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A/N: One shot of a what I want to happen at the beginning of Doctor Who, episode 11 - Utopia when Jack comes back. Runs on from the finale of Torchwood. 10Jack fluff. You know you love it.

Jack got up and walked towards the container holding the hand. It was shaking and glowing. A smile began to creep onto Jack's face. A whirring sound began, growing steadily louder, as a wind began to blow through the hub. The smile on Jack's face grew and grew. It was him. The Doctor. His Doctor. At last. He could almost see that battered leather jacket, his red jumper, his big ears. Could almost smell his aftershave. Could feel his lips on his, right before the end.

Jack ran towards the TARDIS. He ran, and pushed open the doors, a grin beaming across his tired face.


"Jack! It is you!"

A tall, slender man walked slowly towards him. He was wearing a long, brown trench coat over a dark blue pinstriped suit with a dark tie over a light blue shirt. He wore converse trainers that peeked out under his overly long trousers. He had dark, chocolate eyes, and thick, dark hair, that totally wanted to be ruffled. Behind him, stood a small coloured girl with dark hair, pinned up in spikes on the back of her head. She looked quite awkward standing there.

"Doctor?" Jack was confused. The was the TARDIS he was certain, some old Police Call Box, same old console room. But where was the Doctor? His Doctor? And where was Rose?

"Jack, it's me. The Doctor. I regenerated after Platform One."

Jack ran towards the Doctor. The new Doctor. He'd be waiting for so long. Almost a lifetime.

The Doctor opened his arms and Jack ran into his embrace. Finally.

After a short, tender, moment, Jack pulled back, leant forward and kissed the Doctor. Not like the other kiss they had once shared all those years ago. This one was longer, more passionate, more meaningful.

Martha was stood behind them shocked. This guy, American by the sound of it, just sauntered in and kissed the Doctor. 'What next?'

Jack pulled back.

"Oh Doctor. What took you so long? And where's Rose?" he said, glancing over the Doctor's shoulder at Martha who smiled weakly.

The Doctor took a deep breath. "I lost her Jack. I lost Rose." His voice wavered, he closed his eyes and lowered his head slightly.

Jack looked shocked. 'He lost Rose?!' He took the Doctor in his embrace, holding his head into his shoulder.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." He paused, "Why are you here?"

The Doctor suddenly pulled himself from Jack, and bounded to the console and began pressing buttons and levers and God knows what else.

"Because, Jack, one, I missed you," he saw the sceptical look on Jack's face, "Well, I wanted to check you were okay, well alright, I've only just found out you were alive. How are you alive by the way, maybe it was Rose and her 'I bring life' thing, oh tell me later," he said as Jack opened his mouth, puzzled.

"And two, we need to save the universe!" he grinned manically as he flicked a switch, and they were off. Travelling through Time and Space.

Jack was so happy to be back… although he realised, as he saw the Doctor shrug off his coat, that he would need some fashion advice. A blue suit with a brown coat. 'What was he thinking?!'

He walked over to Martha, and held out his hand.

"Cap'n Jack Harkness"

"Martha Jones," she felt a bit giggly as Jack flashed her a toothy smile.

"Jack stop flirting – this isn't the time, and I know about time – Timelord" and pulled a cheesy grin towards Jack, as he came leaping around the console towards him.

Jack smiled. 'Just like old times. Almost.'

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