Chapter 2

"I can't hold much but this is he's first time, I should let him get used to the size..."

"Teasing him could make things greater." He stopped from making Keita too aroused and sat on the bed. "So you said you would punish me right? But you were just teasing me, do you call that punishment? Don't worry I'll teach you." Looking at his molested bunny, lying on the bed, making a face that's pleading for more, more action, more teasing. Being sadistic isn't in his attitude list but for the sake of pleasure, fun and his love; he'll be in this situation.

He continued to take Keita by mouth, Keita feeling the pleasure and an odd feeling he has never felt before, shudders and gives out a soft moan. Kazuki prepared Keita for their main event; slowly he slides his middle finger in. Keita groaned with this new sensation. One by one, he slowly slides in his index finger then the ring making Keita more excited as he slides it in and out looking for his spot.

"Aaa…aahh!" Keita shouted in pleasure, good thing it's a Saturday, some of the students in their floor are out.


"I can't take it anymore, I'm about to explode, aaaahhhh!!" Keita poured everything out and Kazuki began to suck and slurp everything and one by one, taking out his fingers. He wanted to teach Keita how wonderful this is.

"Ka-Kazu, please… do it now." Keita pleading his partner for it.

"Do what Kei-chan?" teasing Keita a bit then surprised his sweet thing by thrusting it deep but slowly, also making himself harder and harder.

As the minutes pass by, Kazuki gains speed in thrusting in out of his partner, making Keita hard again, this he noticed. He grabbed his bunny's manhood and teased it, Keita loved it, his partner's hand sliding up and down his erect flesh, he felt cumming again.

"Aaahh… Nn… Ah!" moaning louder and louder as Kazuki's paid attention in stroking Keita and thrusting in on him at the same time.

"Aaahh!…Uh!…Nn! Ka-Kazuki!" Keita shouted in pleasure as Kazuki thrusts hard and him exploding again.

"One final blow Keita…" Kazuki thrusts his last. Of all his thrusts, it was the most passionate and memorable. Both boys were tired, doing it for as long as an hour, who wouldn't be?

"Keita, I love you." Kazuki whispered in Keita's ear as he was also panting. Keita who was tired the most, responded to his lover's words through a kiss, nodded and smile sweetly as he rested his head in Kazuki's chest. Both boy's hugged each other tightly and called it a night.

The next afternoon…

"Oi, Keita!" Shunsuke called out to walking-slowly Keita, who is still tired from his lesson last night from Kazuki, but he forced a smile unto his face as his bicycle riding friend stopped in front of him.

"Ohayou Shunsuke." Still forcing a smile, he still can't get rid of that thing that happened last night out of his head.

"Kazuki was able to teach you good nee, Keita." Shunsuke got down from his bike, placing a small grin in his lips, and began to walk with Keita, who was surprised with his friend just said.

"Eh? Does he know what we did last night? No!!" Inner-Keita is already freaking out…

Nodding slowly, he said, "Yeah, I never knew he could dance great, he could be a dance instructor."

"Yup, he is great. He made you really tired, didn't he?" Shunsuke's grin is getting bigger.

"Ah yeah…" "Could it be that Shunsuke?..."

"So did it hurt? I never tried it yet, you know…" "Is he talking about sex?"

"Anou Shunsuke, I'm a bit confused, you haven't tried to dance yet?"

"Oh I already experienced dancing. What I haven't experienced yet is the thing you did after practicing the dance…"

"Eh! How did you know we did that?" Shunsuke nearly let go of his precious bike as he tried to stop his laughter with his two hands.

"You were moaning and shouting so loud, that we heard it from outside your room."

"Eh!!! What do you mean we?" "Oh no! Who could he be with last night outside my room?"

"I was with the King, Nakajima-san and Naruse-san. Man you sure were in a tight situation. More over if Naruse-san barged in your room." Shunsuke sure is laughing out loud now.

Keita sulked down on the ground….his only reaction to what is happening now and remembering everything that happened last night…

His lesson from Kazuki, imagining how his friends reacted with what they heard last night outside his room, the pleasure, pain and love he felt…

The End

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