Chapter 18: Second Power

Christian quickly checked the baby over and pronounced an apgar score of ten before actually looking down to see the sex of the child. Main thing it wasn't black this time. It did cross his mind what if this kid wasn't his either, but in no way would he have tested the theory out in practice, that would've just got in the way of him playing happy family. "We have a little girl, Kimber!" He gave the baby gently over to his wife, already smiling at her creation. He had one more thing to do before he could drop the doctor act and enjoy being a father, so he quickly checked Kimber for tearing and found she needed stitches. He could trust Sean to do it, that kind of thing he was there for anyway, but it meant later on he would have to do a little reconstruction of the vagina, well, just because it was Kimber and his satisfaction they were dealing with there. Stepping over to the side so Sean could work he could at first say nothing mesmerised by the little bundle of joy before him.

Kimber was the one who was cleaning the vernix off the child with a towel so that they can really see her as Christian could only stand there awkwardly, totally overawed staring at the tiny wet beginnings of dark hair and the chubby face.

At last the child's face was clean enough so she could open her relatively large deep blue eyes and look up at them for a moment.

Christian felt such immense love he could've cried, but before he could say anything else the baby opened her mouth and moved her head around to find a food source.

Kimber laughed and put the baby close to her breast as if it would've been the most natural thing for her.

Looking at that immediate bond Christian suddenly froze. He didn't have that when he was little. What if that meant he couldn't be a good father after all? What if that meant he'll always mess up no matter

what he does?

"This is your wonderful daddy," Kimber said when she noticed the baby was looking around again, "he loves you so much and will take care of you my darling," she added as if sensing Christian's insecurities. Christian leaned over and kissed them both gently.

"Don't you wanna wash that baby?" Liz popped her head in the door, "you know, it would just give us a chance to take a look at her too."

Kimber nodded. She didn't want to let go of her, but she was also feeling weak and was afraid she would drop her.

Christian wrapped the little girl into a towel and proundly carried her to where Julia and Liz were standing.

"What's her name?" Julia asked.

"Abby...Gail." He looked up and saw her. Gail and Max. How did they get here?

"Abbygail?" Julia asked back. Christian only nodded. He was rather confused.

"Can I see my first grandchild?" Gail asked, then stepped close, "she's beautiful. Christian, you haven't called me for ages. If not for Julia I wouldn't have even known about her."

Christian looked back at his wife, obviously in the seventh heaven. His friends around him, his mother, his family. He was so wrong. He didn't need to make himself ill. Not now, not ever. He had to take care of this child with all he had, and even if not, there was no reason to. He was loved.

The End.