Title: The Queen of Vampires and the Vampire Slayer

Author: enchanted nightingale

Timeline: End 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season: 2', End of Book 2: 'Undead and Unemployed'.

Pairing: Buffy/Aus, Betsy/Eric, Buffy/A, X/C, W/O

Summary: Buffy stopsfrom opening but Angelus turns her. She flees and ends up in Minnesota, where she runs into Betsy, the newly risen Queen of Vampires. Betsy offers Buffy shelter and her friendship, but things don't stay quiet for long.

Disclaimer: The characters of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' belong Mutant Enemy and 20th Century Fox Film Corporation, and the Characters from the 'Undead and…' series to MaryJanice Davidson.



As they continue to fight in front of the stone statue of Acathla, Angelus felt relief. He peered into Buffy's resolved face.

These last three months he had watch her shed many tears. now none were evident in her steel eyes. All she could she was his face, not Teresa's or Jenny's, just his. He was so consumed by her that he could not settle for anything less than her complete attention.

She was his only source of light, his strongest obsession and not only she knew it, but she relished in the knowledge. She never turned down his gifts of flowers and drawings. It was demonic side she tried to overlook and that wounded him more than anything. The mere thought that she saw the soul and not the demon that he truly was.

She still wore the ring, but so did he. She knew she was his, but she refused to admit it.

He knew her pain. She had told him so one night as she broke down in one of the cemeteries. He had held her, starving for the contact. He had kissed her tears away, but to him, it had not been enough.

Her blind friends and her oblivious watcher never learnt that his invitation from her house was revoked only for a short hour. That same night the slayer had invited him into her room. He often held her at nights, waiting for her to fall asleep, watching her.

Acathla had been the perfect opportunity to make the world realize she belonged by his side, a dark queen, and an equal mate for the Scourge of Europe.

He sends a strong kick that hit her midsection, sending her to the wall. A few moves later and he had her trapped.

"Sh, my love. Don't fight me" he whispered gently.

"Angelus" she gasped breathlessly.

"I can't say goodbye" he said through his fangs. "Could you? Could you kill me?"

At her lack of response he went on. "A Slayer and a Vampire were never meant to fall in love, soulful or otherwise."

"Destroying the world won't make it any better" she said.

"Do you trust me, Buffy?"

The slayer nodded. "Of course."

His grasp relaxed around her but she made no move to throw him away from her. She sighted softly as he brushed a kiss on her forehead.

"I love you"

Those were the last words Buffy Summers heard before she died. The vampire bit down on the right side of her neck gently as gently as he could. Then he bit his tongue and the inside of his cheeks, drawing enough blood to turn her as he leaned down for a final kiss.

Angelus held her for as long as it took her heart to stop beating and her body to cool down. Then he picked her up and curried her to his room.


Drusilla stumbled back in the main room.

"Daddy!" she called out.

Angelus came down to meet her, a frown of disapproval on his handsome face.

"Dru, what do you want?" he demanded.

She took one look at him and broke down sobbing. Angelus barely managed not to roll his eyes.

"She's everywhere!" screeched Drusilla. "Prodding and tearing our happy family. Why daddy? Why the mean slayer?"

"Angelus was upon her in a flash. "Keep that tongue of yours silent Dru. Buffy will be my mate, the moment she wakes up and until she does I want quiet, or else I'll be mad at you. And you don't want to make daddy angry, do you pet?"

Drusilla whimpered when her Sire's grip turned viciously painful and his words threatening. She shook her head like a little girl.

"Good girl." Angelus shoved her away. "Take some minions and find Spike. I should have staked that boy decades ago."

Drusilla hurried to do as she was told.

When Angelus was left alone in the room he eyed Acathla's Statue Carefully, contemplating to keep it for a while, just in case. Ending the world was far from his thing, but a good blackmail material was always handy to have around.

Stealing a glance towards the room Buffy 'slept', he decided to go out for a while, using the tunnels. Fledgings were always hungry and he wanted his girl to feed properly. There was nothing better than live prey.


What Angelus had never counted on was that Buffy could wake up earlier, much before the sun had gone down.

The former Slayer opened her eyes as if she woke from a deep sleep. Her face never reverted to that of the demon, as it happened on most cases. She never heard the seductive pull of the demon urging her to kill, torture and destroy, as it was long defeated by her Slayer-demon. So she simply took in the foreign surroundings.

Her newly enhanced sense of smell informed her that the dark room belonged to Angel.

'Not Angel. Angelus.'

At the mere name her insides clenched. He was more than her demon lover now. He was her Sire and she could already feel their bond pulsing through her veins and the blood they had shared.

Then a horrible thought struck her. She was no longer human. Her Watcher and friends, if they were still breathing, would come after her. And she had no intention to face them any time in this century or the next.

So she fled.

Ours later, angelus returned to the cold mansion and entered his room with giddy anticipation. It was short lived though. The moment he found Buffy was missing, the demon roared his loss to the night.

But Buffy was too far away to hear.

End of Prologue.