Well, I think this is the last chappie…Thanks for reading it and I hope it was worth your time whether you liked it or not? O.o

"Hahaha, I can't believe these shows still come on anymore!" Kyle exclaimed between his fits of laughter, "These were on when we were kids!" Stan wiped a tear away from his smiling complexion. Terrance and Philip just didn't come on enough anymore. "Ya, Wendy hates it when I let the kids watch em'. I'm really glad you're here, dude. I hate living in Denver away from you. Why don't you visit more often?"

Kyle grew somber and looked straight into his best friend's eyes. "Why don't you visit more often? South Park is home, dude. It's hard for me to leave…" his eyes cast downwards as he spoke these words.

Hurt clutched at the midnight haired man's chest as he gazed upon his best friend. "I'm so sorry. I still can't forgive myself for what happened…" He was hushed as the red head put a cold finger to his lips. "Eh, I guess I shouldn't have tried to clean myself up before heading back. I was waaay too drunk to swim…I should have known better…It wasn't your fault, Stan." A comforting smile touched his lips.

"Stan! PLEASE get off your ass from those stupid shows and come read a story to Kyle! He is crying for you!" Wendy pleaded as she turned the corner with a baby girl in one arm and a folded letter in the other. Bills, no doubt. With a sigh, Stan looked one last time to his best friend in apology before getting up. As he well knew, no one was there. "Ok honey, I'm going…"

He got up slowly and padded into his son's bedroom. "Ok Kye, quick story tonight. Dad isn't feeling very well…" he admitted as he gazed lovingly down on the small black haired boy gazing up at him. Dark freckles sprinkled his cheeks, though Stan had no idea which side of the family they could have come from. "Tell me about how you and your friend risked your lives to save an egg…" the small boy yawned.

Stan sighed at the memory and took a breath, "Ok, so when I was nine my class had to do a parenting project. My best friend got paired up with mom even though…"


Back in South Park stood an aging stone. All that was on it was a star of David and a name. In front were fresh flowers that an elderly, yet very dedicated mother set out every week and an old rotting red puffball hat, half buried in the ground from over the years.

A lone figure sauntered up to the grave and gazed upon the hat for a moment before picking it up. He touched the soggy puff ball and fingered the red trim before placing it gently on his head. He made a funny face. He never had looked right in it; all of his hair would make it look lumpy or stick out in long bright curls. Oh well, a gift was a gift. The teen closed his eyes. The hat was gone. Wouldn't Stan think it funny the next time he sees him wearing the old hat. He would probably laugh, and making Stan laugh was the best thing in the world; not because he had been in love with him since before he could remember, but because he was his best friend.


Though Kyle did die and was angsty at the same time as being gay, I mostly had him die because I wanted to write Stan aftermath…

I tried to soften the blow of death with some bonding...I liked it at least...heh And little Kyle...I thought he was adorable...even though there are no pictures of him...I thought it appropriate...

I love Kyle. He's the man…boy…whatever…And truthfully, I was going to kill Stan but couldnt bring myself to thrust that pain upon my poor litte Jew! lol

And again, thanks for reading my fiction and I relly do hope you liked it...at least mostly!