(A.N: For SephirothBeatrix)

Aphrodite's Lament
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Sometimes being a goddess of love really wasn't all that most people would have presumed it was. After all, where was the fun in playing matchmaker and heartbreaker for other people when your own love life was practically non-existent? These were the thoughts going round and round in Aphrodite's mind at the moment, so needless to say the rose-haired goddess of love was in an extremely bad mood.

Only the quiet singing of the wind dared to break the sacred silence: that's why she had come to the glade. There was never anyone there. No one else knew it even existed… no one else except for Aphrodite and her. That was why it was so beautiful; the grass still untarnished emerald, the waters of the lake still an unbroken aquamarine. What better place for a tryst to occur?

As if on cue someone appeared behind her. The Greek goddess of war and wisdom, the embodiment of a contradiction if ever there was one, had finally arrived. Aphrodite stood up and kissed the other goddess' cold skin, which had been hardened over the endless years by constant battles – even the gods, it seemed, could not achieve true peace.

"You're late," Aphrodite whispered. Athena just sat down, pulling the smaller woman into her lap as she did so. Aphrodite smiled, purring contentedly like one of Freya's numerous cats, and relaxed into her supposed enemy's embrace.

"We shouldn't me doing this, meeting in secret." Aphrodite would have had to be deaf not to have heard the bitterness flowing from Athena's tongue.

"Whyever not? Everyone thinks we despise each other, haven't you thought about what that act was for?" she asked as her eyes, as fine and rare as pink sapphires, took on a look of mock-confusion.

"I know that as well as you do," Athena said, her voice growing ever colder. "But I took a vow of chastity, Dity. You know that."

"Vow of chastity?" Aphrodite raised an eyebrow, turning round to fully face her lover. "Surely that doesn't apply to me? I'm not a mortal man after all."

"You certainly aren't," Athena replied, shivering as Aphrodite continued to stare at her with those intense rose-quartz eyes, then realised that there was nothing she could do except for let the voluptuous demon in front of her have her own way, as usual. There was never anything she could do no matter how hard she tried to convince herself otherwise…

Aphrodite held the other goddess in a tight grip and kissed her lips. That which is forbidden is always sweet, and it will inevitably leave behind the aftertaste of sadness: but Aphrodite did not have time to lament on past or future. All that mattered was that very moment – the present was all she ever cared about, and that was why the goddess of love was damned to remain in that state. In love but denying it forever, no matter how much she knew otherwise.

A goddess of love can never truly fall in love, only lust. That is their fate: that is their curse, and there was nothing Aphrodite or Athena could do about it.