Prologue: - The Call

The Doctor was quite happy tinkering.

They had landed in Rose's present-day London for a bit of down time after the craziness of the Nefando Nebula in the Synto region. That was one hell of a strange predicament they had found themselves in. But that was all done and dusted now. The slaves had been freed, the dictator brought down a notch or two, and the system could now go back to their peaceful existence.

Strange area of space it was too. Unusual way of life by most standards. They had been most grateful to the Doctor and Rose, so much so in fact that he still had a bit of a hangover from when they had gotten him drunk in the celebrations and proceeded to dress him in the ceremonial robes of the high council. He'd tried explaining that he wasn't that kind of man, but they'd insisted that he should wear the damn dress. And who was he to decline their traditions? So yes, he had finally relented and agreed to wear the dress, much to the delight of Rose.

She was currently out somewhere with Mickey. Old Mickety Mick Mick had dragged her somewhere to do with football. Something along the lines of the local amateur team were playing some other local amateur enemy and it was the most momentous match of the estate so far this decade. The Doctor hadn't really been listening. Mickey had opened his mouth, word's had been coming out, so the Doctor automatically decided not to pay the slightest bit of attention to him.

Anyway, he'd dragged Rose out and away, which subsequently led to the Doctor having to find his own amusement underneath the console of the Tardis.

He was just contemplating how his ninth self's temple would be throbbing with jealousy if Rose had left him alone in the Tardis to hang out with Mickey, when the phone rang.

That was strange. He didn't give the number out to anyone. The only person that had it was Rose. But the ship would have alerted him if it was Rose's number calling him.

His brow wrinkled with concern.

If the phone rings, it can only possibly be something bad.

He gingerly picked it up. Staring at it as if it were something repulsive for a few moments, before cautiously bringing the receiver close to his ear.

"Hello" he said dubiously and quietly.

"Hello Doctor…you there? Can ya 'ere me?"

He scrunched up his face in disdain and weariness.

"Jackie? How in Rasillon's name did you get this number?"

"Swiped it from Rose's phone. Anyway you…what d'ya think your doin' wiv my daughter?"

Sighing from the familiarity of this conversation, the Doctor rolled his eyes and settled into a petulant scowl. He knew where this was going. Filthy alien…yadda yadda…too old for my daughter…yadda yadda…normal life…yadda yadda blah blah!

"Look Jackie, I've heard all of this before alright? I really don't need to hear it again. Me and Rose love each other. We're staying together and nothing you do or say is going to change that."

"Oh Doctor, I don't want to change that."

That had him stunned!


"I just wish you could give her normal. I understand that you love each other, and God knows I respect that, I just wish you and her could settle down a bit more. That lifestyle of yours is no where good enough for any grandkids of mine…"


"and Rose will want to settle one day. She'll want stable friends and a bit of structure."

"I'm sorry…did you just say grandkids Is there something you know that Rose hasn't told me?"

"What? No Doctor nothing like that…but someday she'll want to and then you're not gonna be able to go gallivanting every which way and that."

"Okay Jackie, if and when the time comes, I promise I'll relax a little, settle down a bit…not completely mind you…considering we'll have you to babysit…just…more than I am now."

"Well that's no good Doctor. What if you get bored then and can't stick to it? No Doctor, what you need is practice first."

"What? You don't think I can do it?" his voice laced with accusation.

"Well prove it to me then. Go on, show me that you can."

The Doctor flinched at the notes of challenge in her voice. He hated it when she got like this.

"Goodbye Jackie." Without waiting for any more berating, he hung up the phone, resuming his full-scale glare at it. And then, under his breath, so only the Tardis could hear him, he whispered a very subtle,

"You're on Jackie Tyler."

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