Save a Horse

Author: justslummin

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters, but I'd love to!

Rating: K

Summary: Just the tiniest bit of fluff for Mal/River junkies.


River stood, backed against the wall, Mal's hands braced on either side of her shoulders. Nostrils flaring and laser blue eyes flashing, Mal said, "What in the sphincter of hell was that back there? You coulda' gotten us all killed!"

"I know. I'm sorry." River struggled for the words. "It was just, you were standing there in that duster, holding that gun…and you had that look…and your voice got all low and gravelly…" A deep flush spread from her face past the neckline of her dress. "And I just…"

"Huh," Mal said, comprehension causing his anger to be replaced by a much more pleasant emotion. "Ya' mean to say that it made ya'…um…ya' know?"

River looked at him through half-closed eyes and nodded mutely.

"Bunk. Now." He turned, coat tails fluttering out behind him.

"Yes sir." River, smiling, ran to comply.