"Luke! My ankles look like doughnuts, and I need a massage. And I also need some coffee. Scratch that, I need a lot of coffee. And it better not be decaf! Did I mention that the need for coffee is great? It's very, very great."

A very pregnant Lorelai walked through the door and threw off her shoes. Rachel sat on the couch, trying to let it all sink in. Luke stood up and met Lorelai in the foyer.

"Hey," Luke said.

Lorelai smiled. "Hey, you! Did you hear my coffee rant?" She got on her tiptoes to kiss Luke. "Because in case you didn't, I really need coffee. And just so you know…"

"Lorelai… we have a guest," Luke said, gently putting his hands on her shoulders.

Lorelai's face lit up. "It's Rory, isn't it? Rory said she'd stop by and visit before the baby came! And of course, there's only one more week, so I've naturally been expecting a not-so-surprise visit from her for awhile now! Rory!"

Luke shook his head, trying to break the news to Lorelai that the visitor wasn't Rory. "Ah, Lorelai, Rory hasn't come back quite yet, but… but she will. Rachel's here, she wants to give us something. Come and sit down."

Lorelai gasped. "Rachel's here?" she leaned to her right, trying to catch a glimpse of Rachel. "Rachel is here! Hi, Rachel," Lorelai said, giving a polite wave.

Rachel waved back. "I'm sorry, I know this is… slightly awkward. And don't worry, I'm not trying to steal Luke back or anything. I just came to give you this, and he wanted to wait to open it until you got home." She handed the box to Luke.

Lorelai shook her head. "Don't worry, I know you wouldn't steal Luke. And besides, I'm kind of stuck with him now, and I've… grown slightly attached" she teased, moving closer to Luke on the couch and linking her arm in his.

"She's having my kid, and you'd think she'd be a little more than 'slightly attached' by now," Luke said to Rachel.

"Ah! Luke, I was kidding!" Lorelai said, pouting.

"I know, I know, I was kidding, too," Luke said.

Rachel smiled at the fact that Lorelai wasn't jealous or upset that she came. That was making her really nervous, because she did the same thing to Lorelai… even if there was a basis to her thinking, she was jealous of Lorelai, and that's what ended up bringing her and Luke apart. Rachel tried hard to sort out the emotions in her head.

"Do you want to open it, or can I pull off the ribbon?" Lorelai asked.

Luke handed the box to Lorelai. "That's code for 'Oh, look, that's a pretty ribbon. I think I'll save it, but I need to open the box first, so Luke won't throw the pretty ribbon away," he teased, kissing Lorelai on the cheek.

"Ah, you know me so well, Luke Danes, how did you guess?" Lorelai slipped the ribbon off of the box and tied it onto her wrist. "There! It's almost like a corsage!" she declared, holding it out for Rachel to see.

Rachel smiled and let out a little laugh, almost to let Lorelai know that she approved of the use of the ribbon. She watched as Lorelai gently pulled out the scrapbook from the white box.

"Wow. Rachel, this is absolutely beautiful! You made this for us?" Lorelai asked, in awe of the gift.

Rachel shrugged. "Yeah, but I have to apologize, I didn't get the pictures so meritoriously. I kind of… crashed your wedding," she said. "And I took the pictures, and the least I could do was make it up to you."

Lorelai stared at the cover of the scrapbook, and wiped away a tear from the corner of her eye. "Did you at least eat some food?" she asked with a smile.

Luke gently took the scrapbook from Lorelai, gently rubbing her belly on the way by. "It's not the time to bring up the lobsters, all right? Let's look at what Rachel made for us." He carefully opened the scrapbook to the front page. He smiled as he pointed to the first picture.

"That's a really sweet picture, Rachel. Wow, my hair looked really, really nice that day," Lorelai pointed out.

"Your hair looks nice every day. Wait a minute, you never cease to fish for a compliment, do you, Lorelai?" Luke asked, taking her hand in his.

Lorelai shook her head. "Well, it's just too easy for you to take the bait," she teased, putting her head on his shoulder.

Rachel sat back and watched the interaction between the happily married couple. It was something she had always wanted, but now, not with Luke. For the longest time before this, she had regretted everything in the past, and held resentment toward Lorelai. But seeing her with Luke, and the happiness they had together made her happy for them. She realized that there was someone for everyone… she just had to look a little harder.

Many memories and stories were shared over the scrapbook. Rachel was hanging on the couple's every word. She wanted to feel as though she knew how it was to be in such a happy relationship. She didn't know quite yet, but she would someday. After hours of laughs, tears, and silent moments, Rachel needed to get back home.

"Thank you, Rachel, this is a wonderful gift. It was really, really nice of you to do this for us," Lorelai said, standing up from the couch. She walked over to Rachel and gave her a hug.

"You're welcome, Lorelai, I'm glad you liked it," Rachel replied, stunned that Lorelai so easily accepted her.

"I'll walk you out," Luke said. He gave Rachel her coat and walked out onto the porch. "You know, that wasn't necessary for you to do, but you did anyway. Thanks, Rachel."

Rachel smiled. "You're welcome, Luke. I'm glad you and Lorelai like it, and let me know if you need a photographer… I'll be around."

Luke nodded. "I have an idea for Lorelai for Mother's Day. I'll drop you a line," he said.

The two stood awkwardly out on the porch, staring at each other and attempting to figure out what the proper goodbye was.

"I'll see you later," Rachel said.

"Yeah, see ya," Luke said, standing with his hands in his pockets.

"You know you can hug him, right? I mean, like I said, he's stuck with me now," Lorelai said, peeking her head out the window.

Rachel smiled, turning to the window and waving. She gave Luke a hug, and she walked out to her car. She had the closure she needed.