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Fang's point of view

Max looked so helpless. She's always the backbone of the group…how can the rest of us cope when our leader is scared? I could barely stand to see my best friend like this.

I held her close and stroked her hair. She seemed to be in a daze or trance of some sort. A strange urge overcame me to kiss away her worries…But after the blow that was just delivered, I think that would be a bit inappropriate.

Still, I couldn't help thinking about her soft rosebud lips…

FANG. No thinking about lips! Bad things will happen if you start thinking about Max's lips! Or how warm they would be…how it would feel to hear her heart pounding as I lean in for the kill…her hair tangled in my fingers…

BAD FANG. BAD! Max's heart wouldn't pound if I ever kissed her. She doesn't like me that way. Love me that way.

Lalalalala not thinking about Max…


Max started to sway on her feet. She must be tired, I thought.

And then, of course, she fainted into my arms.

"Max?" I asked worriedly. She didn't respond. I wonder how I would feel if I just got news like that…

Well, actually, that's not a real possibility, but whatever. We're talking hypothetical here.

I carried her over to the bed and set her down gently.

"Are you scared for her?" I jumped as a voice called out in the darkness.

"Iggy?" Man. I totally forgot about the others! (AN – me too. Lol. Sorry Iggy lovers.)

"I'm scared. What if they hurt her?" Nudge's tiny voice drifted through the bars of the cell.

"We gotta save her." Gazzy exclaimed.

I was thinking the same thing. But we couldn't form a plan here where every white coat can hear…

"What've you got, Fang? I see your mind working overtime." Gazzy said.

I need a plan.

Max's point of view

"Uh…Hm?" My head hurt. Where the heck am I?

Oh. Maybe I could open my eyes and find out. Duh.

Fang stood over me, a worried look on his face.

"Hey, Sleeping Beauty. Have a nice nap?" He said, and my heart gave a little leap when he called me a beauty. An involuntary smirk spread across my face.

"Woah. What were you dreaming about?" Fang teased. I sat up and punched his arm.

Then it sunk in…

"CRAP!" I shouted. "What the hell am I gonna do?"

"Calm down, Max!" Nudge called. "Fang will help. He's gonna come up with a plan, and I hope it's really very elaborate, like in The Fugitive with that one guy from Star Wars, you know, Harrison Ford? Have you ever seen that movie, Max? It's great. And Harrison Ford, he's all 'I'm totally outsmarting you, Tommy Lee Jones!' and then he's all, 'I didn't kill my wife!' and Tommy's all, 'I don't care!' and then that one-armed guy shows up on the train and is like 'IMMA KILL YOU!' but then Harrison's like, 'I DIDN'T KILL MY WIFE!' and then he finds the bad guy and it's that one guy! And he gets caught and man, that's a good movie. You know what else is a good movie? That one with - "

"NUDGE!" We all cried at the same time.

"Spare us!" Iggy shouted.

I giggled. Just like before this hellish nightmare, I thought.

"How long was I out?" I inquired.

"Only a few minutes." Fang answered.

"So what's the plan?" I whispered.

"I can't just say it out loud…It's not even perfected yet."

He leaned forward like he did that time he fed me…When I thought I was about to get kissed…Once again, my traitorous heart started pounding harder and harder as he got closer.

Fang paused for a second, looking confused and, for some reason, hopeful.

"What?" I asked.

The look vanished.

He shook his head.

"Nothing. Absolutely nothing." He replied.

Then I realized he was going to the side. MORON! I mentally shouted at myself.

He wasn't going to kiss me. He was only going to whisper the plan to me.

I am so stupid.

"Here's the deal." His voice is so SEXY. Damn. I'm not going to be able to concentrate on what he's saying at all. "We need a way to get out of here, get these handcuffs off, keep everyone safe, and…Oh, right; not die."

"Totally doable." I said. "Let's get started."


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