Hi minna-san! Wow! I haven't posted a story in forever and ever! I just got in the mood to write this one day. I noticed that there weren't a ton of stories dealing with Twilight Princess, so I decided to make one! Yay me! Anyway, this prologue is rather short, so I'll be posting the first chapter along with it. I hope that I'll be able to update regularly, but with my schedule for the next couple of weeks it may be hard. This won't be a terribly long story, but it should last at least 3 or 4 chapters. Well, enough of me blabbing, enjoy the story!

Pairings: none really, MidnaLink if you really look at it hard, but mostly a friendship deal.

Care of a Friend

It was a beautiful day in Hyrule, the sun shining, the world at peace. Not. In reality, it was a horrendous day. The rain fell in sheets and the wind howled angrily. Link bent his wolf head against the onslaught and walked on resolutely. Midna sat on his back as usual, also leaning down to protect herself from the wind's stinging force.

"Can't you move any faster?" The imp complained, slapping the soaked fur of her animal companion roughly. An irritated snort was all the answer she received as Link continued along his miserable path. Finally, Midna had had all she could bear.

"Head for that cave." she said, pointing one tiny finger at the aforementioned place.

Link was only too happy to comply, starting for the small alcove at a perceptably faster pace. Once inside, Link shook his matted fur vigorously, spraying Midna and managing to wet most of the area around him.

"Oh! You stupid wolf!" Midna yelped harshly, wringing out her rewetted hair. Link chose to ignore her, opting instead to make for a dry corner of the cave to sleep.

"What do you think you're doing?" The imp asked, tapping her miniscule foot on the hard floor. Link paused long enough to direct a questioning gaze at her. "You have to go find us something to eat!" Link directed another gaze at her, this one clearly asking if she were crazy.

"I'm serious! Go on!" Midna reprimanded as she roughly kicked the wolf's side when he chose to ignore her and lay down. The sacred beast glared at her, a low growl starting to form in his throat.

"Don't look at me like that! Without me you'd still be locked up in that cell! And you promised to do whatever I said remember? So hop to it!" She continued, delivering another kick to her exhausted compainion.

Too tired to argue it further, Link lumbered to his feet and took a deep breath before trudging back out into the viscious storm. He gasped as the cold water harshly stung his face and body, then shook his head and continued out to complete his latest mission.

Midna, meanwhile, sat limply against the stone wall of the cave, mourning the fact that the wood was all too wet to build a fire with. So instead, she sat there, awaiting the return of her partner.

I hope he doesn't get into any trouble... she thought worriedly, then, calming herself, No, I'm sure he'll be fine. I mean, after all he is the hero chosen by the gods

How could she have known how wrong she would be?

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