Pairings: Lucas/Peyton Haley/Nathan Tristan/? You decide

Summary: you all now the story of Dan when he abandons Lucas but what if Luke had a twin Tristan but Karen couldn't afford to look after two babies so Karen puts one up for adoption hoping they would never meet. But what if 17 years later Tristan's adoptive parents move to Tree Hill.

Characters: Tree hill gang and Tristan from Gilmore girls.


The DuGery looked lovely down at there new baby son. They were never told them was a twin. All they knew was they waited years for this little angel and they were going to give him the best life possible.

Mr DuGrey: I cant believe he's here Linda after all the year of trying.

Mrs DuGrey: I know it's amazing I'm a mammy George.

Mr DeGrey: are you sure you don't want to tell him he's adopted.

He looked at her closely. She nodded.

2007 present day:

George DeGrey was loading up the moving truck ready to start there new lives in tree hill. Linda was saying goodbye to there old house.

George: we all ready to go.

Linda: yes we just have to pick up Tristan at the bball courts ( A/N he's like Lucas season 1 only plays street ball for now)

Tristan Scott DeGery was your typical bad boy all sweet to a gir until he gets what he wants.

George: ready to go son

Tristan: yeah dad

George: now before we leave promise me you won't get in trouble in this town. It was very hard for me to get this job.

Tristan: I told you Mrs: Davis came on to me what I was meant to do other the f……

George that's enough what happened to the sweet boy I raised. Let's go.

Tristan smiled to himself this was going to be fun.

In tree hill Lucas Scott got a weird feeling that nothing was going to be the same again.