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Anko made her way to the copy room – where she was totally bored with the whole process of making copies. The only good thing was that she was alone in a room full of office supplies and humming machines. There she could let her mind wander and she wondered if Kakashi was going to stop by tonight. She intended to take advantage of his "benefits" again if he did, as well as acquaint him with a few of her own.


Kakashi walked down the hall quicker than normal. He finally caught sight of someone who might know where Anko was. He shouted, "Genma!"

Genma turned to Kakashi and said, "Kakashi, what's up? You wanna get a couple of beers later?"

"Naw, can't. Got a mission. You haven't seen Anko have you?"

"Yeah. She went off to make the copies for the new applicants taking the chunin exam."

Realization overcame Kakashi as he remembered Anko saying something about going to make copies. Genma asked, "Why do you need her?"

Kakashi thought if you only knew, but he said, "Have to return her mission notes to her. Hokage already had a copy."

Genma said, "I could get those to her for you."

"That's ok – I'm on my way out. I'll find her. Beers when I get back?"

"Sure. See you then – be safe out there."

"Right." Kakashi waved and took off down the hall knowing this may be the last time he saw Anko before he left. He intended to make it a memorable meeting indeed.


Anko pushed buttons and made copy after copy. The machine was noisy enough, but not too loud. She stood there, un-jamming it every time it jammed up, quietly cursing the thing for interrupting her sexual fantasies. So she stood there, pressing buttons, un-jamming the thing and daydreaming of the sexual acrobatics she and Kakashi had been up to the past two nights.


Kakashi finally made it to the copy room. The door was closed as it usually was. A small square window about head high flashed with the glimmer of the light from the copier. Kakashi knew from the feel of the chakra surrounding the room that Anko was indeed in the room.

Anko continued to stack copies of tests and press buttons all the while remembering what thrilling nights the two previous nights had been. Her body began to respond to her thoughts. She felt a slight pulling in her stomach, and what seemed like butterflies that left trails in the wake of their presence up through her shoulders and her neck. Her very bruised neck that she fully intended to have a word with Kakashi about later that evening if he came by. Instantly she forgot about scolding him as the door opened slowly and he casually walked in, closing the door behind him. Her heart flipped right over in her chest as he said, "Hey," and walked toward her.

Anko said, "What are you doing here?"

Kakashi said, "Looking for you."

Anko smiled seductively and said, "Oohh really?"

"Yeah. I don't have much time."

Anko got a bit alarmed. She asked, "What's wrong? I was hoping we might get together later."

He said, "I'd hoped so too, but the 5th is sending me on a recon mission."

"When do you leave?"

Kakashi looked down and said, "After dark."

Anko's face got a bit pouty and she just said, "Damn!"

"Yeah, I know."

She looked back up at him and said, "How long you gone for?"

"Seven days."


Kakashi paused a minute, not sure whether to ask his next question or not. He figured what the hell, she'll either turn him down, or she'll accept his invitation. So he went ahead and asked, "I wanted to know, when I come back, would you like me to stop over?"

Anko looked at him strangely. "Why wouldn't I want you to come over?"

"I know we're having fun with this whole "friends with benefits" thing, but seven days without, "this thing" and,"

Anko spat angrily at him, "And what!"

"I just thought that maybe you might be interested in someone else, or find another friend to play with while I'm gone."

Anko was confused, so she asked, "Is that what you want me to do? Find another friend?"

Kakashi paused. Then he looked at her and just said, "No."

Anko marched right up to him after pressing the stupid copier button for the millionth time, and said, "I don't have any other friends like you."

Kakashi smiled under his mask and said, "Then your place is the first place I'll stop when I get back."

"Alright then. Don't even bother to shower or anything, just come over and maybe I'll help you get cleaned up."

Kakashi liked that idea very much. So much so in fact that he had an idea right then of his own. He said, "Hand me a paper."


"Just do it. And some tape too."

"Ok, what are you doing?" Anko smacked the copier button again.

Kakashi said, "I've got an idea."

Anko watched as Kakashi went over to the window in the door and taped a piece of paper over it, blocking anyone's view to the inside. Then he locked the door and turned back to her.

Anko was suddenly terrified of what he was about to try in the copy room. She thought what IS this man's obsession with public places? But seeing as this might be the last time she saw him in a week, she decided it was worth the risk of possibly getting caught.

Kakashi went straight up to Anko, peeling his mask down as he approached her. She started breathing heavier as he made his way toward her. As he got close enough, he reached out for her shoulders and suddenly the copier stopped. They both froze. They could hear each other breathing quite loudly as the room went quiet. She said, "This may be a problem."

"Yes, it may. You do tend to be a bit loud when we get going."

"ME?! YOU were the one grunting my name last night! And what was all that "who's your daddy shit!""

"I was lost in the moment."

Anko ran her fingers up into his hair, letting her short fingernails brush his scalp. Kakashi's eyes immediately rolled right up into his head. She said quietly, "Are you getting lost again?"

"MMMhmmmmm," was all he could muster. Anko leaned in and began putting tiny kisses on his neck, still dragging her fingernails lazily up the top of his head, and back down again. Then up the back of his neck into his hair and back down again. As Kakashi breathed in her scent, he said, "Hit the button."

Anko looked up at him and said, "What?"

"The copier button. Make some noise. Use the machines, do anything, but make some noise in here."


"I've never been more serious." Anko believed him, so she turned slightly, hit the button to make 15 more copies of a page, turned back to him, and it was on. Kakashi leaned forward and aggressively took her face in his hands. He kissed her hard, but Anko kept up his pace. She may not have been his match in a lot of ways. She may have exceeded him in some areas, but when it came to passion, she matched his perfectly.

Knowing that this was the last time she was going to see her friend for a week, Anko didn't hold herself back one bit. She wrapped her arms tightly around his neck, aggressively kissing him back. Then she even went so far as to reach around the back of him and grab his ass, pulling him and his erection against her front. He let out a stifled groan, as she ground herself against the front of him. The copier went silent and she hit the button again with her elbow. They were going to have a lot of extra copies of that page.

Kakashi's mind went into overload. The images of what they'd done the last two nights, coupled with the fact that he was leaving for a week, mixed in with the flirty games they were playing that day, made him spin Anko and put the upper half of her over the copy machine. She said, "What are you doing?" He wasn't answering, but was flipping her coat to one side to get at her skirt.

He said, "You tempted me today when you bent over earlier. It was all I could do not to take you right where you stood." He bent over her, molding his body to hers. He kissed her back through her clothes, all the while, bunching her skirt up; to push himself against that ass she teased him with earlier. "You know what you did." One hand roamed over her backside, while the other adeptly freed his erection. "I wanted to do this to you then, but I'll settle for doing this to you now." In one quick movement, he grabbed her underwear by the back and tore it sideways off her casting it to the floor by the door. In the same moment he entered her forcefully from behind.

Anko wanted nothing more than to get right to it and Kakashi did not fail to disappoint her. Between her quiet moans she whispered his name as he thrust himself inside her. Quite amazingly, she remembered to keep hitting the copier button. She pushed herself back against him to meet his thrusts, and Kakashi started making a grunting noise that was almost as loud as the copier itself. She knew that at any second anybody could walk in on them. Most people had a key, or could get one quickly. The fear of being caught only heightened the whole experience. The fear of being caught and the searching desperation of her passion caused Anko to arch back into Kakashi. She released her orgasm as quietly as she could manage, hitting the button again, as she continued to make mewling noises against his thrusting grunts.

Kakashi continued to fuck his friend who was still bent over the copy machine. He was about at his limit and suddenly they both looked at the door, someone was trying the door knob!

Anko turned and looked completely terrified at Kakashi, who never stopped thrusting into her. She said, "Kakashi! For God's sake, hurry up or stop! Someone's coming!"

He looked from the door back to her urgent face and said, "It'd better be me! Just stay where you are! Don't move! Just a bit more . . . Anko . . . shit!" Kakashi never stopped his pace as he finally exploded inside of her. He never slowed even once, but finished his orgasm in one moment and withdrew himself from her in the next, neatly putting himself back together, as Anko did the same.

The doorknob was moving again, apparently someone had a key. Kakashi finished with his clothes, and purposely reached past Anko and knocked a ton of papers that she had copied on the floor. She looked at him as if to say, "What the fuck did you do that for?" But he just said, "Trust me. You'll be glad I did that in a second." The door knob turned and it began to open. Anko in a daring move grabbed Kakashi by the collar and kissed him square on the lips. She said, "Come back soon. And put your mask up." Kakashi smiled at her and took a step back, rolling up his mask. The papers all over the floor gave them an excuse as to why they were both in there together. They both dropped to the floor and began to pick up the papers as Ibiki walked in the door.

Anko thought, that was WAY too close, but DAMN it was exciting! It was quick, and powerful and oohhhh, wow. I'm so glad Kakashi thinks five steps ahead all the time. Dumping all the paper was brilliant! I'll have to thank him for that later. Then she got a little sad when she realized that "later" was going to mean a week from then.

Ibiki walked in with a few papers of his own. He said, "Anko, I thought I'd find you here. But why was the door locked?"

Kakashi stood up and said, "That probably happened when I came in. I was looking for her to give her back her mission report – Hokage didn't need it – and when I came in, I just shoved the door shut. Must have slipped." But then Kakashi realized that there was one more thing that slipped. And it was right behind Ibiki's foot. Papers were all over the floor, but they didn't hide the torn underwear that Kakashi had thrown on the floor, that Ibiki was standing almost on top of.

Kakashi looked at Anko, who had a look of absolute horror on her face. Ibiki was about to find out that she and Kakashi had been fucking on the copier just a few seconds before he came in. Anko, had a sudden flash of brilliance and said, "Ibiki! Here, come over and help me with some of these papers. Could you sort them for me? Kakashi accidentally knocked them over when he came in. I'll take those from you and make the copies you need."

Ibiki said, "Sure. What do you need sorted?" He stepped past Kakashi who was still squatted picking up papers, and handed Anko the papers he'd brought. Kakashi smoothly reached out and snagged her torn underwear and stuffed it in his pocket, yet another prize to add to his collection. Anko just sighed and looked at him as he continued to gather the papers. He looked over and gave her a wink.

Finally Kakashi stood up with a giant pile of haphazardly stacked paper. He said, "Sorry about that Anko. I guess I'm just a bit clumsy today. I think your mission report is in there somewhere."

Anko said, "That's ok Kakashi. Accidents happen." Ibiki kept sorting.

Kakashi said, "I'm off. Got to get ready for my mission. Have to make a few stops before I head out. I'll see you guys when I get back."

Anko just looked at him and smiled slyly, wishing he didn't have to go tonight. Things were just starting to get interesting. Kakashi in the meantime, was trying to suppress the urge to just run over and kiss her goodbye. He managed not to, but it hurt in his chest a little as he turned to go. But he had to get moving. Time was getting short and he had a few places to stop before he left.

Anko and Ibiki sorted through the massive mess of papers and managed to get all the packets together for the chunin applicants. It took over an hour, and it was getting dark outside. Ibiki said, "You'd better head home Anko, you look beat."

"I am, I do need to go get some rest. I think this copier droning on and on was trying to put me to sleep." No way was she going to let on that the adrenalin from the copier sex she and Kakashi had was actually what was failing her at the moment.

"I'll finish up. You go on."

"Thanks Ibiki. I'll see you tomorrow."


Anko gathered up her few things and left for home. It was dark by the time she got there. She knew that Kakashi was already on his way out on his mission. Seven days. He'd be gone for seven days. Well that sucks she thought as she wandered through her apartment building and up to her place. She grabbed her mail, and went into her apartment. She whipped off her coat and threw it over a chair. She turned back to her mail and started to go through it when a knock sounded at her door. Kakashi? she immediately though, and she practically ran to the door to see if it was him. She looked out her peep hole and saw a face she didn't recognize. She said, "Who is it?"

A voice said, "I have a package for Mitarashi Anko at this address. Do I have the right place?"

She opened the door and said, "You do. What is it?" The delivery guy handed her a flat rectangular package wrapped in brown paper. Nothing special about it, and it was too light to be a bomb, so she took it, and after signing his delivery ticket, she thanked him and shut the door behind him. Hmmm. Who's sending me a package? There's no return address. Wonder what this could be?

Anko began to carefully pop the taped folds of the brown paper. She removed the brown paper, to reveal a box wrapped in some lovely bright red wrapping paper with a small card attached with a white ribbon. She untied the ribbon and opened the card to read it. It read: Anko, I thought I should replace some of these since I have taken so many of yours now. I'll be by as soon as I get back. See you then – Kakashi. Anko smiled down at the note. That was very thoughtful of him, but what did he send me? This package is awfully light. She opened the red paper to reveal a pink striped box. When she opened it, there were seven pairs of brand new underwear inside, all pretty yet practical. And the funny thing was that they were labeled with the days of the week – the Friday ones black, lacy and just begging to be ripped. And how about that – they had Velcro sides. Anko laughed to herself and found another small note inside the box. It read one of the "benefits" of having me as a friend. I don't mind lingerie shopping – as long as you'll wear it when I come over – K.

Anko took her brand new underwear out of the box and admired each one of them, laughing quietly, hoping that Kakashi would be back from his mission soon, and knowing that she might miss him a little while he was gone.


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