by Pip

Summary: Conversations held over AIM.

A/N: So I was suddenly inspired while talking with my bestest friend, Tara, and watching SG-1. See, we have this way of talking on AIM, and seriously the stuff we say could come straight from Jack and Daniel's mouth. I know this idea has been done before, but I felt I justed needed to take a stab at it! No spoilers, and a PG-13 rating for some language and implied themes.

Oh, and besides being a J/D Friendship fan, also a D/V shipper, so there will be hints of that here.


FishinFlyboy: Yo Danny! You there?


Auto Response from BetterThanIndy: "Archaeologists do it in the dirt."


FishinFlyboy: That's just nasty, you know?

FishinFlyboy: Where'd you get such a dirty mind?

FishinFlyboy: Hellllloooooo?

FishinFlyboy: Here Danny, Danny, Danny...

FishinFlyboy: Be a good little spacemonkey and talk to a seriously bored General.

FishinFlyboy: Dammit.

FishinFlyboy: Where the hell are you?

FishinFlyboy: You can't be off saving the world yet. I have connections - there would've been calls.

FishinFlyboy: Ya know, it was your grand idea to start IMing each other. I torture myself at this typing business just for you, and now your not here?

FishinFlyboy: I'll just keep talking to you until you show up.

FishinFlyboy: Oh wait, you have gone unidle. That means you're at that fancy-schmancy laptop of yours.

FishinFlyboy: waiting

FishinFlyboy: still waiting

FishinFlyboy: about to call in national guard

FishinFlyboy: Okay, don't ignore me, you ass. I know you're there, despite what the little memo thing beside your name says.

BetterThanIndy: It's called an away message for a reason, Jack.

FishinFlyboy: Well, obviously it's lyin because you're not away.

BetterThanIndy: I WAS, but your constant IMing was starting to get a smidge annoying. I thought the away message would be a clear sign. I mean - AWAY message.

FishinFlyboy: Don't be smart.

BetterThanIndy: Hard not to, when I'm me.

FishinFlyboy: See, now your just being self-centered.

BetterThanIndy: Daniel Jackson IS NOT self-centered. Ask anyone on this base.

FishinFlyboy: Oh, third person now? Cliche superiority complex. You know how I hate cliches, Danny.

BetterThanIndy: Yes, well - Get over it.

FishinFlyboy: Don't make me come out there!

BetterThanIndy: I'm quivering in my boots...

FishinFlyboy: Really?

BetterThanIndy: You wish.

FishinFlyboy: Your a lot snippyer over the computer, ya know that?

BetterThanIndy: Even if that was a word, Jack, I'm sure you speeled it wrong.

BetterThan Indy: spelled

FishinFlyboy: OH! Who can't spell now?

BetterThanIndy: Shut up.

FishinFlyboy: But I'm not talking to can I shut up?

BetterThanIndy: Well, stop typing then. Let me get back to work.

FishinFlyboy: Do you think there's a chance in hell of that actually happening?

BetterThanIndy: No.

FishinFlyboy: Good...glad we're on the same page.


Auto Response from BetterThanIndy: "Archaeologist do it in the dirt."


BetterThanIndy: Always.

FishinFlyboy: Dammit! Why is that thing still up?

BetterThanIndy: Because I want people to think I'm away.

FishinFlyboy: But your not...

BetterThanIndy: Your the only one who knows that.

FishinFlyboy: Awww, that makes me feel special!

BetterThanIndy: Oh, your special alright.

FishinFlyboy: Hey! I thought you were being nice!

BetterThanIndy: That was nice.

FishinFlyboy: What is with that away message, anyway? Not very mature, Danny.

BetterThanIndy: That was a jump.

FishinFlyboy: Jump? Who jumped what?

BetterThanIndy: In conversation! Geeze, keep up here.

FishinFlyboy: Well, you know me...

BetterThanIndy: Oh yes, I definitely do.

BetterThanIndy: OH SO WELL.

FishinFlyboy: Was that another "nice" comment?

BetterThanIndy: Maybe.

BetterThanIndy: O:-)

FishinFlyboy: Oh yes, your such an angel.

FishinFlyboy: Picture of innocence.

BetterThanIndy: Glad you can admit it.

BetterThanIndy: So what did we jump the conversation to?

FishinFlyboy: That was like two minutes ago. Your memory goin, old man?

BetterThanIndy: If I'm old, that makes you, what?

BetterThanIndy: Ancient?

FishinFlyboy: Don't even...

BetterThanIndy: Nah, that's still too young.

FishinFlyboy: Daniel, I'm warning you.

BetterThanIndy: I think you made dirt look cool when it was new.

FishinFlyboy: I'm so gonna jump through this computer and kick your ass.

BetterThanIndy: Bring it on you old farthead.

FishinFlyboy: That's real mature.

FishinFlyboy: About as mature as your away message.

BetterThanIndy: What's wrong with it?

FishinFlyboy: Come on Daniel! "Archaeologist do it in the dirt"?

FishinFlyboy: Please.

BetterThanIndy: Okay then...

FishinFlyboy: Oh crap, I can feel the evil from here. What are you doing?

FishinFlyboy: Daniel?

FishinFlyboy: Hellooo?


Auto Response from BetterThanIndy: Having amazing mind-blowing sex with Vala in my office at this very moment. Get back to you when I can feel my body again.


BetterThanIndy: Better?

FishinFlyboy: DANIEL!

FishinFlyboy: TAKE IT DOWN!

BetterThanIndy: Why? Sam and Mitchell think it's funny.

FishinFlyboy: I DON'T CARE! Wait...

BetterThanIndy: And Teal'c says it's quite amusing.

FishinFlyboy: You guys are IMing each other. Ya'll are members of a top secret organization, and you IM each other?

BetterThanIndy: I'm IMing you...

FishinFlyboy: Not the point.

BetterThanIndy: Do you ever have a point?

FishinFlyboy: YES! I have one now! Take that away message down.

BetterThanIndy: If I change it, will you let me go back to work?

FishinFlyboy: Work? You guys actually work between IMing each other?

BetterThanIndy: Do you?

FishinFlyboy: Good point.

BetterThanIndy: Oh, back on points again.

FishinFlyboy: Dammit, Daniel! Change the stupid away message!

BetterThanIndy: But you never answered my question.

FishinFlyboy: YES! I'll leave you alone...just, please...change it!

BetterThanIndy: Fine.

BetterThanIndy: Done...Now I'm going back to work.

FishinFlyboy: Yasureyoubetcha.


Auto Response from BetterThanIndy: "Archaeologists do it in the dirt...with their smoking hot girlfriends who can bend like pretzels."

Kiss my ass, Jack!


FishinFlyboy: HEY!

A/N: I'm willing to do more comversations, not all J/D centric, so if you liked it, let me know and I'll gladly to more. If not, I understand, and this will happily remain a fun little thing for me and Tara to read. There's a lot of hidden inside jokes in it. ANYWAYS, bunnies are itching to take a run at different conversations, so REVIEW PLEASE!