Author: Kimberley Jackson

Title: After Tonight

E-Mail: R (Explicit Sex)

Warning: If you don't like relationships with age-difference, stop reading – I don't force you to. ;)

Disclaimer: Not mine, I am just using the possibilities DPB and CBS are not. ;)

Pairing: KIBBS ( Kate/Gibbs )

Category: Angst, Romance

Summary: This is a sequel for my fanfiction "Blue Skies". The NCIS team is tasked to protect a high ranking Navy admiral on a gala after he has been threatened with his life. But things work out differently from what they all expected – in more than just one way...

A/N: I still don't have a Native English beta-reader. Therefore please apologize any grammatical and stylistic mistakes. (If you're interested in betaing my stories, please write me an email. Any help would be appreciated.)

Destiny grants us our wishes, but in its own way, in order to give us something beyond our desires.

At that very moment she realized that there was a profound truth to proverbs like that; that there were things in life that you couldn't deny, no matter how much you tried. Things that you had to accept just the way they were.

She couldn't exactly say how she had gotten here, to this point in her life. But all of a sudden it all seemed to add up. For a split second she felt, that everything had a meaning – all that she had been through, all the decisions that she had made, every problem she had been faced with. Every single one of them had led her here, to this very moment. And it had been worth it.

No matter how much she had denied and tried to avoid the inevitable, her heart had made its choice – long before she had even consciously realized that there was a choice to be made.

She opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling, which was bathed in the soft, silver light that the beams of the full moon sent through the open window of the hotel room. Her breathing had returned to normal and slowly she felt the ability to move return to her limp body.

He didn't say a word – neither did she. Regrets started to fill her mind as the voice of reason slowly regained control over her emotions.

Gone was the feeling of almost divine bliss; gone were any thoughts of that it had long been meant to be that way.

She shivered slightly, as a breeze of night wind, that blew softly through the open window, cooled her still sweaty body. Her mind, that had been lulled into the aftermath of the incredibly satiating lovemaking, sobered up and she turned her head to look at the thin curtains, that were swaying in the breeze in front of the window. Too many thoughts were going through her head, thoughts that it had been a mistake. They numbered all of the reasons why she shouldn't have done it and eventually replaced the feeling of satiation with an uncomfortable awkwardness.

Almost shyly, she covered her nakedness with one of the thin sheets, not daring to look at the man next to her.

They were simply lying next to each other, both thinking about how they had gotten into this situation – and both searching for ways to handle it from here...