Welcome to my TAang drabble dump. Enjoy.

...because I stole the face of somone you loved once.

All he sees is a pond. It doesn't matter that it's the most sacred place in the whole North Pole, or that it's the place where Yue's life was saved, because he doesn't see that, no, he doesn't, he can't!

All he sees is a face, soft, tender, young, beautiful, marred with a fear, being pulled down, down, down, down into the murky depths of the water, and a chilling laugh bubbling up from the depths and he's reaching down, down, down, down into icy waters, trying to get her, trying to see her, trying to save her!

But it's useless, useless! Because she's gone,




Yue tells him it's the most sacred place in the North Pole.

Aang doesn't care.

All he sees is the pond that cost him his wife lifetimes ago.

Yeah, this is what happens when I go into the Ship Manifesto and just read . Anywho, hope you liked it, review please, and the next one'll be up soon.