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A/N: Usagi's POV; set during Stars as she yearns for Mamoru during his disappearance. Read and review!

Return This Heart

The sky is crying

Crying for you

For me

For a love,

Yanked by the cords of distance

A taunt, straining rope


The tears slide down the window

And this face

These eyes

That have seen it all

The color of sky

Are crying


Why won't you answer?

Answer the heart, beating with yours

For yours

I need you

So why won't you return my letters?


My soul is in storm

Dark clouds block out my sun

My light

I'm spiralling down



Oh, where is the light?

No one can pull me up from this abyss

But you


Come back to me

Come save me

You who charm

You who taught me true love

My savior of the roses

You never failed before

Don't now


If you love me

If you need me too

Save me

From myself

Before the storm

Completely sweeps me away

On its tears from the sky


Come back to me

My Heart.

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