I hope you enjoy my 2nd attempt ever at fan fiction. Thanks for reading and I appreciate any and all feedback. I don't own Supernatural, but love, love, love it.


The Dragon's Arm Inn had seen better days. The green hued walls were only enhanced by the green and black mildew sheathed walls. The years had been demanding upon the structure and the frames creaked with years of termite infestation. It was often the kind of place Dean Winchester found himself. Dean stood in one corner of the room facing a stunning woman with raven hair with eyes to match.

"Ah, Dean, I thought you would appreciate this look."

"Sorry, not much on bitches, in any form."

"Nasty, nasty, nasty," the woman said laughing. "The bad habits you picked up from Daddy. Not really a good role model for his boys." A malevolent smile spread across her face.

"Better than yours!" Dean quipped. He squeezed his own mouth into his trademark cocky smile.

"Do you like my friend? We were just dying to have you meet. Don't worry; I'll take care of Sammy for you like he is one of our own. Doesn't that have a nice ring to it!" She snickered again. She edged closer to Dean's face.

Dean locked eyes with her. "Funny you said you were dying. Find a new power to see your future. Cause if you thought I put a hurt on you before, you better think again."

"Ahh. These are the Dean Winchester moments I'll miss the most-the unrealistic expectations. At least I'm not disappointed. You did exactly what I thought you would. So predictable! Letting your stupid protective nature of those around you be your downfall. I find it poetic."

"Let's see… how many times have you kicked my ass? Hmm… None."

A second fire-haired beauty stood nearby. She appeared to be a tall, elegant, work of art brought to living form. Every facet enhanced the exquisiteness of her form- her long fingers, her large emerald green eyes, the alabaster skin, the long cascading red curls falling down her back, and crimson lips. It was hard not to fixate upon her magnificence.

"Dean, I'd like you to meet my amadán.

The amadánfloated in a fluid dance-like motion towards Dean. Her elongated finger reached for his chest. The fingers lingered upon the vicinity of his heart. A tingle teased his skin and Dean felt his body become rigid. The dominance to control his muscles abandoned him. His petrified frame plummeted and collided with the perforated wooden floor. He was a cognizant of the world around him, but felt like his essence was trying to crawl out an abyss in his own shell.

The raven haired girl bent down and kissed Dean lightly on the lips. "Bye Dean!" Her hollow black eyes glinted with wickedness and she lifted in her head in self assurance. She flicked a match against the floor and the top sparked with illumination. "Let's see if you think burning is fun."