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"Ok where is he?" a very annoyed looking Kyle asked a very drunk looking Bebe as soon as he entered her house. She had thrown an end of the school year party that everyone had been invited to, which included his stupid best friend. Kyle Broflovski had had no intentions of going to this lame attempt for Bebe to get laid until Stan had called him, sounding exceedingly drunk and begged his russet haired best friend to come over, that the party was just a bunch of melvins without him.

Hearing Stan's voice, Kyle had come. It didn't matter that he had been in love with his best friend ever since he could remember. It didn't matter that Stan had been going on and off with Wendy for a very stormy five years now and always turned to Kyle for solace, often times earning Kyle a warm hug, and on one occasion, a kiss on the cheek. That wasn't the reason he came. He came because he was Stan's best friend and had to look out for him.

When Bebe just tried to grab his cock, the Jewish red head dodged her and walked into the next room with little trouble, keeping his eyes peeled for a midnight head towering over most of the other heads until it occurred to Kyle that his friend was probably upstairs barfing his brains out. He headed for the stairs.

Kyle sighed and rolled his eyes after passing several closed bedroom doors with moaning in them until he found the nearest bathroom. He almost sighed with relief when he gazed upon two black heads kneeling at the toilet, one plunged deep into it, the other just standing by, watching and waiting. Wendy looked up at him with an annoyed look of relief slowly forming into her features.

"Thank God you are here. Stan won't shut up about 'Where's Kyle, where's Kyle' and now that you're here I can get back to the party and look out for my own friend!" She immediately hopped up from her crouching position and strolled out of the large bathroom, leaving Kyle and Stan to themselves.

The raven haired teen rolled his head weakly to face his Jewish friend and smiled. "Thanks for coming man…I was about to give up on this lame party…I love ya man…"

Though Kyle was beyond annoyed and more than a little worried about his best friend he smiled. "I love you too Stan…" For a split second his chest hurt, but he suppressed the feeling like he had for years and helped his weakened friend up to his feet. "Can you make it home alright or should I stay with you?" he asked, getting down to business.

Stan's eyes lit up with fear, "No! My mom would kill me if I came home like this! Take me to your house!" he begged, staggering and grabbing at Kyle's sleeve in desperation. Kyle shook his head, "No dude, my mom would have a stroke if you came over like this…" He took a moment to ponder on his alternatives, and then decided. "Let's find a room for you here, kay?" That way you can sleep it off and walk home in the morning."

Having no better ideas, Stan agreed and walked down the hall with the assistance of Kyle, who knocked from time to time on a seemingly empty room. All were occupied. Fuck. He sighed and chose a door at random, turning the knob and peeking into the room.

A couple of girls shrieked from somewhere in the corner and a naked blond young man looked over first in irritation then in all smiles. "Hey guys, are you here to join in the fun?" Kenny offered, gesturing to the unseen girls. Kyle rolled his eyes. "No dude, Stan is trashed. I need a place for him to sleep this off. Would it be ok to use this room?"

Kenny took a quick look at Stan then saw Kyle's pleading eyes and groaned, "Doesn't look like you're gonna give me an option. Ok, looks like he needs it more than me anyways…" He hopped off the bed butt ass naked and stretched an arm out to the corner, "Come my angels, we may retire at my humble abode where none shall disturb us!" As he walked out the door, still naked with three young girls in tow, he turned back to his friends. "Give a kiss from me, Kyle. Good luck with everything," he said with a wink and closed the door behind him.

"What's he talking about Kye?" Stan mumbled as Kyle laid him gently onto the comfortable queen sized bed. The red head could feel his face heating up. "I don't know man. Kenny being Kenny I guess…"

Kyle sat down on the other side of the bed and gazed into his best friend's drunken sapphire eyes until they began to tear. Stan commenced with sobbing. Kyle rolled his eyes and rubbed Stan's back, trying to make him feel better. He wished immensely that his best friend knew what this did to him, that it killed him to see him in any state but happy, that it killed him that Stan was with Wendy, that he wanted to wash away his tears with kisses. He wished, but he knew better. No, he would stand by like always and be the strong one that his over emotional friend could lean on.

After a long while Stan stopped shaking and calmed down long enough to doze off. Kyle knew better than to go to sleep as well. Stan could roll over in the night and drown in his own puke if he wasn't careful. Instead, he took his chances and sprawled out next to the teenage drunk, propping his head up with an arm and gazed down at his sleeping form.

An hour or two went by and he could hear that the party was breaking up. He decided he needed to do something to keep himself awake. He decided to talk to Stan. He was passed out drunk. What could be the harm?

"I can't believe you, you asshole. Come to a party and get drunk and expect me to look out for your sorry ass. Jesus, do you think I am some kind of pussy you can just push around?" He sighed, knowing he was a pussy and his friend could push him around. He smiled manically, gathering up his courage. "Dude, I wonder what you would think of me if you really knew me. I wonder what you would think if I told you I have wet dreams about my best friend and can't look at a girl or another guy because it makes me feel guilty. I wonder what you would think if I told you I love you and I mean it more than anything I have felt in my life…"

Fear surged through him for a moment as Stan stirred and put an arm around his friend's chest. Then calm. His friend was way out of it. He smacked his lips a couple of times and Kyle could smell his alcohol polluted breath as he whispered to himself, "I love you too, Kye…" Then he was gone again, gone into his world of unconscious sleep.

Big, immense tears welled up in the Jew's eyes. Stan was doing it again; mumbling foolishness in his sleep, making his best friend's heart skip a beat, making his chest well up with that uncontrollable sweet hurt once again. Stan did this once in a while when he was deeply asleep, but it didn't mean anything. He was drunk.

Those tears fell in swift streams down Kyle Broflovski's cheeks and he tried to control the urge to weep and risk the chance of waking Stan. The raven haired sleeper just clung more tightly to his best friend. Kyle put his face into Stan's hair to muffle his silent sobs.

It was going to be a long night.

I have figured out that I cannot write a story without making Wendy seem antagonistic and I am sorry. It's just that she is in Stan and Kyle's way to being together so therefore in my mind she is antagonistic. I will write a good story about her one day to make up...but not today. lol But really, she is pretty mean spirited to Stan in the show so I work off that too.

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