-1Not My Plus One

You're not my 'plus one' I want to tell her, among so many other things. Misconceptions or perhaps, miscommunications... She's got the wrong idea.

I chose you to help when I met you, because you were the only one willing.

I took you along with me, because you help to fill the empty space.

I hold your hand to pull you along, not because it feels right in mine.

My smiles are of pride, not love.

My hugs of friendship, not desire.

I fight to save you, because it's the right thing to do.

I panic when you're in danger, because you're in my care.

A kiss is just a kiss, and sometimes, it's just a genetic transfer.

But you are my friend. I do care. I do want you to come along. It's a great big universe out there and someone once told me: it's better with two.