The next morning, Winry wakes to find that what happened was not a dream, it was real. She wished that all the things that happened, she could take it back. She climbed out of bed to get dressed, only to find that Al had already left. So she went downstairs to fix herself some breakfast when she felt really sick. (I can't be the fuck pregnant) she thought as she ran to the restroom. After she cleaned herself up, she went to visit her boyfriend and his brother Al. "Hello Win" Ed said and kissed her on the cheek. "Hi Winry "Al said. " Hi" Winry said, trying to hide her tears. "What's wrong?" Ed and Al asked. "Oh it's nothing, I got my period and these cramps are killing me" She replied, faking a wince. Ed knew that something was terribly bothering Winry, but he didn't show that he knew. "Well, come in and have a seat" Ed said. "I'll make you some tea if you want" Al offered. "Thanks that would be nice" Winry said.

"Hey Ed, can we talk?" she asked him. "Yeah sure"

"Winry, I know that you may be pregnant, I could tell when you came over" Ed said in a concerned way. "I guess we have to wait and see" he finished. Winry hung her head in shame. " Win, it's okay, you haven't done a thing to hurt me" Ed said holding her hand. Winry felt so ashamed that she had hid her " possible pregnancy" from her boyfriend Ed. He had always shielded her from harm and danger. She cried even harder. Soon she let the beating of Ed's heart to calm her. She then drifted off to sleep.

When Winry woke, it was noon. She woke up to the sound of Ed moving beside her. " Ed?" Winry called. " Hmm?" he answered back. " I want to talk to you about something that's been on my mind for awhile." She said. " what is it?" He responded. " Well, I wanted to know if you thought of starting a family a good idea?" she wished she hadn't brought it up. " Well Win, right now is kind of a bad time because I am really busy with doing missions and other things like that, but maybe we'll have our chance to start a family."Ed said. (I hate it when I have to deny Winry things she wants.) Ed thought to himself. Later that day, Al and Ed went out for a walk together. " Hey al!" Ed said. " Do you think it was right for me to deny having a family with Winry?" Ed asked. " Well, yes, but if your are not ready right now , then just wait until the right moment comes along." Al replied. " Thanks for the advice bro."Ed said. " No problem" Al replied.

Meanwhile, Winry sat on her bed and cried. (it's not fair that I have to get denied of having a family)she thought. (no matter how fucking hard I try, I ALWAYS get things I want denied). She then went and put on some clothes. Winry then made her way down to the door and went over to her friend, Melina's, house. " Hey Melina!" Winry called up to her window. " Yeah?" Melina called back. " Open up , it's me Winry". " Come in" she said to Winry.

" hey Melina" Winry said. " Hey , what's up? something wrong?" she asked Winry. " Yeah" " i wanted to talk to you about how Ed doesn't want to start a family but i really want to" Winry began to cry. Melina sat on tha bed and held Winry. " May be because he has a lot on his plate right now, and has to take care of you and Al at the same time, and problay because he works a lot and wouldn't be able to spend time with the child." she started.

" I know that, but he sounds like he doesn't want a family at ALL" Winry sobbed. Soon Winry fell asleep.

Later on with Ed and Al, they were working on new parts for their grandma's room. " Hey Al" Ed called. " Yeah brother?" Al responded. " I really want to have a family with Winry, but i'm so busy that i don't have time to even create the got damn child with her, so how am i gonna do that?" Ed asked. " Well Ed, i would like to be an uncle because i want to hav a little child smaller than me" he said." An even though you are busy, maybe Winry is bored and needs a child for once in her life" Al continued." But i mean that Winry really loves me and wants to really have a family with me" Ed said. they were on their way home...