Somebody to Love

Summary: "We are not bound by blood, Jackie, but our bond runs deeper. We're brothers." When Jack tries to hide things about what happens to him at his new school, Bobby, Jerry, and Angel swear to get to the bottom of it to protect their little brother.

Disclaimer: As usual, I don't own any of the characters from Four Brothers. I may love them, but they're not mine!

A/N: Hey, everyone! Here's the start of the second transition story from "Fortune Cookie" to "A Night Alone". This was originally going to be a one-shot, but it kinda got too long, so I had to divide it up. It'll kinda be like a song fic, but not exactly. Hope you like it! Oh, and another note. I'm going to go see David Copperfield LIVE tomorrow night, so I'm going to be busy! For those of you that don't know, he's the illusionist that made the Statue of Liberty "disappear" on live television. It's going to be awesome! And a special shout-out to HaloFin17 for adding a special gift to my 16th birthday. Luv ya! Halo, this chapter's for you! It's going to be like one of those thank you cards that people send out when you get a gift, and this is the best way that I know how to thank you! Anyway, hope you enjoy the first chapter.

"When the truth is found

To be lies.

All of the joy

Within you dies…"

"Come on, Jackie. Wake up! Time for school."

Jack slowly opened his eyes and blinked against the sunlight, seeing that Evelyn was standing next to his bed. She smiled when she saw that he was awake. "Up and at 'em, Jackie!" she said, ruffling his hair as he sat up.

"Do I really have to go, Mom?" Jack asked as he slowly climbed out of bed. "This school sounds really weird…"

"Of course you have to go, honey." Evelyn answered, opening the blinds in his room and throwing sunlight into it. "I know you're nervous because it's your first day, but Bobby, Angel, and Jeremiah will be there with you. I don't know many people who are that lucky!"

Jack sighed as he squinted against the bright light. Evelyn had finally been able to register him into a school, but it hadn't been the normal elementary school that she had wanted him to attend. Instead, the only school that she was able to get him into was one that ran from kindergarten all the way through high school. Having his three older brothers as well was the positive of the whole thing he supposed…

Evelyn smiled at him. "It'll be fine, Jackie." she said reassuringly. "You'll see." Then, she left the room so that he could get dressed.

Twenty minutes later, the four brothers were eating a quick breakfast of toast and a bowl of cereal in the kitchen. Jack found that he wasn't really hungry, so he found that he was merely picking at his food. "Aren't you hungry, sweetheart?" Evelyn asked, a little concerned as she put their brown-bag lunches into their backpacks.

"Yeah. You'll need to have enough energy to face all of the bullies at school." Bobby added with a grin.

"Bobby!" Evelyn snapped, seeing Jack's scared look. "That's enough!"

"Man, that was uncalled for." Jerry muttered. Then, he turned his attention to his youngest brother. "Don't worry, Jack. Bobby didn't mean that. What he means is that you need energy for learning."

"Yeah. No one will bother you." Angel agreed. "And if someone does happen to, just let us know."

Bobby rolled his eyes as he finished off his plate and put it in the sink. Then, he walked into the hall and grabbed his car keys. "Come on, girls, or we'll be late!" he shouted.

"All right. Have a good day, boys." Evelyn said as she took their dishes from them. Then she handed Angel his backpack and gave him a kiss, doing the same to Jerry. When she reached Jack, she gave him a tight hug before she gave him his backpack. "Have fun, dear." she told him, kissing him on the forehead. Then, she sighed and followed them into the hall, taking her oldest son's backpack with her.

"Bobby, you forgot something, love." Evelyn said, extending her arm out in front of her.

The oldest Mercer looked back at what was in her hand, and he grinned. "Who needs that for school, Ma?" he asked, taking the backpack from her. Then, he smiled when he got a kiss from his mother as she ruffled his hair.

"Drive safely, Bobby." Evelyn told him. Then, she looked at Jerry and Angel as well. "Today is Jackie's first day. Keep an eye on him if you can."

"We will, Mom." Angel said, placing his hand on Jack's shoulder. "Come on, kiddo. To the car."

Evelyn watched as her sons got into Bobby's car, Jack in the front passenger seat while Angel and Jerry climbed into the back. Then, they pulled out of the driveway and headed toward school.


"Like a true nature's child.

We were born, born to be wild.

We could climb so high,

I never wanna' die.

Born to be wild.

Born to be wild…"

Bobby was silent as he drove down the busy road, the radio blaring his favorite station. Jerry sat behind him, cringing.

"Man, Bobby! Why do you have to blare this crap?" he asked.

"I'm sorry, Jer." Bobby answered with mock sympathy. "This isn't like your normal opera stuff, is it?"

"Shut up, man." Jerry muttered while Angel laughed next to him. Jack smiled slightly. This was a normal day's conversation for the Mercer brothers…

Bobby grinned as he pulled into the school parking lot… and sped to beat another car to his favorite parking spot. He laughed as the other car honked at him and slowly drove away. "Are you okay, Jackie?" he asked, looking down on his youngest brother.

Jack was sitting in the seat as far back as he could go, his eyes wide from the sudden speeding as he clung tightly to the edge of the seat. Angel and Jerry looked startled, but not in shock like the youngest Mercer. Bobby waited for a moment, and when he didn't get a response, he looked back at his other brothers. "Get the crowbar from the trunk…" he muttered.

"No, that's okay." Jack said, slowly opening the car door and stepping tenderly onto steady ground. "I can get out…"

"Welcome to your first day of school, sweetheart." Bobby told him, locking the car once all of his brothers were out. Then, they walked into the building.

Jack stuck close to Bobby as they walked through the crowded hall, not wanting to leave him. "Man, Jackie. You're acting like this is prison or something." Bobby commented. "I know it's your first day and all, but it's just school."

The youngest Mercer didn't say anything, but he continued to remain close to his brother. Bobby sighed and turned to Angel and Jerry. "You guys get to class." he told them. "I'll take Jack to the office and then help him find his classroom. I'll meet up with you later." Then, he pushed Jack forward. "Come on, Jackie."

Jack glanced back at Angel and Jerry, watching as they waved at him before he disappeared into the crowd with Bobby.


"All right. Here's your classroom." Bobby said, glancing down on his brother after rechecking to make sure they had the right room. "I have to get to my own classes now, but I'll be available whenever you need me. Just ask your teacher to call the office and ask for me, and I'll come. All right?"

Jack looked up at him and nodded, his eyes silently begging him not to alert the teacher that he was there. Bobby gave him a smirk and knocked on the door anyway.

The youngest Mercer cringed, hearing footsteps clicking toward the door. Great. His teacher was a woman…

Then, the door opened, and a young woman with blonde hair and green eyes looked out at them. When she saw Bobby, her eyes widened in what almost looked like horror as she took an automatic step backward. Then, after a moment, she regained herself and gave the sweetest smile that she could muster. "Oh. Mr. Mercer." she said with a small laugh. "How can I help you?"

Bobby looked back at her, knowing that she wasn't happy to see him. Of course, none of the teachers were once he was done in their class. "I see you've changed rooms. But don't worry, Miss Green. I'm not coming back to your class, so you can calm down now." he replied. "I'm here to drop off my little brother, Jack. He's the one in your class."

Miss Green couldn't hide her surprise. Brother? There were more?! Bobby was enough. She didn't need another one…

But she didn't let that feeling show through. Instead, she smiled down on Jack as she placed her long-nailed hand gently on his shoulder. "Of course! Come on in, dear!" she exclaimed in a friendly way. "Say hi to your new classmates!"

Jack glanced back at Bobby as he was pulled inside, watching as the oldest Mercer gave him their secret signal for, "I'll keep in touch". Miss Green gave Bobby a disapproving glare as she then closed the door behind them, a little too hard in the oldest Mercer's mind.

After being introduced to the rest of the students, Jack sat in a seat toward the back of the classroom. Next to him sat a larger boy who looked as if he had been in this class more than once before and who wore a mean mask whenever he looked at anyone. Now, he looked Jack over, almost as if sizing him up. "You're a Mercer?" he asked quietly so that that the teacher couldn't hear him.

"Yeah." Jack answered just as quietly, a little nervously. "Why?"

A mad glint appeared in the boy's eyes. "Your brother, Bobby, got my older brother expelled." he replied angrily. "It should have been your brother that got kicked out, not mine. I was going to figure out a way to get back at Bobby, but another way just presented itself."

Miss Green then looked over her shoulder away from the dry-erase board. "Eric, please stop talking." she said. "I know that you want to make Jack feel welcome, but please find another time to do that."

"Oh, don't worry, Miss Green." Eric muttered, looking at Jack with a smirk on his face. "I'll make him feel welcome later."

Jack shrunk down in his seat, trying to escape from the boy's dark gaze. He looked desperately around for some sort of escape route, but he didn't find any. Soon, Jack was beginning to wonder if he would simply survive the day.

A/N: Hope you liked it! As I said, it was originally going to be a one-shot, but it turned out to be too long. I just had to throw some of the lyrics to "Born to be Wild" in there! I was listening to that song when I wrote part of this chapter, and it just reminded me so much of Bobby. I couldn't resist! Anyway, reviews are very much appreciated! Thanks a bunch! Talk to you all later!