Be There

BetterThanIndy signed on at 4:16:04 AM.

FishinFlyboy: Hey

BetterThanIndy: What are you doing up?

FishinFlyboy: Daniel, I'm in Washington. Few hours ahead here.

BetterThanIndy: Oh, right. I forgot...

FishinFlyboy: It's understandable.

BetterThanIndy: Sorry.

FishinFlyboy: Why are you sorry?

BetterThanIndy: I don't know...I don't know a lot of things at the moment.

FishinFlyboy: Danny...

BetterThanIndy: She hasn't woken up yet, Jack.

FishinFlyboy: She will.

BetterThanIndy: Carolyn kicked me out. Told me to get some sleep, but...I...can't.

FishinFlyboy: I wouldn't expect you to.

BetterThanIndy: Everyone keeps saying she'll be okay. I want to believe that. Just...seeing her tied to those machines...

FishinFlyboy: I know...YOU have done it to me way too many times to count.

BetterThanIndy: I'm sorry.

FishinFlyboy: It's okay.

BetterThanIndy: I miss that right? To miss someone who's there, just not awake. Can I miss her voice, her laugh, her smile...her...

BetterThanIndy: Love. Can I miss that when she's right there??

FishinFlyboy: Of course you can, Danny.

BetterThanIndy: Then I miss her.

FishinFlyboy: I know.

BetterThanIndy: I miss her a lot.

FishinFlyboy: I know.

BetterThanIndy: I miss you too, Jack.

FishinFlyboy: Daniel, answer your phone.


"Hey, Danny."

FishinFlyboy signed off at 4:25:56 AM.

A/N: Had to throw some angst into the series. And angst is best serve with Jack and Daniel! Bunnies have plenty of ideas, and are waiting hungrily for reviews.