I'd almost forgotten about this, and then today, suddenly, I remembered TAang. And it was like being born again. (Just like the Zuko-Katara interaction in 'The Western Air Temple'. The fact that Katara is pissed off at him, my friend says, makes it all the more interesting. Watch out, KatAangers, we ain't dead yet!)


Disclaimer: I forgot this on the last chapter, but I don't own it.

...because I stole the face of someone you loved once.

" The Blind Bandit!"

The crowd around him roars in incoherent approval as a tiny shadow slowly enters the stage. He looks on with a thundering heart; the confidence the figure radiates oozing up into the masses above it, into the people around him, drugging them with the euphoria of violence. They scream and shriek until he knows they will be hoarse in a little while, and all their shouts blend together in a cacophonic whirl of angry sounds.

It makes Aang dizzy.

But the dizziness vanishes as the figure steps into the light, champion's belt held high over her head, black hair and rough, gold and green clothes practically blazing against the drab stone walls around her. She looks up with unseeing eyes (too confidentially, Aang thinks, for a blind girl) and smirks into the wordless wave of noise that erupts from the crowd at her lightest move.

And Aang sits, disbelieving, trying to reign his erratic heartbeat; trying to remember how to breathe, how to do anything other than stare, transfixed, into foamy eyes that don't see him.

And even though he shrieks desperately to his heart that it's Katara he loves, it doesn't matter.

Because the Kuruk in him reaches out with more strength than Aang's ever known for the Ummi in her, and Aang is almost helpless to stop it.


And just like that, the Avatar loses himself in the glazed, all seeing sightless eyes.

And Kuruk remembers the pond that took his Ummi from him, while Aang recalls the swamp that showed him his Toph.

Because Aang can fight it all he likes, but the swamp shows you people you've loved and lost. So it doesn't matter how he's loved her (as a sister, as a friend, or as a lover) because he's going to love her. We'll work with the 'lost' part later. But you can be sure that Mike and Bryan will come back to that. Since when has anything on that show ever happened 'just because'?