Violet Fire and Eternal love

Author- Lisi the slayer

Chapter Eighteen

Harry had thought all the excitement had finished, he had just allowed himself to relax and try and come to terms with all that had happened. That's when it happened.

Draco suddenly clutched his un-dead heart and let out a scream. His whole body was shaking, his fangs were as long as they could possibly go. He fell to the ground withering and twisting on the carpet. Sharp pain filled every inch of his body. Even his gums as his fangs began to change shape and retract back into them. The pain was burning, he felt Harry touch his arm, the contact making his skin burn. He shook his head at Harry hoping to he'd get the message.

He howled again as his gums gave a particularly nasty shot of pain and blood filled his mouth, his whole body exploded into such a severe form of pain he passed out. Harry was in pieces, he had no idea what was going on, it wasn't the curse. Harry therefore had no idea was going on.

He looked out of the window and saw it was well into dawn and approaching sunrise, quickly taking a scruffy blanket Harry wrapped it around Draco, making him look like an overgrown caterpillar in a cocoon. Casting a weightless spell on him he hoisted Draco over his shoulder and in some kind of transe ran out of the flat. Leaving the two Vampire corpses near the now open window to burn to dust.

As Harry pulled the curtains across the windows he realised he didn't have a clue how he had got himself and Draco home. He couldn't remember, the last thing he remembered was wrapping Draco in Ron's dusty blanket. Thinking of Draco he checked up on him.

Draco hadn't moved, he was safely tucked under the cream covers of their canopy bed and he looked for all the world like he was completely at peace and in a deep dream.

Harry suddenly realised he was shivering, as carefully as he could, he got under the covers himself. Warmth instantly spread through his worn out body and sleep overwhelmed his emotionally worn out mind. Against his better nature his eyelids closed and he fell into a deep dreamless slumber. Hoping against hope that this was all a nightmare, and that when he awoke sun would come streaming into the room and Draco would be alive and well right at his side.

A voice whispering to him and a hand fiddling with his unruly hair eventually awakened him. He opened his eyes and bolted up and what he saw.

Light was streaming in from the window, the sky was a beautiful bright blue and the birds were singing. Harry felt tears prickle in his eyes. This was a dream, a beautiful beautiful dream. This illusion however was shattered when a pale hand pinched the skin on his arm very tightly.

" OUCH "

Harry turned in a frown until he realised the significance of that pain. It was real, it wasn't a dream.

" That's right Harry, it's not a dream. We're home."

Draco stretched out and lay back down, his entire face in the sunlight, he looked delicious, his eyes had changed back to normal, back to their sparkling blue and sliver and his hair to it's normal glory.

Harry shook his head.

" B-B-But your a Vampire ? The sun will burn you."

Draco smiled widely revealing his pearly blunt teeth.

" No i'm not Harry, I was but not now. Harry you really do know next to nothing about Vampires. Stupid muggles have filled you with their gibberish. There's a cure.

One cure, the only way a Vampire can ever revert back to being alive and human. The Vampire must kill the Vampire that turned them whilst that Vampire is still a Vampire, if the Vampire reverts back to human before you kill them then it doesn't work.

Harry, Hermione was the one that bit me. Oscuras was her mate. As long as you kept him back and he wasn't killed before Hermione I'd be cured. You see Harry, I did my own research, The curse Hermione used is incurable because the curse is situated in the blood, the witch or wizard would have to bleed themselves dry.

That's why I told you there was no cure, but then we found Ron, I saw it. It was my chance, my only chance of finally freeing myself from the curse forever. It's over now Harry."

Draco pulled Harry towards him and kissed him deeply, before pulling him back and with tears of pure joy running down his face and sparkling like pearls in the morning sun, he whispered to Harry.

" We're back, back to how it used to be and we're going to stay this way. Forever."

The End

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