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By Cassandra's Destiny


Beautiful does not begin to describe you. Silken sleek hair falling across your shoulders like sweet milk and honey in the paradise land of Canaan; flawless pale skin glowing like lustrous ivory in the bright moonlit night.

It would be an insult to call you beautiful. Beauty does not compare.

Elegant would be a word too commonplace for the likes of you. Statuesque figure moving instinctively with poise, possessing the gracefulness of a mermaid breaking through the gushing waters of the refined ocean.

It would be an ignominy to call you elegant. Elegance does not compare.

Talented could not define the extent of your being. Delicate and able hands cleaving to the violin and its bow, each movement calculated with admirable precision, skilled fingers brushing through the sheer strings.

It would be an offense to call you talented. Talent does not compare.

Perfect would be a description too limiting for you. Just the right notes from your creating, blending into a beautiful harmony and enveloping the room with the warmth of your beguiling sound.

It would be a shame to call you perfect. Perfection does not compare.

A strand of hair falling from the side of your face, touching the corner of your luscious lips. Eye lids slowly opening, waking your placid form from its silent musings, showing, illuminating your exquisitely beautiful warm eyes. Addictive, alluring, enthralling…

"Haruka, how long have you been standing there?"


That's what you are, and no one can ever compare.