I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but it's good enough. Kyouya, in a little speech about Ootori Yoshio (his father). It sort of blossomed into a full-scale cynicism-according-to-Kyouya as applied to the Host Club.
The first rule I learned in dealing with Ootori Yoshio is that I cannot approach him as a father.

Yes. I have known that for a very long time.

He is a business partner. The competition. He tells me how high to jump three seconds after I've done it.

He isn't difficult to deal with, if observed objectively. My sister dealt with him by ignoring him. My brothers dealt with him by perfectly meeting his expectations.

I deal with him differently.

I fix the world.

The world is, of course, a flawed place. Sometimes, probabilities fail and the wrong horse wins the race.

Extraordinarily inconvenient.

So, I fix it. The entire world.

It isn't very difficult. Wave my magic wand and the numbers all work themselves out.

Tamaki has a stroke of brilliance after I hint at a certain resort popular with the modern teenage female.

The Hitachiins decide to practice their molestation skills in public when I accidentally fabricate a rumor about their vague, innocent experiments in the finer homoerotic arenas and attract clients.

Hunny learns that cutely sharing a cake with a girl will earn ten times that sacrifice in tokens of affection when I encourage one girl to insist.

Mori learns that not all problems can be solved with inattentive reticence when a girl breaks down in hysterics at my behest and he cannot 'silent' her calm again.

Haruhi accepts her own limitations when I subtly remind her of female weaknesses and threats.

And the world of the Club becomes Right.

Events flow forward with time as projected. The twins grow ever closer as they perfect their 'act'. Hunny removes himself from the food budget, content with the gifts of clients. Mori uses a strategic word to encourage a fan who might otherwise become discouraged.

Tamaki ignores me in favor of Haruhi. Haruhi ignores Tamaki (and others) on accident. The Hitachiins stop ignoring the world. Hunny and Mori take more happiness from the world into themselves.

It is communally beneficial.

And, through my control of this minor world, I hone the techniques.

Even if my touch is light. Vague.

When one does it correctly, they can't be sure that one has done anything at all.

I'm sure my father sees this. Somehow. I mention nothing, and he mentions nothing, but we both know that he has allies and informants, parents of students who observe my small world. Though they undoubtedly have no idea, my father will puzzle it out and know.

My participation in my Club benefits me, as well.

It is how I deal with Ootori Yoshio.