The one I want

I do not own any of the character it all belongs to josh

Pairings: Buffy and Angel maybe Cordy and Xander

Summary: AU Angel is captain of the football team Buffy popular and loves him.

Characters: Main Buffy Angel and sometimes the scobbies or fang Gang.

////Buffy's POV/////

Buffy walked down the halls of her first day back after summer it was now her senior year. this year she would get her man.

Angel he was captain of the football team out of her league but she had been in love with him since kindergarten he had eyes you could drown in those chocolate brown eyes.

She now he likes her but every time they get close he pushes her away.

Look he's walking towards me right now.

" hi Angel" I say and Smile. I love him so much.

/////Angel POV/////

She says my name so sweetly no wonder I love her. "hi Buff did you have a good summer?"

"yeah so you want to go to the bonze to night with the gang" no I cant how can I tell her no she's so beautiful that's why I cant be with her she deserves better than some teenage boy who has a son.

/////Buffy POV/////

He pushes me away again so I just walk away and not say anything I now he loves mw what's wrong with him.

/////Angel POV/////

Now one now's about my son in school I'm not ashamed of him I love him but I'm embarrassed people my age should be having fun not changing diapers. So that's why I cant be with her. I cant expect her to be in a ready made family its for the best for all of us its just always has to be me and Conner.

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