Pairings: Lucas/Peyton Haley/Nathan Tristan/? You decide

Summary: you all now the story of Dan when he abandons Lucas but what if Luke had a twin Tristan but Karen couldn't afford to look after two babies so Karen puts one up for adoption hoping they would never meet. But what if 17 years later Tristan's adoptive parents move to Tree Hill.

Characters: Tree hill gang and Tristan from Gilmore girls.

Tristan and Lucas just stared at each other in shock what was going on why this boy looked exactly like me. Tristan didn't know what to say but he finally heard Lucas speak up "you want to go some where and talk" Tristan just shock his head and went to his destination English class.

Lucas didn't go to class that day he needed to talk to his mother so he grabbed Nathan and made his way back to Karen's café. Karen saw her son walk in with his brother and say's "I hope you boys have a good reason you are not in school." Lucas "do I have a twin brother" Karen "why would you say that don't be stupid" she know began to panic how doe's he know "well I just saw a boy that looks exactly like me" Karen "but that's impossible they said he will never meet you they promised" "promised what mum" Nathan was about to leave when Karen said "Nathan stay you should hear this to its your brother too" she takes a deep breath while both boys listen patiently "when I got pregnant with you I was happy I was having twins but Dan left I couldn't afford to keep both of you so a rich family got in contact saying his wife has always wanted a child so I got your brother adopted hoping you would never meet" upon hearing this Lucas stormed out leaving a devastated Karen and a shocked Nathan.

Meanwhile Tristan didn't have much luck in English class before he stormed out and found himself at river court.

Haley, Brooke and Peyton all found themselves at Karen's café just as Lucas stormed out "what's going on Nathan?" asked Brooke This gets Nathan's attention and says "looks like there's another Scott Brother"

Lucas is running just running until he sees someone at river court he find this strange because the only people who play there are him Nathan and the team so he goes to see who it is as he gets there he is shocked to see how good his twin is at basketball guess it really does run in the family.

Tristan can feel someone staring at him so he turns around and that boy who looks like him is there " you're good you should join the basketball team" says Lucas "yeh maybe, what do you want" " what do I want I want to get to know my brother" "how do you know we're brother's it could just be a freaky coincidence" "is that what you really believe" Tristan doesn't answer just throws the ball at Lucas they play ball until late at night not speaking just letting the love of the game bond them as brothers both even though they both have many questions they both feel what was missing from there lives is complete.