(A.N: For SephirothBeatrix)

As Phases of the Moon
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

She was ever changing as the seasons and the crops, the world she was so attached to and had come in time to represent. She could not keep one face, instead having many: indeed it was the same in every aspect of her life. One love soon turned to another just as one season turned to another and the fruit began to change its form.

The current fruit that had caught her taste was one she would never even have considered before as a friend, let alone anything closer. Her unrequited love was as ever changing as she was, and more distant from her than the sky is to earth. Her love changed with each phase of the moon, never resting in one form, preferring many.

Demeter's only wish was that her love would one day come to Earth and loom her in the eye, revealing all the beauty she possessed rather than hiding behind the cloak of night. She knew this would never happen though; under the night her Earth was death and cold, eternally in winter, and her love would never live to see the sunrise. She was always dead before the coming of the dawn.