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Epilogue. A Very Normal Ending.

Three years later.

A blue box stood alone in the middle of a large private garden in Notting Hill. A white picket fence encircled it, allowing for ten meters on each of the box's sides. As well as the box, the fence contained rose bushes and flowerpots, all manner of things that one would usually associate with a very normal garden. There was even a lone garden gnome, albeit a green alien looking gnome but a gnome none the less.

If somebody took the time to notice the big blue box, they would undoubtedly find it quite odd, for not many Notting Hill gardens would have a 1960s police box surrounded by a picket fence and makeshift garden like a proper little house. But not many people would notice the Tardis. It's not that they couldn't or even that they wouldn't. The fact is that most humans are complete idiots. Present them with something strange and unusual and they'll notice it, sure they will, but they'd be so worried that they were going insane or being needlessly irrational that they would walk right past and ignore it. They'd pretend that they couldn't see it or that they wouldn't just to make themselves feel better about the world.

Some people however, weren't completely idiotic. They accepted that there were things in the world that was beyond their understanding and they accepted that, even embraced it. If any such people had been in that Notting Hill garden at nine am of that Wednesday morning, they still probably wouldn't have noticed it. It had been there for so long that the locals who did notice it would have become used to it by now. Its presence wasn't anything strange at all.

It did disappear sometimes, not very often but occasionally. Those who didn't notice its existence simply saw an empty plot surrounded by the picket fence when it left. Those who did notice…well…they expected the unexpected anyway.

It could be argued though, that the strangest thing about the box known as the Tardis, was not its presence, but the sheer happiness and contentment that seemed to constantly radiate from it.

For the inside of the Tardis played host to the happiest little family that ever was. The stuff of legends, the stuff of fairytales, the stuff of happy endings.

Sigma was the happiest little baby boy that ever was. He was a six month old, just learning to crawl around. He had the wildest of adventures. He had a teddy called Teddy, a mummy called Mummy and a daddy called Doctor. They all lived together in Auntie Tardis and Granny Jackie visited them quite often.

Granny Jackie and Daddy Doctor weren't always very nice to each other but Mummy would scold them and they would soon be friends again.

Sigma was exploring on his own one day in the console room. Technically Mummy and Daddy Doctor were with him, but he was ignoring them. He was a big boy after all and his mental processes were very advanced for his age. Mummy said Daddy Doctor was to thank for that.

So he was exploring. He was pretending that all of the wires around the console were vines and ropes in a deep dark and forgotten jungle. Like the ones from the stories Daddy Doctor told him about his adventures with Mummy.

Sigma was starting to feel very hungry.

Mummy and Daddy Doctor were currently tasting each other's faces on the sofa by the railing. They seemed happy enough in that strange way that grownups got when they were doing things that little people didn't quite understand. Sigma didn't want to bother them. They were kinda sweet really.

With any luck, Daddy Doctor would be too distracted to notice. He always seemed to know when Sigma was in trouble or doing things that he shouldn't. He would always step in at the most crucial moment of an adventure and spoil of the fun. Right now, he really hoped that Daddy Doctor was so engrossed with Mummy that he wouldn't notice what little baby Sigma was about to do.

For little baby Sigma was hungry, sat amongst the ropes and the vines of the jungle. He reasoned with himself, vines are plants are they not? Most plants are edible. Sure he wouldn't actually eat them. He didn't have enough teeth. But one was breaking out just over the surface of his gum. His face was all red and splotchy from all the teething, and his gums really hurt. But he was a brave boy. He would wait for food and special medicine until Mummy and Daddy Doctor were a little less occupied.

In the meantime…his new tooth was really hurting…and the vine might just be able to help with that.

He moved as swiftly and stealthily as he could on his stubby hands and knees. He was getting closer…so close…he was nearly there…he had it. The tastiest looking vine was clenched in his chubby hands. He blew several spit bubbles in anticipation as he brought the vine towards his mouth. Just a few inches more…

"No you don't junior!"

He was scooped up abruptly into the warm arms of Daddy Doctor.

"That's really not a very good idea little man. Before you know it, Auntie Tardis would be flying backwards, stinking of fried Sigma, and Mummy and Daddy would have to bury you next to Cosmo."

Sigma didn't understand very much of this. He didn't know who Cosmo was, and he didn't think Auntie Tardis could fly anyway. Sometimes when he woke up she wasn't where she had been when he'd fallen asleep, but that didn't mean she could fly. Auntie Tardis had told him she was magic, and that was all he felt he needed to know.

Daddy Doctor was just being mean. Didn't want little man Sigma to have any fun adventures like the story. Sigma stuck out his lower lip, creased his brow and began to cry.

"No…no…don't do that baby boy. It's for your own good I swear."

But baby boy didn't think so. His little chubby face was now more red and splotchy than ever before. Tears streamed out of his eyes as his cries turned to wailings and increased in pitch.

"No please don't. I'm sorry, I'm sorry…look…"

Daddy Doctor placed Sigma back down on the grating, out of reach of the tasty looking vines.

"If Daddy does it and it all goes boom will you think better of it?"

Daddy Doctor picked up the vine in his hands. Sigma stopped crying, his attention to caught up in what was happening to remember his tears. His eyes were wide, mouth partly open, three teeth showing. Daddy Doctor looked up at the console of Auntie Tardis, obviously not wanting to do this.

"I'm sorry old girl…forgive me? Here goes nothing."

Daddy Doctor brought the vine to his mouth and bit down…hard.

The lights cut out as smoke and sparks filled the room. Miraculously, Auntie Tardis had managed to localize the sparks so that none went too close to baby Sigma. She was always looking after him like that.

Sigma was not frightened though. He was a big boy. Very brave. He watched the shape of Daddy Doctor in the darkness. Daddy Doctor was still stood up, but instead of standing tall, he was now slumped against the console.

It occurred to Sigma to be worried for Daddy Doctor, but as the smoke cleared, he saw that Daddy Doctor was not terribly hurt. His eyes were open, staring around, his hair was standing vertical, and as Sigma watched, his left eye seemed to twitch involuntarily.

Daddy Doctor stared for a few moments and then stuck out a shaking lower lip. He creased his brow and gazed at baby with big wounded puppy dog eyes.

"Look what you made me do."

At that point, Mummy ran into the console room. Sigma hadn't even realised she had left. She was clutching Teddy in her arms looking very shocked.

"What in the world happened here? Doctor…oh Doctor!"

The quavering lip increased its pace.

Sigma did all that he could think of doing. He crawled over to Daddy Doctor and raised his arms asking to be lifted up. When Daddy Doctor complied, Sigma put his arms around him and made it all better again. Mummy came towards them and joined in the wonderful hug.

Sigma was a very happy little baby. He had his Teddy and his Mummy and his Daddy Doctor…and all was right in the universe.

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