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Fallen Idol

Chapter 3

When Yugi next awoke the boat was moving. He looked around and spotted Jaden sitting on the next bed over, reading a large book. Yugi yawned loudly, while watching Jaden out the corner of his eye. He nearly laughed as the book was quickly hidden away and Jaden came over to him.

"I didn't take you for a book lover." He commented, smirking at the flush that crossed Jaden's cheeks. Jaden lifted one hand and rubbed the back of his neck in a definitely embarrassed gesture.

"You saw that then?" Yugi nodded. "So now you have one of my secrets too." Jaden stated, but he still eyed Yugi warily.

"Of course I won't tell a soul Jay. Promise." Jaden's face lit up and he grabbed Yugi in a hug. When the tri-coloured teen hissed in pain, he quickly let go and started apologising profusely. "Stop Jay, it's okay, really. But I wouldn't mind some painkillers." The brunet nodded sheepishly and rushed to grab the pills and a glass of water.

"Here." Jaden passed the desired objects over. "Do you want anything else Yug?" Yugi's eyebrows furrowed as he thought.

"I don't suppose I could get a cream soda?" Yugi asked quietly, Jaden grinned.

"You read my mind." He headed to the door. "I'll be right back." Yugi watched as Jaden turned right into the corridor and the door swung shut behind him.

Not too long later, Yugi heard the door swing open, but he kept his eyes closed.

"I hope you brought my soda Jay." Yugi said to the presence that had entered, but after hearing no reply he frowned and opened his eyes. He tensed up as he spotted a tall boy with spiked black hair staring at him.

"Who are you?" They both questioned simultaneously. Yugi quailed slightly under the other's harsh glare.

"The name's Chazz, and you better remember it." Chazz took a step forward. "And you? Who are you, and what are you to Jaden?" Yugi blinked, taken aback.

"Kai, Kai Gentari, and I'm an old friend of Jaden's from before he went to Duel Academy." Yugi's breath quickened and his heart raced as Chazz stepped forward again.

"He never mentioned you, and he talks a lot; about everything, and everyone." Yugi's mind quickly searched for an excuse.

"We didn't part on very good terms when I moved to Domino City. He let me know he was in the area today so I thought I'd come and see him, patch things up, but then I was attacked on the way to the pier." Yugi hoped he could talk to before he ran into this Chazz guy.

"I see." Chazz's eyes narrowed, and Yugi flinched. However, before anything more could happen Jaden burst through the door and stopped, the door coming back and hitting him in the arm but he did not notice. Jaden glared at Chazz as he stepped in front of Yugi protectively.

"What are you doing here Chazz?" Jaden growled.

"Just seeing if your 'friend' was okay while you were gone Slifer Slacker."

"That doesn't work now you're in Slifer too Chazz."

"Well, now you're back, and I'll be going." Chazz left, Jaden's glare riveted on his back until he was out of sight.

"Finally he's gone." Jaden turned, smiling, and held out Yugi's soda. Yugi returned the smile shakily and took the offered drink, his hand trembling. The brunet frowned. "Okay, what did Chazz do?" Yugi flinched again and stared at his knees.

"He kept asking me questions about who I was and how I knew you. I had to make loads of things up and I don't think he believed me." Yugi started trembling all over.

Jaden placed his drink down on a table and walked calmly over to Yugi, he took the soda out of his hands and put it to the side. He climbed onto the bed and pulled the shaking teen into a comforting but loose embrace. Yugi fisted his hands into Jaden's t-shirt and laid his forehead on the chest in front of him.

The trembling soon subsided but the two did not let go and instead fell asleep, only awakening when a ship-wide announcement was called.

#Attention all passengers, we are now approaching Duel Academy. Please make your way to the starboard side to disembark. Remember to collect all belongings before leaving the vessel.#

The message was repeated a few times, and by the time it stopped, Jaden was propping Yugi up as they headed out the door and up to the main deck.

As Jaden and Yugi made their way off the boat, they noticed a lot of people staring. They tried to ignore it as much as possible.

Chancellor Sheppard was waiting for them when they reached the solid ground of the dock.

"Jaden, my boy. I didn't think it would be easy for you to get your friend up to my office so I came down instead. The Slifer dorms are closer to the dock anyway so I brought the key to your new room with me."

"Thank you sir." Jaden grinned. "This is Kai Gentari."

"Pleased to meet you sir. And thank you for all of your help." Yugi bowed as well as he could while leaning on Jaden's arm.

"You're welcome boys, you're welcome." Chancellor Sheppard glanced behind him to a nearby golf cart. "Come on, I'll drive you to the dorms."

"Awesome, thanks sir." Jaden then picked Yugi up off his feet completely and carried him bridal style to the cart.

"Jay!" Yugi cried, while laughing. "Put me down, I can still walk you know."

"I know, this is just quicker, for short distances anyway." Jaden laughed, gently putting Yugi in the back of the cart before climbing on next to him.

Jaden's normal group of friends watched as the golf cart drove off towards the Slifer dorms, Jaden and the new guy inside.

"Who is that guy anyway?" Alexis huffed.

"His name is Kai Gentari." Chazz answered as he came up next to them. "Apparently he is an old friend of Jaden's from before DA."

"Why haven't we heard of him before? Jay tells us everything." Syrus whined.

"Does he? How much do you know of his life outside Duel Academy?" Bastion asked.

"Um… well…" Syrus slumped. "Nothing."

"Exactly. He only talks about Duel Monsters and things related to Duel Academy. It students, teachers, classes, etcetera."

"Maybe now that this Kai is here, we'll learn more about him?" Alexis suggested.

"If Jaden let's us anywhere near them." Chazz commented.

Silence followed as they all stared after the golf cart, now holding two mysteries instead of one. Four pairs of the eyes watching were filled with jealousy, but only one was for the loss of a friend.


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