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So basic overview time.

Edward goes hunting. Bella goes to party. Mike tries to seduce Bella. Bella gets scared & tells Edward. The rest of the Cullens overhear. Time for revenge.

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Alright, on with the story!

(All in Bella's POV until the 'overhearing' and the 'revenge' parts, those get to be in Cullen/Mike POVs)


Liz- whistles absently

Unknown person- What are you doing?

Liz- Pretending Twilight was real and wishing I cloud be a Cullen.

Unknown person- NEWSFLASH! Twilight is only real in Stephanie Meyer's head, you know the woman who wrote it?

Liz- Who are you, you evil thing?

Unknown person- My name is Sad Realization! Mwuahahahaha.

Liz- Noooooo!!


I walked fast to gym class as I departed from Edward, it was always better to not dwell… and to not get cornered by Mike Newton. He's had an evil gleam in his eyes recently and I definitely don't like it. Not one bit.

I looked over my shoulder, and speak of the devil, here comes Mike himself. I rush faster to get to the girl's locker room, one place I know he will not come. Or at least not show himself in public; he is, after all, a seventeen-year-old boy with his testosterone running to full capacity about ten times over. He's practically an 'I wish I was having an orgasm right now' sign on legs.

I sighed to myself, I was glad Edward could not hear my thoughts, either he would be pleased that I thought so low of Mike, or he would be disgusted that I thought that way about anyone at all.

Whatever. What Edward doesn't know won't hurt him right? I slid on my stupid gym uniform quickly, trying to finish fast enough to get a good secluded corner of the bleachers, our teachers were instructing us on how to play flag football today, something I was not even slightly interested in even considering to do.

"Bella!" I heard Mike's familiar voice call, 'Oh crap! No one is sitting next to me today! Crap! Crap! Crap!' I thought to myself.

I turned my head slowly over to him, maybe if I acted cool and unperturbed as Rosalie always did then Mike would take my hint and leave. I only have three words to answer myself with: Not. A. Chance.

Nope, not a chance in hell. I was asking if 'Mr. Persistent' himself, who would never let anything drop or take a hint to leave me alone. I must secretly be on crack or something. No one was even competition to him on that note (apart from maybe Edward).

When I looked Mike in the eyes I saw that same malicious gleam in them and I wanted so badly to turn and sprint out of gym into the waiting arms of Edward, my savior, my Greek God, my boyfriend, my piece of heaven, my vampire, my love.

"Hey Bella, I was wondering… see Angela's throwing this party next weekend… and she asked me to ask if you wanted to come?" Mike said, and he stuttered at certain intervals, leaving no room for doubt that he was nervous. It was obvious.

If it had been Mike's party and Mike was inviting me for himself, I would have said no, and even if it was Angela's party and Edward and his family were not going hunting I would have said no, but it seemed like a perfectly good way to get my mind off of Edward, even if it was only for a few hours I could do nothing but say yes. I owed Angela, and I owed myself, I owed Mike nothing, but that's not the point.

"Sure, I'd love to go. I'll tell Ang." I replied, clearly surprising him. I wanted to giggle at the complete and utter shock written all over his face. Being with vampires who are extremely good at hiding their feelings from people and vampires alike (other than Jasper) made it painfully easy to read the emotions on the faces of my classmates, even if they were trying hard to hide it.

I saw the gleam intensify in Mike's eyes before he quickly turned away. I was afraid of what he was planning behind those atrocious orbs in that brain of his that was permanently set to 'testosterone overload' for the next few years of his life.

Then he looked at me, his eyes still gleaming, his voice an octive down from it's usual pitch, and I could tell he was trying to make himself sound husky and inviting. Pfft. Yeah right.

"Bella, you know that you want me and not Cullen, you don't have to hide it anymore. You only have to come with me, I'll show you what a real good time is." he said, in what I suppose he thought was an alluring voice. Not even one hundreth of the smooth and velvety voice of my angel. Mike has and never has had a shot in compairison. He should just give up. Yeah, in my dreams. We're dealing with Mike here, who is almost as pigheaded as Rosalie, just on different matters. Such as leaving me the hell alone.

I was so disgusted by his antics that I truly almost gagged. He is a stupid arrogant teenage boy. A stupid orgasmic-thinking, testosterone filled sack of vile blood on legs. I'm glad Edward is over 100 years old when it comes to maturity. I don't see how any girl puts up with boys like him. Where are the Edwards of this world? Oh right, he's mine, and none of them can have him.

That gleam scared me, no matter how much I wished I could refuse it. I was afraid of his devilishly perverted mind. Edward had told me about it before. I shivered at the thought. I was glad I had Edward to protect me.

But can Edward always be there to protect me from everything?

Something is telling me not…

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