A/N: As usual, I take no credit for any of Lewis's material, I can't compare to his genius. This was written for a poetry competetion on The Lion's Call.

Three sticks bound together
At the end of a glade
A door in the air
That Aslan has made

The Telmarines called
All gathered together
Awaiting His words
As they stand in the heather

"You are not from here,"
The Great Lion does say,
"You came from a world
That is quite far away."

"You have the chance to go back
You can walk through this door
And go back to your land
As you were before."

The Telmarines stand
Of the offer they ponder
To stay where they are
Or to be sent over yonder.

Then one soul steps out
Away from the crowd
"I'll walk through the door"
He says, rather loud.

He walks through the door
Disappears with no trace
He has gone from this world
Away from this place

The Telmarines gawk,
They stare in dismay,
For one of their number
Has now gone away.

For the rest of them now,
The question still stands:
Will they go after him?
Or stay here in these lands?

But whatever they choose,
To stay here or go there,
The decision is final
And the choice…is theirs.