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It was a perfect day in Konoha, not a rain cloud in sight. The sun was just rising and shop owners starting to open their stalls. Teams were making their way to their meeting place. Sakura was walking through Konoha to training ground 7, greeting everyone with a warm smile. Today Sakura turned 14 and she was extremely happy. She found herself the first to be at the bridge.

'Sasuke-kun is usually before us.' She thought but stared at the water.

'So calming.' She thought.

She didn't even notice Sasuke come up.

"SAKURA-CHAN!!!" Naruto yelled coming up to the two.

"Oh, hey Naruto." Sakura said coming out of her thoughts.

"You okay, you spaced out for a minute." Naruto asked Sakura looking concerned.

"I'm perfect Naruto." Sakura said with her genuine smile.

"HE'S LATE!!!!" Naruto complained.

Sasuke found it weird that Sakura had not even noticed him but stayed as emotionless as normal.

3 hours later

"Sorry I-" Kakashi started.

"YOU ARE LATE!!!!" Naruto yelled looking very mad.

"Sorry my great grandmothers, daughters, son's, cousin-"

"Whatever." Naruto cut of his sensei.

"Just to let you all know, training is canceled for today, and for the rest of the week. Later." Kakashi said disappearing in a cloud of smoke.

'No Happy Birthday?' Sakura wondered.

"RAMEN HERE I COME!!!" Naruto yelled running off.

Sasuke and Sakura were left alone. Sakura just stared at the water not yet acknowledging Sasuke.

"When did you get there Sasuke?" Sakura asked just noticing his presence.

He was cut back on the missing suffix from his name. "I've been here for four and a half hours." he replied.

"Oh, well I was-"

"No, I do not want to go out with you." he cut her off.

"I was-"

"There is no chance for me going out with a weakling and annoying girl like you." he cut her off.

"I wasn't going-"

"Save it. Get this through your think head. I. am. never. going. out. with. you." he cut her off once again.

Sakura after this was near tears and didn't get it.

'I was just going to ask if he remembered my birthday.'

Sakura ran away in tears leaving Sasuke at the bridge.

She ran past all the villagers and past her friends. Many people gave her concerned looks and tried to talk to her but she ignored them. She ran into her empty house and crashed on her bed. She had been alone for four years. No one new, except ANBU and the hokage that the Haruno clan was murdered. Not even Kakashi knew. Sakura was alone 24/7 and only got company from her friends.

"No one even remembered my birthday." She said in just barley a whisper. She went into her bathroom and washed her face. She wasn't about to let Sasuke or the others ruin her 14th birthday. She got dress in a different outfit this time. (A/N: I don't feel like explaining what she is wearing so go under my profile and look at the bottom of the page.)

She walked out of her house and went into town. She saw Naruto eating ramen at Ichiraku so she decided to join him.

"Hey Naruto!" Sakura said as she sat by him.

"You look great Sakura-chan." Naruto said while a noodle was hanging out of his mouth.

She blushed a little. After a while Sakura and Naruto started to talk about random things.

"Are you forgetting somethin today?" Sakura asked Naruto.

"Uhhhhhhhh, I don't think so." Naruto replied.

"Oh, ok. Well I gotta go! Ja ne!" Sakura walked about leaving a confused Naruto.

Around 2:30 Sakura joined up with Ino, Ten Ten, Hinata, and Temari.

"So you, Gaara, and Kankuro are in Konoha why?" Ino asked.

"Just visiting." Temari replied.

"Are you okay Sakura?" Hinata asked. Hinata never stuttered around the girls because they where all best friends.

"Oh, yeah I'm just thinking."

'Why do people keep asking me that?'

'Maybe because you keep staring off into space.'

'Hey, how, and WHEN did u become so smart inner?'

'I'm offended!!! I just can't believe your best friends forgot your birthday.'

'Yeah, me too. We'll talk later, they are giving me weird looks.'

'Later outer.'

Sakura soon joined the 'real' world and started to have a good chat with her 'friends.'

"Let's go to the park." Sakura suggested.

They all agreed they would go to the park. It was completely empty, except them of course.

"Seriously forehead, what's wrong?" Ino asked as they sat on the swings.

"You should know." Sakura mummbled.

"Hey Gaara!" Temari greeted her little brother as he walked up to the group.

"..." no reply came from Gaara.

"What's wrong Sakura?" Ten Ten asked sharpening a kunai.

"You should know." Sakura said a bit louder.

"How would we know?" Ino asked.

"Because you are supposed to be her friends." Gaara actually spoke up.

"Oh my god eight words. That's a record." Temari said pulling out a notebook and writing something down.

"What do you m-m-mean?" Hinata asked stuttering because Gaara was around.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKURA!!!!!" yelled Tsunade as she walked up.

"Oh crap." the four girls said.

"I can't believe I forgot your birthday Sakura." Ten Ten said.

"H-h-how can we make it up?" Hinata asked.

"Don't bother." Sakura said giving a fake smile and leaving.

"Do any of you know where she is going? I got her a present." Tsunade said/asked holding up a small box.

The four girls said nothing. They just thought the same thing:

'How could I forget her birthday?'

Sakura ran through town, again. But this time she was mad, not crying. Naruto, Sasuke, Neji, Kiba, Kankuro, Kakashi, Shizune, Choji, Shikamaru, Kurenai, Asuma, Lee, and Gai saw the pink haired kunoichi run past them without as much as saying hello to them all. Even Neji fouunf this weird because Sakura would always attempt to talk to him. Naruto being Naruto, ran after her.

"Wonder what happened this time?" Kakashi said as the other four kunoichi walked up to them with sad expressions.

"Do you know what is wrong with my cherry blossom?" Lee asked 'youthfully.'

"We messed up big time. We ALL did." Ten Ten spoke.

"How did we mess up?" Shikamaru asked actually paying attention.

"Sakura is 14 today." Hinata said.

"So?" Kankuro started. "OH!!!!" he finally got it.

'So she wasn't asking for a date this time? Shit.' Thought Sasuke.

"HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SASUKE-KUN!!!!" Ino yelled waving her hand in front of his face.

"Stop." Sasuke said calmy but made Ino stop anyway.

"She's gone." Naruto said walking back to the group.

"What do you mean?" Kakashi asked.

"I followed her to her house and watched her pack her bags, she left a note on her bed and she just... dissapeared!" Naruto said.

Kakashi, Naruto, and Sasuke went to check Sakura's house while the others did whatever. Just like Naruto said there was a note on her bed.

It read:

Dear whoever is reading this,

Thanks for the awesome birthday, I'll always remember it. Sasuke, I'm sorry that I'm weak and annoying. Kakashi, I'm sorry I was not strong enough for team 7. Naruto, I'm sorry for not being there. But none of you were there when I needed you the most. Four years ago from tomarrow, my clan was murdered. I didn't tell you because I didn't think you would care. You still probably don't care. Sasuke, I know how you feel so don't go on and on about that loneliness crap, because I do know how it feels to lose everything important to you. Naruto, I know how you felt as well. Kakashi, I also know how it feels to lose people important to you. I was not needed so I left. I was just a burden. I'll find people who actually find me worth remembering and will care for me. People who will take time out of their day to say Happy Birthday or doing other stuff for me. And I will do the same for them just as I did for you all. Don't try and find me because it will be useless. Don't think I'm leaving just because you forgot my birthday. You forget everything about you while I remember everything about you all. I never said anything but know I have to. I hope you all understand and do NOT look for me. I am not part of Konoha anymore.

Sakura Haruno

"What are we going to do?" Naruto asked.

"She's not part of Konoha?" Sasuke thought out loud.

"I'll talk to Tsunade. You two keep this quiet until we get some more news. Got it?" Kakshi said/asked.

"Hai." the two shocked boys replied.

With Sakura

"So you want to join the Akatsuki do ya now?" asked a man that resembled a shark.

"Hai." Sakura replied.

"What is your name?" asked another man that looked just like Sasuke.

"Sakura Haruno."

"We'll take you to leader-sama." the shark man replied.

"Hai." she said following the two akatsuki members.

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