Title: Reinforced Revisited
Disclaimers: Ryan Murphy is the genius.
Genre: A sort of romantic hurt/comfort, but not quite.

Rating: PG.
Summary/Set/Pairing: You know that moment between Christian and Kimber, the only moment in season 4? Only seconds and then it all goes pearshaped. Well, not here it doesn't. But it takes a lot of ingenuity and work from Christian.

Note: I'm using the same idea as in my fic Reinforced, just the characters and circumstances are very different, thus the title.


Kimber turned around on the bed to face Christian, "let's lock ourselves in, make love, eat take out for a few days..."

"I need to go," Christian said slowly, playing with her hair.

"Okay. I have seminar at church tomorrow afternoon. You could come by."

Christian snorted. Are you kidding me, it almost escaped him. He wanted to tell her that he didn't give a shit about her wacked religion, but he just about managed to swallow it down. Telling her that would've spoiled everything. With Michelle out of the picture he came here to get Kimber back. Michelle had been playing with him, using him for her own purposes, rejecting him when he finally got in the way of her achieving her goal. Michelle had never loved him and if he wanted to be honest he had to admit he just liked playing with fire and there was nothing more to it. Kimber on the other hand loved him, he was certain about that even if she kept to her newly find values that shut him out of her life. If only he could make Kimber realise how much she still loved him she would go back to him in no time. But he couldn't contemplate a battle plan right now. Given the extent of the aftermark of his drunkenness he was now fighting to keep his nausea under control and at the same time he had to come up with some excuse as to why he'll not join Kimber at the church tomorrow. And thinking about those two things at the same time, that's when it occurred to him. The prefect way to make Kimber realise she loved him too much to let him go. If she thought he was very unwell, she would certainly give in to her feelings for him. It should be an easy job to be able to convice her, he was a doctor after all. He could come up with something, fake symptoms, use some drugs to make himself look ill. He would get her to marry him before he had to go to even one of those church meetings and then it'll be too late.

"Christian? Are you going to come tomorrow?"

He turned away sitting up and answered, "sick...hhad a bit too much to drink..."

"Well, duh, I don't remember seeing you that drunk before," she sat up too, touching his arm and looking at him a bit concerned.

It could work, he established. She was either going to get disgusted by him, or more likely she will feel sorry for him. He could well overplay the situation. Being drunk could be a good starting point and then he would convince her it was something more serious. He could say he hasn't been well for a while, that he drank a lot because she left him. He could make up an illness that got aggravated by drinking, he would have enough time to think about what exactly if he stayed in bed. But now that his drunken nausea mounted he had to make the best of it and had to provide a good performance too.