By: Shannon

For those who place their trust in Jesus,
For those who accepted Him,
They are Christians
That are forgiven of their sin.

Some claim to know Him
But do un-Godly things
And not follow the Word
And yet, to the Lord they sing.

I pray for those, Oh Lord
Who claim to know You
But do not follow Your Law
And do the evil things they do.

I pray for those, Oh Lord
Who don't know the Word
I pray that they know You
And I pray that it will be You, who they will serve.

I pray for those people
Who hate someone
Because "he's different"
I pray that those people know Your Son.

I believe that we are all
Of one race...the human race
Same limbs, arms
And same face.

For You, Lord
Hath created us all
In Your Image
And love us even though we fall.

A true Christian is
Someone who loves his neighbor
And someone who does not judge
And to Jesus, he will open the door.