Violet fire and eternal love

Author - Lisi the slayer

Genre - angst/romance


Harry Potter wins in the final battle against Voldermort but at a terrible price. Draco rushes in front of Harry and is hit by a new curse that Voldermort aimed at Harry. There is no real cure, and Draco goes through frequent flashes of pain and madness which can only be soothed by Harry's touch. The curse was created by the side of the light, and Harry is determined to find out who betrayed them and who is responsible for Draco's fate.

H/D slash meaning male/male relationships.

Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by JK Rowling, various publishers including but not limited to Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic Books and Raincoast Books, and Warner Bros Inc. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Chapter One

The night was clear, as the mysterious women manuvered with unnatural grace, through the abandoned hideout. The moonlight glistened at the women's ebony locks.

No one would believe that those silky locks had once been long, brown and despairingly frizzy. And No one would think that her porcelain skin had been by nature, a warm olive colour. Her entire appearance had changed the night a gorgeous Deatheater had placed his mouth over her neck, and allowed her to feed from him.

The transformation had been unexpected, but due to her muggle parentage her blood wasn't pure enough to fight over the invading Vampire DNA, and thus the DNA had taken over and modified it.

The war was over now, Harry Potter had done what everyone hoped and desperately believed he could. He had murdered Voldermort, and she couldn't be more grateful. She had not joined the Deatheaters by choice, she had her reasons. Valid reasons her heart was telling her. But her mind was telling her otherwise, it told her that in the eyes of the Wizarding community she would be nothing but a traitor. A traitor who likely would not be granted a trial and sent either for a life sentence in Askaban, or worst the Dementor's kiss.

So, to ensure her future she had returned, returned to Voldermort's hideout ready to destroy the incriminating evidence. Without evidence she would be safe, she was the best friend of Harry Potter, who would dare test his judgment ?

She looked around, there was no one. The Deatheaters it seemed were either on the run, proclaiming innocence and the 'Under the Imperious act', or simply on the way to the hideout themselves. She could not afford to hang about.

With a swish of her wand the metal door dramatically fell to the floor in front of her feet. She smirked and lit up her wand as she entered.

It was there, there on the far end table. It appeared unopened even. At this she breathed a sign of relief. The parchments enclosed details of a newly developed curse, for which there was no cure.

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