Daughter of the Knight


Jonathan Fan

Rated: PG

Summary: On a trip to Metropolis with Bruce for a fundraiser, Megan Wayne runs into a problem that only a new superhero can solve. A crossover with "Smallville." This is for Toronto Bat Fan and others who really enjoyed my last story and asked for a sequel.

Megan Wayne sat in her French class, trying not to look at the clock. When class ended in fifteen minutes her month with her mother would end and she would be going back to Wayne Manor to spend the month with her father, Bruce Wayne.

Megan wished her parents would marry, but her mother wouldn't do that. For some reason Rachel Dawes, her mother, wouldn't-or couldn't- live with her father's new persona. While he was Bruce Wayne, her father, he was also Batman. While Megan understood and respected it, her mother couldn't.

Megan rubbed her eyes tiredly. It being the weekend before Fall Break Megan was happy that she'd have a week off from school. The bell rang loudly just then. Megan ran with the others out of the classroom and to her locker. Putting her books in her locker and slinging her backpack over her shoulders, she ran towards the door. Going out to the front of the school Megan saw Alfred and her father's Rolls. Saying goodbye to her best friend Abby Fox, Megan walked over to her father's butler and friend.

"Hi, Alfred," Megan greeted the elderly man tiredly. Alfred was like a grandfather to her since both her grandfathers had died before she was even born.

"Hello, Miss Megan. How are you?" Alfred asked as Megan hugged him.

"Tired and happy that I have a week off from school, Alfred. Where's Dad?" Megan asked as she got into the car.

"He's down in the cave," Alfred whispered. The cave was where all Bruce's equipment for when he was Batman was stored; his batsuit, his arsenal, and the Tumbler. It took twenty minutes for them to reach Wayne Manor since the mansion was outside Gotham City and Megan was looking forward to seeing her father again.

Megan held her breath as her eyes surveyed the grounds of Wayne Manor. A lot of work had been done on the mansion since Megan had left. Nearly two months ago one of her father's enemies burned the mansion down. Her father was working to rebuild it so it looked like what it was when her grandparents were alive.

Megan went towards the construction and went towards the entrance to the cave. The entrance was where her father's study used to be. In the month that she had been gone her father had put something up in front of the entrance. It looked like a grandfather clock. Megan thought she figured out how the clock worked. Bringing the minute and hour hand together at twelve the grandfather clock slid aside, revealing the entrance.

Megan entered the damp interior of the cave and entered the old-fashioned elevator that would take her to the lower levels of the cave. The whirring sound met Megan's ears first. Usually the first thing she heard was the bats that lived in the cave squeaking. It sounded as if Bruce was sharpening something. Quite possibly his batarangs.

Bruce sat at a worktable, the sparks flying off a batarang. Megan stood there watching him for a few seconds, still feeling the surprise that she felt every time she looked at him. It was still a shock that she now knew her father and that he loved her. Bruce moved the batarang around the sharpener, finely detailing the points.

Bruce laid it aside, his eyes meeting Megan's. "Hi, Megan," Bruce said as Megan ran into his arms for a hug. Burying her face into Bruce's chest she smelled his aftershave.

"Hi, Dad. I've missed you," Megan said, kissing his cheek.

"So did I. It gets lonely without having you around to make life interesting," Bruce said, stroking his daughter's hair that was the same color as his.

"Hey, at least I don't have to go to school for a week," Megan said happily.

"Speaking of which, how'd you like to go on a business trip with me?" Bruce asked.

Megan raised her dark eyebrows. "Where to?" Megan asked, sitting on Bruce's lap.

"I've been invited to Metropolis and since I'm not married you could come along as my date," Bruce said, jerking Megan's dark braids gently.

"I've never been to Metropolis before. How do we get there?" Megan asked.

"My private jet. You haven't even seen it yet. By any chance, you don't have any problems with heights and flying, do you?" Bruce asked hesitating.

"No, not that I know of. I flew with you, didn't I, from a train?" Megan asked, standing up.

"Point taken," Bruce said, wrapping his arm around Megan's shoulders as he stood.

"Did you tell Mom what you're planning?" Megan asked as they went towards the elevator.

"I told her last night just in case she would need you for something," Bruce said, pulling the lever and the elevator went up.

"That's good. Mom hates surprises. I should know," Megan said wryly.

"I knew that already. I grew up with your mother if you remember," Bruce said. Megan's grandmother was the cook for her other grandparents so Megan's mom really did grow up with her father until Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered by Joe Chill when her father was a boy.

"So when do we leave tomorrow?" Megan asked, wrapping her arms around Bruce and resting her head against his solid chest.

"I have to go by Wayne Enterprises tomorrow before we leave. Mr. Fox needs to know we are going to be out of town. I should be done by tomorrow afternoon," Bruce said as he stroked her hair.

"Can I come with you?" Megan asked, hoping that he would say yes. To her relief he did. Megan had an idea that she hoped would work.