The creature stared at Dean for a moment and then pulled her arm away from Dean's grasp. She backed away a few feet and twitched.

Sam and Bobby rushed to Dean. Sam grabbed Dean's shoulders and turned him to look at his eyes. Dean's eyes sparkled with life.

"Dean.. I don't understand…what…"

Dean wiped the blood from his lower lip one more. Bobby patted Sam's shoulder. "Sam. Look at Dean's hand- The blood of a victim."

Dean's hand was smeared with the blood he had wiped away. "Guess they didn't say the victim had to be a survivor, huh? You guys are so lucky I'm here. See even the freaky chic can't resist my mojo."

Bobby and Sam would have contested Dean's comment, but the creature was more of concern for the moment. Plus, they both were so glad to have Dean acting normal- at least Dean's normal- that they allowed him some leeway.

The creature continued to back away and began screeching at a decibel close to microphone feedback. Dean, Bobby, and Sam winched at the shrill sound omitting from the panicked Amadán. The creature twitched in maddening convulsions as her skin drizzled from her skeletal structure. The liquid began to form a lake of goo- a mixture of slime and black sludge- upon the floor.

"Dude, that's so sick." Watching the creature dissolved for several more minutes, Dean's nose wrinkled in disgust.

Finally, the Amadán form slumped into a melting ball in the floor until nothing was left but a large bubbling and splattering cesspool.

"Eww..ugh.." Dean muttered. Dean rested his hand upon Sam shoulder. "Well, there goes a potential girlfriend for you Sammy."

Sam punched Dean's abdomen. "Jerk."

"Can you two stop bickerin'," Bobby's commanded. "We still got another problem to deal with."

"Oh yeah." Dean said with satisfaction. His arm punching Sam's abdomen in return. "Bitch"

"Boy, stop with that shit eatin grin and get to work!" Bobby kicked Dean in the rear lightly. He still wasn't sure Dean was 100.

Sam, Dean, and Bobby turned their attention to where the passed out Meg should be only to find the room empty.

"Son of a bitch, they voiced simultaneously as they realized Meg has slithered away during the confusion.

"Great… that she-demon megabitch is a chicken. I HATE that BITCH," Dean grumbled.


Dean slumped into the driver's seat of his Impala. This hunt was a long line of not close calls, but almost final ones. Of all the times he had faced death and of all the times he was supposed to die, why was he saved each time? He was lost in thought, when Bobby slammed the trunk lid shut.

Sam slipped into the passenger seat as Bobby flopped into the back.

"Are you sure you're okay to drive?"

"I'm fine, Sam. I just saved you're ass in there."

"And we were lucky. Demons tend be arrogant and she wasn't expectin' to see your rear either. I wouldn't get to cocky. Sam's right, Dean. You've been thorough a lot of crap the last coupl'a days."

"I'm fine," Dean said sternly as he turned the ignition. The impala roared to life, bringing a smile to Dean's face. Gripping the steering wheel, he felt more energy surge into him. A shutter of exuberance traveled up his spine.

"Okay, Dean have it your way." Sam said in disbelief at the joy upon Dean's face.

"That's right. What would you do without me Sammy? You so owe me. It looked like you and Meg were about to plan a honeymoon. If you had better taste in woman, we wouldn't of….. "

"Dude, if you hadn't let Tinkerbelle kick your ass in the first place…" Sam rebuffed.

Dean threw up his hand. "Whatever, you need to tell yourself." Smiling broadly, Dean pressed the gas and bolted away from a hunt that would haunt him during many nightmares.

xxxxx-------THE END------xxxxx

Author's note: This was my 2nd attempt at fanfic. To all you have read, your support has been overwhelming. I humbly thanks all of you! Now, I must be off to get cracking on the 3rd one. Much love to all SN fans and fanfic writers. I can't wait to read all of yours.