Berlin, Germany

April 2nd, 1945

11:48 PM

Horst knew that he was dead if he didn't get out of there. An opera of rifle fire rang out in the night. Horst wasn't trained much, but he saw a war film where one of the men went in a zig-zag pattern to avoid bullets. So thats what he did. Luckily, all of the Russians had bolt-action rifles and hadn't searched the depot enough to know the machine-pistols were in the boxes. The Russian's fiddled with their rifles to get the bolts done. Horst ran into an alleyway, took out his Walther P38, and peeked around the corner. One of the Russians ran out to get his sniper rifle. Horst shot him. The men scattered, not wanting to get killed. Horst poked out from the corner and shot into the tiny mob of infantry before him. He quickly ran out of ammunition, and ran into the alley to reload. Just as he cocked his gun, he heard footsteps and voices. He looked around the other side of the alley and saw two Russians running toward him. Luckily, Horst was in the shadows. He began to take aim, but saw they were both carrying PPSh-41 sub-machineguns so he decided against it. They were a good ways away, but Horst had nowhere to hide. He looked down and saw a manhole. Classic. He thought. He took the cover off and descended into the darkness, being sure to put the cover over the hole. Just as he got down, he heard boots clank over the hole cover.

Horst sat in the darkness, reminiscing about his life. He remembered when he got his first toy train. When he joined the Heer, the army. As well as when he wandered into Foy while trying to find his unit. Ah, yes. Foy. It was all coming back now...

Horst looked down at the town of Foy. He was in the Church tower, he had his sniper rifle ready in case of any American commandos. He heard a rifle shot, and saw muzzle flash in a house. He pulled up his scope to where the shot was aimed: about a thousand yards away. Two of the three men fell to the ground, splattering brains all over the man next to them. Another shot rang out toward that same position and ricocheted off the wall. The ricochet knocked out the remaining man as he was cocking his rifle. Horst watched the house intently, but nothing happend. He began to look around when he spotted movement. He looked down his scope but it was too dark for the scope to work on that position.. There were two Americans running toward the tower. Horst got ready with his rifle, as the were approaching a light. Suddenly, the one on point fell in the tunnels under the city.

"Damn..." Horst muttered under his breath. He had been able to see the first man falling down, but the second was still in the shadows. Horst tried to take the scope off his rifle to hit the man still standig. He heard a few shots go off; the second man had slipped and fired a few shots before jumping down the hole. Horst knew there were two entrances to the hole. He called up seven men and told them to go take the tarp off the tunnel. By the time he had finished his orders, there were many gun sounds coming from below the town. Horst watched the point where his men took off the tarm and saw one of them fall, full of holes. He saw a grenade fly up and the men scatter. The shrapnel killed most of the men, but some were only wounded. Horst saw that there was no way for them to live, so he shot the remaining three.

After he reloaded his weapon, he watched the spot where the tunnel ended. The two Americans emerged from the tunnel; Horst took careful aim. He shot the man holding a sub-machinegun through the back of the head and as he was cocking his weapon the first American ran into a house.

"This guys a good shot...I better be careful...If not I'll be dead in a matter of seconds." Horst undid the bolt on his gun and inserted one more round, as to have a full clip. He put the bolt forward, just as he saw movement in one of the houses. He aimed at the house and sure enough, there was a gun barrel sticking out. Horst wasn't sure where the American's head was, so he just aimed where he thought it was. But the American's gun was pointed at him too. One rifle shot rang out, and one body fell. When Horst found the American's body, the dog tag said "Keith". There was a hole where Keith's eye used to be, and the rear sight of his rifle, which was a small circle, had been enlarged.

"That was a DAMN good shot...I'm lucky." Horst said. He heard Russian voices up above and crept slowly down the tunnel...