as he got up and looked over at Sakura who just reached them.

"How did the briefing go?"

He glanced at Satoshi for a split second, seeing the eager face from the child. "Good." He said, looking at Sakura, who somewhat frowned upon sensing something wrong. "The bad news is… well, since Danzo hails from here, he's being pardoned for everything he's done, or at least, what we know so far that he's done." He set Satoshi down when his son's classmate his name.

"Oh no…" the boy clutched onto his father's pants. "Not her again..!" but of course, he didn't forget how the girl defended him and Sasuke's name against Arashi's accusations.

"Aw, she's cute, why are you so afraid?" Sakura said with a giggle, smiling when the girl bowed to her and to Sasuke first, uttering a small good evening to them before looking at Satoshi, her cheeks turning red when the boy scowled at her.

"Sato-chan, ne, I'm glad to see you're alright." She smiled lightly. "I was worried when you weren't with the class after role call."

"Hn…" he hid himself behind his father, his grip onto the older Uchiha's pants tightening. "If that's all, you can go…"

Sakura attempted to scold her son, but Sasuke placed a finger on her lips, stopping her from saying anything.

"I would, but…" she gave a shy smile. "I kind of… got lost, so I can't find my mommy."

"Go ask a guard!" Satoshi cried out, and Sakura was taken aback to see her son blushing furiously. She looked at Sasuke who smirked at her, apparently, her husband managed to sense Satoshi's discreet attraction towards the girl.

"But…" she pouted, her large blue orbs turning glossy. "I… I…"

Satoshi bit his lower lip and looked up at his father, who gave an expectant look to him. With a defeated sigh, he side stepped and scratched the back of his head. "Alright, fine, but when we find your mommy, I'll leave."

Her puppy-dog eyes immediately brightened as she beamed and grabbed Satoshi's hand, not noticing the boy's face turn redder.

"Deal!" she exclaimed, and then looked up at Sasuke and Sakura. "Ne-chan, nii-chan..?"

"We'll be right behind you." Sakura said with a smile. "Um…?"

"Oh, sorry," she let Satoshi go and bowed down once more. "My name is Aoi, Ureshi Aoi."

"Hn, the name fits the eyes." Sasuke commented.

"Thank you nii-chan." She said with an embarrassed smile, tugging on Satoshi's hand to get him to stop staring at the blue ribbon on her shoulder-length raven locks. "Let's go Sato-chan!"

"I can walk by myself…" he muttered, but didn't bother to pull his hand away from the girl's grip.

"So," Sakura began as they followed the two kids who were headed towards the elevator. "How did you know of Satoshi's little crush?"

He smirked. "He hides behind me when he doesn't like the girl, yet he peeks every now and then if he does." He recalled his son's tone of voice. "His pitch was off too, and I saw him blushing."

"In other words," Sakura gave a smug grin. "You were like that as a child."

He scowled. "What the hell did aniki tell you?"

"Nothing much, just that your first crush was a classmate of his when you were seven, and you always hid behind Itachi-nii whenever she'd appear to greet you both."

"Ch. I told him to keep that a secret."

"It's cute." She admitted. "I didn't think of you as someone who'd have a crush though."

He frowned. "I'm not that-" she cut him off with a peck on his cheek. "I know." She said with a smile, and had their fingers intertwined while watching Aoi hug Satoshi's left arm; their child was scowling yet blushing really hard, and it made them smile.

Eight days later…

"Aahhh…" he grinned. "I just love being a soldier!" he yelped when a towel had hit the back of his head painfully. "Ow! What the fuck?!" he glared. "Teme!!"

Sasuke smirked at the blonde soldier and proceeded to walk towards the tree up ahead.

"How's Satoshi doing with the whole Sharingan eye?"

"Hn. Great, actually."

"You don't sound… happy."

He sighed and sat down under the shade, afterwards, kept his eyes on the other soldiers who were still doing their morning jogs. "You know what could happen if Satoshi masters it."

Naruto caught on and moved to sit next to him. "Does Danzo already know?"

"I'm not sure," he said. "But I'm trying to keep it a secret."

"Well, the team wouldn't dare say anything, so, you can rest assured?"

"Maybe," he says. "But there's a small chance that the news will get to the asshole."

"That's true." Naruto replied, and they sat in silence for a few moments. "Say, teme," he grinned. "How's Sakura feeling lately?"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh crap."

Sasuke furrowed his brows.

"Uh…" he rubbed the back of his head nervously. "Sakura's going to kill me…"


Well, Sasuke never called him by his name unless he was damn serious. Shit.

"What's wrong with Sakura?"

"Nothing!" he answered all too quickly, flinching when Sasuke had glared at him with his Sharingan. "She's… well, she's… uh… sick?"

"Tell me the damn truth dobe."

"I don't know!" he yelled, and then got up. "Go ask her! Bye!" and he ran away, not heeding Sasuke's warning calls.

"Ch." He got up and tried to think where his wife could be at this time.

Due to so many undead attacks, Japan has been on high alert, and the Prime minister had suspended classes for the time being. Even those who had jobs were told to stay in their homes, while soldiers and cops patrolled the area on a daily basis.

It was kind of like Martial Law.

As for Sasuke and the rest, they've been staying in RAS HQ since the last infection, and only come out when they're called to investigate a suspected undead attack.

"Where could she be?" he asked himself as he made his way back inside the air conditioned structure, head turning from left to right to see a few people he recognized by face – not soldiers, but civilians.

The people he and his team saved aren't residents of Nagoya, so they were welcomed to live in the HQ, though small families are requested to share just one room, and bigger ones would either have two rooms, or be given one of the specials of HQ.

Naruto once commented that RAS HQ looked more like a hotel or condominium instead of a training facility for soldiers, and Sasuke took note of that, thinking that it could be useful information for the case against Danzo.


He stopped and turned to see Seika run towards him, Satoshi and Aoi in tow.

"Nii-chan!" the girl his son was currently crushing on greeted with a bright smile.

He returned the grin and looked at his son. "Where's your mother?"

Satoshi's blush faded as he looked up at his father. "I saw her with Tsunade-san earlier, but I'm not sure if she's still with her or elsewhere."

Sasuke gave a silent sigh and looked around.

"Is something wrong?" Satoshi asked.

"That's what I'd like to know." He admitted. "Anyway," he ruffled the boy's hair. "You three go on ahead and play."

And they soon parted ways.

For the whole day, Sasuke searched all the floors of HQ, and found no sign of his wife. And as the sun began to set, he decided to just wait for her to arrive in their room, remembering that Satoshi would be staying with Seika today, which would give him the chance to talk to Sakura in private.

"Damn dobe." He lied down on the bed after removing his belt and military jacket. "Now I can't focus on anything else…" he sighed and decided to get some rest for a few minutes.

She smiled at some of the kids who greeted her as they continued to run down the hallway.

Her eyes lingered onto the little girls who were laughing and playing tag with some boys, and her grin faded to a small and sad one.

She soon held the doorknob to her room and twisted it, blinking when it was unlocked, which only meant that her husband was already in.

As the door opened, she peeked inside to see him asleep, so she closed the door as gently as possible before locking it and walked over to him. She discarded her belt which had a few pouches attached to it for medical purposes andplaced the object on top of her husband's jacket which was on the back rest of a nearby chair.

She smiled at his sleeping face.

"What did you do that got you this tired, Sasuke?" she knelt down on the carpeted floor and eyed his boots, holding back her giggle upon seeing one of his feet on the floor while the other was close to falling off. "You could have at least removed them first, baka." She shook her head a bit and decided to just remove them herself.

However, as soon as her fingers were about to untie the string, he woke up and looked at her.


She turned her head to his sleepy eyes and smiled.

"Sorry, did I wake you?"

He blinked a few times to rid his blurry vision. "No," he said in a soft voice. "Reflex."

She sat down next to his lying form and hovered over him. "Go back to sleep, you look tired."

He had to raise a brow at her for that. "It's your fault."


"Heh." He smirked slightly. "I've been looking for you all day."

Well, you forgot to lock the door, your fans could have barged in and harassed you." She grinned when he cringed. "Why were you looking for me?" she raised a brow. "Did you miss me already?"

"That," he sat up. "And because of what Naruto said."

"Naruto..?" she furrowed her brows. "What did he say?"

"He didn't really tell me what's wrong, but he looked like he was dead for saying something."

"Oh," she lowered her head slightly. "I was supposed to tell you today, but after seeing Tsunade-shishou, well…"

He leaned towards her and had their foreheads touched. "What is it?"

She bit her lower lip. "I thought I was pregnant, Sasuke."

He was about to say something, but she pressed a finger on his lips to silence him.

"But apparently, I've just been exposed too much to viruses, thus, my dizziness, nausea, etc."

His eyes flickered to that of worry, but she still didn't let him speak.

"Don't worry, it's nothing serious." She said with a smile. "Tsunade-shishou said so herself."


"And…" she sighed. "The whole pregnant thing would have been possible, since it's only been… eight days?" she asked.

"Eight days..?" he echoed.

"Since we…" her cheeks turned red. "Had sex."

"Hn…" he remembered that – it was during Satoshi's career day at school. "Why are you so embarrassed to say the word?"

"Oh shut up." She made a move to stand up, but he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back, making her land on top of him, since he just laid back down. "Sasuke!"

"Hn. There's another term for it, you know?"

"Yes! Procreating!" she tried to get back up but he wrapped his arms around her waist to keep her body pressed onto his. "What? Baby-making?"

"Heh." He leaned to her ear. "Making love."

Her cheeks turned redder when he started nibbling her earlobe.

"S-Sasuke…" she tried to pull back. "Satoshi might come in!"

"He's staying at Seika's," he reversed their positions and kissed her neck. "We have the room all to ourselves tonight."

He felt her hands tuck out his shirt and touch the skin beneath it. "Why didn't you say so?" and she pulled his head up in order for their lips to meet.

To be continued…

Next on Biohazard: Chapter 13: Collapse

"I will not be taken down by you of all people!"

His voice changed from normal to vicious as his dull teeth grew sharper and his body grew larger.

From what Sasuke could see, the old man's pupils faded into white, and before he knew it, he was facing a large mutant about two heads taller than him.

"Well, fuck my life." And he ran from the monster when it began to charge at him.