Title: Alisa's Story

Rating: G

Summary: Alisa makes a choice that will change her life forever. This is the first of many stories about her training to become the Rowenwand witch that she knows that she has to be and everything that will happen to her, both good and bad.

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Chapter 1: Blood

It had been a week since she returned from her first ever running away from home and now that school had started again she had a lot to think about. On the outside she was a normal teenage girl, but inside she was a Rowenwand witch, or at least half-Rowenwand, and she had to really think about what that meant to her. Mary K hated what she called the 'witch thing,' and had really slapped it in her face. Now that she was back home she hadn't really got a chance to talk to her. Morgan told her that she would have a talk with her, but she doubted that she would

be able to get her to talk, let alone come to her father's wedding.

Her mind wondered over the circle that she had help lead and it had amazed her that she could get through one without damaging half the country. It had been wonderful to be apart of something and to top it all off she had been given her mother's tools. So, like Morgan, she had her mothers Book of Shadows and her tools. She kept these safe away from her father's eyes as Wicca freaked him out he hadn't known that his wife had been a blood witch, like he would really believe it if he read her Book of Shadows. A knock on the door drew her away from her thoughts and somehow she knew that it was her father that was doing the knocking.

"Come in," she called.

The door opened and her father walked in with one half of her new bed, his friend the other half. His friend grinned at her and then helped to put it down. He quickly left and her father looked at her. She knew right away that he was going to say something.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm fine," Alisa said.

He nodded and then said, "Were going to be leaving for a month and I think that you should stay with Morgan's parents."

Alisa looked at him.


"Because I trust them," he said. "And they'll make sure that you don't run away again."

Alisa knew that her father was still upset about the fact that she had run away, even though she had returned unharmed. He had yelled at her and then told her that she was grounded, except on Saturday's. That's how she had come about asking Morgan if she could have a talk with Mary K about coming to her father's wedding.

"Alright," Alisa said.

His friend returned and ten minutes later her bed was ready.

Moving the rest of her things was easy, which was good because that took her mind off of most of her thoughts. When she was alone her thoughts returned. She wondered what her mother would say about her going to circles and practicing Wicca. She figured that

her mother would trust her and understand that she might have been able to stop all the things that were happening to her, but she couldn't stop being who she was. She also knew that her grandmother expected her to use the tools that she had given her and there was no way

that she was going to let her down.

She also knew that her choice would put distance between Mary K and her.

"I'm going to be a witch just like my mother," she told herself.

And she was sure that if she closed her eyes, her mother would be smiling.

The next morning she ran into Morgan just as she was getting out of her strange car. Mary K didn't even look at her, but that didn't bother her. She walked up to her and waiting for Morgan to finish her Diet Coke, she spoke.

"Are you going to Red Kill today?" she asked.

"No," Morgan answered. "Why?"

"Well I was wondering if you could take me," Alisa said to her. "I need to pick up several books."

Morgan looked at her and then nodded.

"So have you talked to Mary K about coming to my father's wedding?" Alisa asked.

"I'm going to tomorrow," Morgan answered. "Alisa, why do you want to go to Red Kill? I mean, the only thing there is Practical Magick and you have made it clear a number of times that you don't like some of the things that we do."

Alisa took a deep breath.

"I feel like that if I don't, then I'm putting to shame thousands of years of heritage, and anyway, I liked the circle that I attended with my family. Nothing happened while I led it and I feel that Wicca will help me control my breaking things. It also feels natural, like it's apart of me."

"Alright," Morgan said. "I'll meet you after school and make sure that you have money."


And she hurried off.

A/N: I was looking at all the stories that were under the Sweep category and not a lot of them had Alisa in it. I decided to do one with her in it.