Longing for the Light
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

The girl longs to go back home. That has been obvious to you since she first arrived. You know what it is like to long for something, as you long to surpass your brothers, revered gods that they are, as you long to escape from this prison. That is why you brought her here, that much you are certain of: to remind you that there is a world other than that of the dead and damned, that light is not something that has forsaken you forever. Oh how you long to see that light again…

The girl herself is the only thing you long for now. You want her for your own forever – she is your most prized possession. Not even gods could measure how you long to reap her pure soul and ravish her as yet untainted flesh. You know that you could do what you like with her, sorrowful and bitter as she has now become; it is clear that she is yours for the taking, a ripe pomegranate fresh enough to pick.

It took you a long time to realise this, but there is a reason you lust after her so deeply. Persephone, dear Persephone, she will be yours and yours alone, her light casting even deeper shadows on your never ending darkness. You love the darkness just as you love her; it is your sanctuary, your home; your mask. She will never have to see your face, just so long as you can hear her scream your name and writhe beneath you while she grows closer to the insanity that will eventually devour us all.

But you know that young Persephone is longing for the light and the light only: for that you know she is a fool, not something worthy of the lust you seem to have bestowed upon her. She is the light, and because of that she pains you: the dead and their rulers will only ever find comfort in the everlasting night.