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Chaper Four: Healing.

Midna opened her eyes slowly, groaning at the incredible ache that had apparently taken over the vast majority of her body. She massaged one temple as she slowly stood. There was something important that she had been doing, she knew. Something very, very if only she could remember what it was...or who.


This thought propelled the Twilli into action. She straightened and immediately regretted it. Her whole body ached, moving a bit slower, she rose and surveyed her surroundings. Where had she come from? Turning to her left, it was easy to see the path of destruction left in the wake of the two beasts. least they were good for something...

With this thought, she started off towards where she hoped she would find Link. Brushing stray branches aside, she hoped she would find him where she left him, and in time. She didn't know his exact condition, but he sure hadn't looked good the last time she'd seen him.

Breaking through the last few branches, she stopped and took in the sight before her. She could hardly believe that the bloody lump in front of her was the same strong wolf that she had ridden almost all over Hyrule. She eased forward and, taking a deep breath, steeled herself for the worst.

Sinking to her knees next to her companion, she placed a shaking hand in front of his mouth. She nearly collapsed in relief as she felt the hot breath on her hand. Link was alive, and she would be damned if he didn't stay that way.

With her worst fears allayed, the small creature leaned back, taking in the extent of her friend's injuries. She could clearly see a large gash making its way across Link's left side. In addition, she noticed that his right front leg appeared to be broken. She couldn't really tell if there was any damage on the right side, since he was laying on it, but it was beginning to rain again, and she needed to get her friend to some sort of shelter. Hoisting the unconscious wolf up, her aches and pains quickly making themselves known, she began to drag him to a small outcropping of rocks. The overhang would protect them from the rain that was soon to come.

Once there, the Twilli attempted to splint the broken leg with some sticks tied together with vines. She really didn't know what else to do. Deciding that it would be best to wait and let Link tell her what else was wrong when he woke up, she pulled his head into her small lap and stroked it absently while listening to the rain pounding all around them.

It was cold. Very cold. This was the only coherent thought Link could come up with as he slowly pried his eyes open.

Ok. And a headache. I have one of those too.

He was startled as the soft patch under his head started to move.


He relaxed as he recognized the voice of his companion. He tried to sit up, but only managed to shift a bit. However, even that slight movement drew an unintentional groan from his throat. Midna responded by shifting faintly so that he could see her out of his left eye.

Or at least he should have been able to.

When Link's eye did not move at all, Midna became worried.

"Link? Can you see me?" The imp asked softly, not wanting to startle the wolf again. When he indicated that he couldn't, Midna drew a deep breath.

"Link, I think they may have blinded your left eye." Midna regretted saying it as soon as the words left her mouth. He didn't need to be worrying about that now! But it was too late. Link shuddered violently and released a feeble growl.

"Well calm down, it may not be permanent. Just wait a bit." She was rewarded when Link relaxed once again. However, just a few moments later, he started shifting again. Realizing what her friend was trying to do, she assisted the wounded being in rolling so he was laying on his other side.

This time the electric blue eye that peeked out at her from under the mop of messy followed her every move with an almost desperate air. Her aching heart broke again to see this heroic man in so much pain. Every look begged her to help him. To stop the pain. Anything. But she could do nothing. She watched miserably as the pain-filled eyes, of her now only friend, closed slowly.

As she reached forward and encircled his head with her arms, she told herself it was just the cold making her eyes water. She couldn't care that much. Could she?